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Bella ran into Victoria when Edward left her, and fifty years later she is back in Forks with her family. They've formed a band; Tourniquet. An ironic name, to be sure, seeing as they're all vampires...


4. The Cullens Are Back

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Bella’s POV

When we got home, Andre and Emma supported me as I stumbled – somehow made clumsy again because of my grief – into the house. They took me to the lounge-room, sitting me down. Andre pulled my head onto his shoulder as Emma’s arm wrapped around my shoulders, and I sat there for ages, bringing myself and my emotions back under control. It was half past one in the morning by the time I had calmed down enough to explain.

“Alice and Jasper are members of a vegetarian family of vampires; the Cullens,” I began, my voice just a whisper. “There were seven in the family; Esme and Carlisle, Emmett and Rosalie, Alice and Jasper, and…Edward. Carlisle was their leader, Esme his mate. Emmett and Rosalie were mates, as Alice and Jasper are. Edward…was the only one out of them who hadn’t found someone. I met him when I moved to Forks in my junior year, fifty-one years ago.”

“You’ve lived here before?” Lee asked. I nodded.

“I was living here with my dad, Charlie. I saw the Cullens, and met Edward. He’s physically the youngest, but older than Esme, Alice, Rosalie and Emmett. We…well, I fell in love with him. He saved my life so many times…even though he thought he was the biggest danger. I know now what he meant when he said my blood called to him…” I shivered as I remembered the time I had almost slipped up. “I was his ‘singer’, if you like. He said he loved me so many times…”

“What happened?” Michelle asked, one of her tiny hands resting on my knee.

“He left. He told me he didn't love me; that he didn't want me, and he left. I tried to follow, but he was too fast. I should have known better than to try to follow, but I needed him so badly…Victoria found me after that, and tried to kill me. But my dad, Charlie, interrupted her and she killed him…” I broke off, dry sobs wracking my body. Andre hugged me tighter, soothing me as Emma, Lee and Michelle started muttering epithets about Edward under their breath. I took a deep, shuddering breath and managed to continue.

“I hunted down Victoria after I was changed and killed her. That’s when I found Andre…she’d broken most of his bones, and he was bleeding. She hadn’t bitten him, though, so I did.” Andre smiled at Emma over my head.

“I'm glad you did,” he told me, patting my shoulder. I smiled slightly and sat up, pulling away from him and Emma.

“I'm going to go take a shower,” I whispered. “I'll be fine. I just needed to get that out of my system.” My family nodded speechlessly, and after thanking Andre with a look I left the room.

I was calm by the time we left for school in the morning, and I was glad that the people at school hadn’t yet seen video of the concert. I didn’t really feel like being swamped with more fans at the moment. I just wanted to get through my classes, lunch, and more classes and get home. I needed to write another song, to let out my emotions. It was the only way to do it. When I got to lunch, however, and saw five familiar figures sitting with my family, I froze and went into lockdown. No. No, no, no, no…

Andre saw me and guessed why I was so upset, and walked over to me to carefully lead me over. It was a good thing my power shielded their minds, and that Alice and Jasper were so good at hiding their thoughts…he didn’t know I was here…yet. I pulled my arm from Andre’s grip and fled as fast as I could without giving away the secret. No…he was here. He was back.

I skipped the rest of the school day. I was sitting up in my room when my family came home, writing swiftly down a page of composition paper. Emma was the one to approach me, much to my surprise.

“Bella, I know you don’t want to see him again, but you can’t just skip school every day he’s there,” she said softly. I looked up, pausing for a moment in my furious scribbling. The keyboard melody for this one was so complex…

“I know,” I sighed. “But I …I wasn’t prepared, that’s all. I'll be fine tomorrow,” I added, looking back down and finishing off the song with a flourish. Emma looked over my shoulder, curious. Her eyes widened when she saw the title.

“Cuts?” she asked, her voice a whisper. I nodded.

“Not like cutting yourself or anything. Just listen to the lyrics,” I replied, flicking to where I had the words written down. I took a deep breath, and then started to sing the melody I had created.

“It hurts, now and at first
Cutting deep into me
The pain was the worst
When you said you loved me

But you left and you didn’t stay
And now the pain cuts deeper
Because you’re back today
Not to awaken me, the sleeper

But it cuts so deep
This terrible pain
It hurts and I weep
I want to see you again

The pain it cuts
My heart into pieces
It's driving me nuts
As the pain increases

It cuts so deep
This terrible pain
It hurts and I weep
I want to see you again

It hurts, now and at first
Cutting deep into me
The pain was the worst
When you said you loved me

But it was all a lie
And now the pain cuts deep…”

I broke off and then buried my head in my hands, sobbing tearlessly again. It was all true…

“Oh, Bella,” Michelle whispered from the doorway. “He hurt you that bad?” I nodded.

“I loved him so much,” I whispered brokenly. “He just used me; left me…and it really hurts. It's like a hole in my chest that keeps ripping open further. It’s so painful…” Michelle and Emma hugged me at the same time, and I was just managing to get my emotions under control when I heard a knock at the front door. Who could it be? Who knew where we lived?

Alice’s POV

I danced into Edward’s room after school, singing “True Love Lost” in my head. He would hear the original artist soon enough…

“Alice, go away,” he growled, but I ignored him and crossed the room to stick the recording of Tourniquet’s performance last night into his CD player.

“Tourniquet?” he asked, sounding interested despite himself. He lifted his head and opened his eyes as I grinned. “Never heard of them.”

“You wouldn’t have,” I told him, singing ‘Eyes Like Yours’ mentally. “They’re new. I was at their second performance last night. You have to listen to this!” I pressed play, and the opening melody of True Love Lost filled the room. It was followed soon after by a familiar yet changed voice.

“He held me in the dark
Whispering sweet promises
I gave him my whole heart
He lied to me through his kisses

How do I survive?
How do I go on?
I no longer feel alive
Please tell me what went wrong…

My true love is lost
Slipped away into the night
Didn’t think what it cost
To lose his once-loving light
My true love lost
Running somewhere far away
My heart now is lost
Waiting for the day
When true love ain’t gone…”

Edward sat bolt upright as I sang along mentally, smug. He couldn’t hear who she was…Edward turned wide eyes to me, his surprise and shock visible.

“Who…who is that?”

“That's the lead singer of Tourniquet,” I said calmly. “She wrote this one. They do covers of old songs, too,” I added as ‘My Immortal’ started. Edward closed his eyes as the song played, and then his eyes snapped open again when it got to ‘Eyes Like Yours’ and a male voice he recognised joined in with the girl’s.

“That’s Andre’s voice,” he said faintly. “The one who doesn’t like me.”

“None of them like you, Edward,” I pointed out. “The others are just better at hiding it. They don’t like what you did to their lead singer.”

“I don’t even know who their lead singer is!” he exclaimed, frustrated. I smiled smugly.

‘Oh, really?’ I asked mentally as I held out the cover art I had made when I had got home from school. There, on the front, was a picture Jasper had taken of the band. Lee was on keyboard, Michelle on bass, Andre on guitar and Emma on kit…and there, in the centre of the picture as she sang ‘True Love Lost’, was Bella. Edward was gone before I could say anything, and I ‘saw’ where he was going. He was finding the house Bella’s coven lived in…perhaps it would be best if I got the others and we followed. Bella might not react too well… I raced downstairs, collecting Jasper on the way.

“Esme, Carlisle,” I called softly. “Emmett, Rosalie…” They were there in seconds.

“What is it, Alice?” Carlisle asked. “Where did Edward go in such a hurry?” I grinned.

“I didn’t tell you, because otherwise Edward would have found out, but Bella’s alive. She's the lead singer of a band called Tourniquet…and they live here in Forks.” Esme gasped, and if she could cry there would be tears in her eyes. “Edward listened to the CD I made last night at their second performance, and now he knows. He's going to see her. I think we should join him,” I continued. Esme nodded as Carlisle smiled. Emmett punched the air.

“Hell yeah!” he exclaimed. “Let's go!” I laughed, and we were gone too, running to where Bella and her coven lived.