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Being Babysat

Well here i am with my friend and we wanted to write a story about Emmet and Rose watching Bella for a weekend while edward goes hunting. What happens?

Hello it's me cullencovengirl117 and iLOVEtoHATEtwilightHATERS we just decided to write this story!

1. She'll only fall down 7 times!

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“Don’t worry Edward! I’ll keep Bella in one piece while you’re away! And she’ll only fall down 7 times! I promise, you can trust me,” Emmet reassured Edward.

Edward was going hunting for the weekend and Emmet and Rose were babysitting me (this was going to be interesting).

“Really? Bella are you alright with this? I can get Alice to stay too if you want,” Edward asked me with a worried expression on his face.

Emmet only smiled and put his arm around me. When I didn’t answer Emmet gently hit me in the back, “oh yeah I’m fine with it!” I said smiling.

As soon as Edward closed the door my smile disappeared. “What are we going to do?” I asked him.

“Let’s go to Mr. Biggs!” he yelled.

“I’m not going. I’ll meet you guys afterwards.” Rose said in a bored tone.

“Fine don’t have fun, be boring!” Emmet yelled like a little kid. Then picked me up and ran to his car.


“Let’s go on the go-carts!” Emmet said. I sighed but reluctantly nodded my head. “You’re not driving! I will drive. Got that?” I informed him.

We got into cart 13 which is the fastest. I drove slowly, carefully avoiding crashing.

“BELLA! This is not driving miss daisy! Be like fast and the furious!” Emmet yelled at me. At that he slammed his foot down on mine so we were going as fast as the cart would allow us.

“The wheel is stuck! I can’t turn!” I yelled.

“What do you mean? The wheel isn’t stuck your just weak!” Emmet yelled at me.


“I’ll get us in-stuck!” Emmet said as he unbuckled his seatbelt.

“Emmet! That’s against the rules!” I told him trying to sound like I really meant it.

Emmet just rolled his eyes and got out of the car. As soon as he was on the track a go-cart came and hit him. He was on the hood of the car. “Hey you did that on purpose! That’s not fair! Come on I have to help my friend!” he yelled at the two girls driving the cart.

“Emmet! I’ll save you!” I yelled. Just as I was unbuckling my seatbelt a guy who worked at Mr. Biggs came over.

“Sorry that’s against the rules,” he informed me.

“But I have to help my friend and get this cart un-stuck,”

“I’ll help you,”

“Thank you,” I said.

When we finally got un-stuck the worker person offered to help me catch up with them. Since the cart was so fast we caught up very soon. “Hey Emmet! I came to save you!”

“You mean I got crashed into and have been sitting on this go-cart for 16 min. for you to save me?” Emmet asked furiously. Then his eyes went past me to the person who works here. Reaching over he grabbed a fistful of his shirt, “Sorry buddy she’s taken.” Emmet said and tossed him out of the cart. “That was nice,” I told him.

Yeah, apparently it’s against the rules to throw someone into the drive way were the go- carts, so we got kicked out of Mr. Biggs. “How is that against the rules? Only his hand got broken!” Emmet yelled.

“I know right?” I said sarcastically. Emmet nodded.

“Where are we going next? And let’s try to not break the rules wherever we are going next.” I asked.

“I’m going to die!” I yelled. Emmet had decided to take me to paintball. “No your not,” he said.

This should be interesting…..


“Okay Bella just stay down! And leave the rest to me! And make sure your butt isn’t in the air, because people will shoot it!”

I did all of the things Emmet told me to do and well I only got shot on the stomach. Then the last round was interesting. Half way through that round I spassed out and shot Emmet, which left me the only person on my team alive. “Ahhhhhh!” I screamed. “Run Bella run,” Emmet yelled to me. Turning around I began randomly shooting my gun. Which was stupid because someone came up behind me, but I tripped and fell on top of him making his gun shoot up, just as everyone aimed there gun at me I yelled, “Hey you know what I’m just a little girl! And if you shoot me I will tell my boyfriend and he will beat you all up! And he is bigger then his brother!” I yelled pointing at Emmet. There eyes got all wide and they dropped their guns. “Ha we win! We are the champions my friends and we will keep on fighting till the end!” Emmet burst into song.


“Why do you have to take me shopping? That’s Alice’s job!” I told Rose. “Oh silly! Well I’ll just take you shopping at a new store so no one knows that I took you shopping!” “What are you saying the people at the stores know its Alice’s job to take me shopping?” I asked. Rose just nodded.

“Oh these shoes are so cute and they are in your size!” Rose told me. I just stared at them thinking that if I wore them I would be as tall as Jacob. Sighing I put the shoes on “If I fall you have to catch me!” I informed Rose. Standing I began to walk, but just as I fell her cell rang, “Hello,” THUMP I hit the floor. “Some help you are,” I grumbled. “Oh Emmet has something planned for us, we have to go.”

“YOU’RE TAKING US TO LAS VEGAS?!?!?!?!?!?” I screeched.