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Being Babysat

Well here i am with my friend and we wanted to write a story about Emmet and Rose watching Bella for a weekend while edward goes hunting. What happens?

Hello it's me cullencovengirl117 and iLOVEtoHATEtwilightHATERS we just decided to write this story!

4. Why do you have a marker in your pocket?

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Bella’s P.O.V





“You can’t make me,” I said

“Yeah I can,” Emmett said smirking at me.

We were standing in front of a ballet studio. Since we were out-laws we had to find a way to make money to live.

“Don’t you have your credit card?” I asked.

“Yeah, but we can be tracked,” Emmett told me as he began dragging me towards the entrance.

“It’s not like we murdered someone!” I said exasperated.

Emmett just shook his head and pushed open the door.

“NOOOOO!!! KIDNAP! KIDNAP!” I screamed.

Everyone in the street looked at us, I tried clawing my way towards freedom, but it was no use.

“Bella, honey just go along with it, besides I can’t kidnap my own wife now can I?” Emmet asked in a sweetly sick voice.

10 minutes later

“Now, how do you put this on?” Emmet asked looking at the pink tutu he was holding. I held back giggles as Emmet smiled and put it on his head in triumph. Then he put his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest in a Superman pose. Alice who had showed up a few minutes ago pulled a marker out of her pocket and wrote a capital E on Emmet’s white t-shirt.

“Why do you carry around a marker in your pocket?” I asked.

“No reason,” Alice said looking away from me.

“That’s weird,” I said.

“Not as weird as Jasper carrying around tape in his pocket, or Emmet carrying around a lint roller in his pocket or Rose carrying around a magnifying glass in hers,” Alice said matter-of-factly. I let out a laugh.

“So exactly how are we going to make money from this?” I asked.

“We are going to be Broadway dancers!” Emmet said smiling.

I froze in horror.


I danced in the back trying to keep up with the complicated steps in the dance but that just was a lost cause. Then on the last turn I fell. And it just wasn’t the oh-I’ll-get-back-up-and-no-one-will-notice fall. It was one of those falls where you crash into the person next to you who falls into the person next to them, well you can figure out what happened. All the people in the front where untouched (including Emmett, Rose, Alice, and Jasper) and just continued dancing.

Edward’s P.O.V

I hadn’t stopped running in days. I had to find my Bella, if I find her with one scratchon her there WILL BE BLOOD! I thought angrily. I passed a ballet studio where a bunch of dancers had fallen down and I barely slowed down to hear what happened. I had to find my Bella.

Bella’s P.O.V

“Oww,” I whined. That had hurt. I was still lying on the wooden floor.

“In any of your guy’s pockets would you have any ice?” I asked the Cullen’s and Hale’s.

Immediately they began digging through their pockets. After a few minutes they all shook their heads no.

“But we could put my lint roller in the freezer then roll it on your arm,” Emmett said holding his small lint roller up.

“I’ll be okay,” I whimpered.