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Isabella Swan's Diary Spinster and Lunatic

A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones's Diary!
Bella Swan is a 25 year old londonest who keeps a diary telling what she does in her life.

I started writing “Sam from The Blog” as a fictional story referred to Twilight and Bridget Jones, it was more like how “Bridget Jones’s diary” was to Pride and Prejudice.I thought it would be a combination between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary/Pride and Prejudice. Of course with whole fresh characters, all characters are different and named differently except the male hero, which was named Edward Dark, Which is Mark Darcy and Edward Cullen. I thought the story was going well, but nobody actually read it, because they thought it has nothing to do with Twilight, and there’s no Edward and Bella. And this doesn’t surprise me at all.I liked writing the story, and enjoyed updating it, but now I wish some people could tell me what they think of it.Therefore I’ve decided to re write it, using the characters of Twilight in a completely different universe (as so many did).So the story is:A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary. using the Twilight characters (their names), but during the story you can see how they connect to the original, some of the characters are human, and the others are not, but not all vampires are vampires, i.e. Alice is human. And also the characters ages are completely different. (between Bella and Bridget there’s more than 10 years, so Bella’s Age here is 25). I’m not British, but decided to make the story British, because I like the accent and British expressions. I’m neither American and English is my 3rd language, so don’t expect any good writing.I’ve also decided to change the blog to diary, so it can still be close to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

1. Chapter 1

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September 13th 2007 Thursday - My Birthday.

I’ve decided to write diary to be true with myself (for once in my life), I should have started by the start of the new year, but it doesn’t matter now. Bridget Jones’s Diary inspired me to write this blog, (I love Bridget Jones’s Diary, both the books and the movies).

Weight: don’t know (I don’t want to start here), Calories: don’t know (how people count them anyway?), Alcohol units: when I’m drunk I forget to count, cigarettes: 1 (I don’t smoke) just because its my birthday.

10:25- I just woke up for my birthday. I love my birthday, it’s the kind of day you feel special about yourself, and feel officially the age you should be, like right now, but the problem is I’m already 25, and I hate that fact; don’t have excuses to act like a mental teenager, responsibility, looking old and fat (there’s no way going back now), your mum annoys you more, and of course boyfriends are hard to get. I wish I was 17 again.

Rose and Alice invited me to go out with them tonight so we can celebrate my birthday, I don’t know exactly where they would be taking me, but I’m excited anyway.

18:10- my mum likes to drive me insane (one of the hobbies she has). Like when I was changing for tonight, she came into my room, just like that and burst into saying: “We should find you a husband!” now that’s the weirdest thing you would ever hear while you’re changing, I mean what did she mean by that?
”I’m 25!” I shouted like a moron.
“Exactly!” she emphasized.

“What the fuck?…and why you never knock on the door?! I’m bloody changing!”

“I’m your mother! And watch your language! Nobody wants a girl who uses the F word as a name, verb, adjective and adverb”

“I don’t want to get married” I kept shouting “as you know MOTHER we’re living in the 21st century, were we actually DON’T have to get married at the age of 20” I don’t actually use the F word a lot, but my mum drives me insane, and I can’t just control myself.

“Isabella, Darling… All I’m saying that you have to live like a lady! You must get your self a man! Or else you will die a spinster! I want to see my grandchildren before I die!”

I hate when she calls me Isabella! I hate that name! I don’t know why she never named me anything else.

“Mum! First I’m not gonna die spinster! Second you wont die soon…” unfortunately

“What on earth are you wearing?” she tried changing the subject.

“ermm… a donkey outfit! Actually I was thinking of dressing like a tart! But who wants to marry a tart!?”

“You’re so funny…”

“Get out MUM” I was trying to get her out

“Where are you going? you’re not going out with your Rose! I told you I don’t like your friend!”

“I don’t really need your opinion about my mates! Why can’t you leave me alone, and get out of my room, can’t a girl get some privacy in this house?”

“Privacy for what?”

“you know for Everything”


“What? if you needed to know MOTHER, I’m actually going to get pissed! And while getting pissed, I don’t need your bloody tips about my LIFE!”

That’s my mum, she’s pain in the arse. She hates when I have fun, she hates the way I’m running my life, and she hates everything I do. I would have suspected she has forgotten by Birthday, but I actually marked the calendar for this date, so nobody would ever forget, mum hasn’t bought me something special, just earrings, as for dad, he bought me a new mobile, now that’s a special thing!

Talking of parents, Mum’s more like Mrs. Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice); she’s mental. Sometimes I wonder why dad never moved out, I would move out as soon as I can get money for a new apartment, but you know everything is so expensive here in London.
I don’t hate my mum, in case someone was wondering, I mean I love her, but I seriously believe that parents should leave their children once they’re 21, they don’t need them anymore.

00:46 - (already Friday 14th September)- The girls took me to the new pub that opened last week, and it was brilliant, we had few drinks and laughs. Rose and Alice are the best. Nothing much was happening, except Rose was seeing this new bloke.

Rose is a really great friend, I know mum hates her and think she’s a tart, but that’s because mum hates everyone, except that Wilster girl, her eldest friend’s daughter, I think she would be adapting her soon, “why can’t you be like Victoria! She’s such a sweet girl!” bloody mum!

Mum on the other hand, loves Alice, well, not really loves her, but she “approves” of. Alice was studying creativity writing, which is rally fantastic, since she loves to write all of the time, and she loves making stories, she has a really good fantasy in her mind, maybe she would be like the new J.K. Rowling. Rose is a journalist, she likes to be updated with news, well, not politics, cuz we are anti-politics.

ME? As for me, well… I finished studying direction and film two year ago, and since then I’ve been trying to find a job like a struggling musician, even worse.