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Being Babysat

Well here i am with my friend and we wanted to write a story about Emmet and Rose watching Bella for a weekend while edward goes hunting. What happens?

Hello it's me cullencovengirl117 and iLOVEtoHATEtwilightHATERS we just decided to write this story!

3. We're In-Laws now

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Edward’s P.O.V

“Emmett, WHY DOES BELLA HAVE ANOTHER WEDDING RING ON HER FINGER THAT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE ON YOUR FINGER?!?!” I tried to speak calmly but that just wasn’t happening.

“Um, it’s not what you think. They are friendship bands?” Emmett answered in a questioning tone.

“Really?” my voice was harsh.

“It’s not Emmett’s fault! See first we went to Mr. Biggs then there was this CRASH and Emmett was all I’m supposed to save you, then he threw the guy who was helping me save him on the track. And after that we went to paintball and I like jerked and shot Emmett and these guys came over and tried shooting me but I told them you would beat them up if they shot me so they left and Emmett started singing. Then we came to Vegas and I was all ‘Oh beer, yum’ and I got drunk when Emmett left to go hunting so really it was my entire fault.” Bella said in a rush.

“YOU LET BELLA GET DRUNK?!?!?” I yelled at Emmett.

“Thanks for trying Bella,” Emmett sighed.

I saw red, Emmett was in for it!

Bella’s P.O.V

Edward looked absolutely livid.

“RUN EMMETT RUN!!!!” Alice screeched drawing even more attention to then before (which is quiet an accomplishment).

Emmett took off at human speed, as soon as he moved I walked over to Edward, and it was my job to distract him while Emmett ran.

“I love you,” I told him in a quiet voice trying to be mysterious like and batting my eyelashes. Edward didn’t stop just muttered an ‘I love you too’ this wasn’t working.

“AHHHHH!!!! MY ANKLE!!” I yelled as I made myself fall down. Immediately Edward stopped and turned around franticly trying to see what happened.

“What’s wrong love?”

“I-I hurt my ankle,” I said then added in an after thought, “OW! I THINK I BROKE IT!” I leaned over my ankle making it look like I was in a lot of pain.

My plan was working, Edward believed my non-acting skills, until Alice, Jasper, and Rose started cracking up. Then Edward realized that I was faking it, so he got up and began running in the direction Emmett ran.

When Edward disappeared I felt a strong pair of arms pull me into a hug, “Good job Bella!” Emmett said in my ear. Then he was running (human pace of course) towards a waiting car. He pushed me into the backseat then made room for Rose, and Alice to climb in. Jasper climbed in the passenger seat.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I don’t know we’re in-laws now no where is safe for us Bells,” Emmett said as he began driving.

“Don’t you mean out-laws?” Alice asked her brow furrowing.

“No I meant in-laws; you know we live above the law!” Emmett said in a duh tone.

“No Emmet honey that’s out-laws,” Rose said in a sweet tone full of adoration.

“Oh, okay we are out-laws Bells, no where is safe for us,” Emmett told me in a dead serious tone.

“So I can’t go home,” I said to humor him; I might as well play along.

“No he might find us,” Emmett said still serious.