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Being Babysat

Well here i am with my friend and we wanted to write a story about Emmet and Rose watching Bella for a weekend while edward goes hunting. What happens?

Hello it's me cullencovengirl117 and iLOVEtoHATEtwilightHATERS we just decided to write this story!

8. Kidnapped by.... Edward!

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Edward’s P.O.V

I haven’t seen Bella in 3 days!!! And I haven’t, completely lost it. I got close to finding her. I had followed her scent to this park but then it got mixed with a bunch of other scents and I lost hers. But I’ve hung around that park for a little every day. Today is the last day I’m going to stay here. I might just have to file a missing person report…

Bella’s P.O.V

“La la, la. Bell’s, where do you live?” Lily asked.

“Forks,” I said stretching out on Stella’s couch. I had been living in everyone’s house. So far I’ve been to Riley, Stella, and Cassie’s. I missed Edward when I couldn’t sleep. But during the day I was to busy keeping up with these guys to really notice his absence.

“You live by the spoons?!” Ember shouted excited. Everyone burst out laughing except poor Ember. She looked confused.

“By the knives?” she asked her face falling.

“What?” I asked through the laughter.

“Well, whenever someone asks where the forks are I say next to the spoons, and then when they ask where the spoons are I say next to the knives then when they ask where the knives are I say next to the forks!” Ember said.

“Interesting, but no, Forks is a small town.” I told her.

“Oh, wow.” Ember said as she began laughing with us.

“Let’s go to the park!” Cassie yelled. So we went to the park. As soon as I reached the park I got attacked. By Edward! He ran over picked me up and ran.

“BELLA!” All my new friends yelled. I turned in Edward’s arms to get one last look of them all running towards me. Then Edward threw me into his car ran to the other side and began driving. I saw Cassie turn and get onto her bike (which she had ridden here) and began peddling after us. Merry, Riley, and Lily began running after us. Stella and Ember turned and began running back to Stella’s house. A few minutes later the came out each on a bike. Though ember didn’t have a bike at Stella’s house so she had to ride Stella’s younger sister’s bike; which came up to her waist when she was standing and was pink with princess all over it. This was amusing because Ember was dressed in all black and her hair was hanging in her face so I had to hold back laughter. Then Edward floored it and I lost sight of all my new friends. I turned towards Edward pouting.

“Why did you take me away from my friends?!” I asked.

“Because Emmett is on his way and I don’t want him getting you again. You will not see him till after you two get divorced.” Edward told me.

“So I can’t see my friends again?!” I asked. That sucked. They were really cool and I liked hanging out with them. I guess you really never know what you have till you lose it.

“Maybe, it depends.” Edward said.

“Ok,” I mumbled. We drove for about an hour before Edward stopped. We stayed the night in the hotel. Then the next day we stopped by Wal-Mart because I needed clothes. Edward unlike Emmett used his credit card and wasn’t afraid of being tracked. That night we left again. I don’t think Edward really knew where he wanted to go so he just randomly drove around.