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Isabella Swan's Diary Spinster and Lunatic

A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones's Diary!
Bella Swan is a 25 year old londonest who keeps a diary telling what she does in her life.

I started writing “Sam from The Blog” as a fictional story referred to Twilight and Bridget Jones, it was more like how “Bridget Jones’s diary” was to Pride and Prejudice.I thought it would be a combination between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary/Pride and Prejudice. Of course with whole fresh characters, all characters are different and named differently except the male hero, which was named Edward Dark, Which is Mark Darcy and Edward Cullen. I thought the story was going well, but nobody actually read it, because they thought it has nothing to do with Twilight, and there’s no Edward and Bella. And this doesn’t surprise me at all.I liked writing the story, and enjoyed updating it, but now I wish some people could tell me what they think of it.Therefore I’ve decided to re write it, using the characters of Twilight in a completely different universe (as so many did).So the story is:A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary. using the Twilight characters (their names), but during the story you can see how they connect to the original, some of the characters are human, and the others are not, but not all vampires are vampires, i.e. Alice is human. And also the characters ages are completely different. (between Bella and Bridget there’s more than 10 years, so Bella’s Age here is 25). I’m not British, but decided to make the story British, because I like the accent and British expressions. I’m neither American and English is my 3rd language, so don’t expect any good writing.I’ve also decided to change the blog to diary, so it can still be close to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

2. Chapter 2

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19th September 2007 Wednesday September 19th 2007 Wednesday

12:05- Rose just called and said she was going out tonight with her new boyfriend, Emmet, and he apparently had a new friend, so she asked me to go out, at first I thought she’s trying to fix me up with someone, but it was only hanging out, I agreed with no expectation to see any good looking fellow. Why? Well…

After I broke up with my ex boyfriend Jake (that I’ve been dating for 3 years) Rose and Alice have been trying to fix me up with some blokes, Rose tried last month, she kept saying how gorgeous her cousin was, but when I met him it turned out he was a 20 year old geek.

23:00- I just came back from the “hanging out” with Rose, and it was so bloody fantastic, Emmet’s (Rose’s BF) mate, was so FIT. He was so good looking, more like a Greek god or an angel.

You know when you feel like stupid and can’t even say a word, and feel so embarrassed? That’s exactly how I felt when I met James, the American HUNK.

At least now I can be crush on someone who’s admired by so many, and the girls wont start saying “what do you like about this bloke?”

James is actually nice, I really hoped he didn’t feel that I was embarrassed and dazzled by his beauty. He offered me a drink, which was more like a ‘gentleman like manner’, but not sure he liked me, I mean I know I’m not that bad looking chick, but a guy like him would be going out with a hot Blondy who looks more like a model.

James came to England to study the law (seems boring, but who knows), he received a scholarship in Cambridge, he said he’ll stay for a year, I hope he stays more though, unless he breaks my heart.

“James is really cute”, I said while I was thanking Rose on the way home.
”I know” she replied satisfied with herself, “so you know how great I am”.
”yeah, thanks babe, but what’s with the law? Its boring”
”I know, but nobody’s perfect, but wait, you remember Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones? he was a lawyer too, he was perfect, so maybe he’s like him”
”hope so, I love Mr. Darcy”
”yeah, Colin Firth is so fit”

23:15- I just called Alice and told her about James, but she wasn’t convinced, she already had other plans for me.

“Jasper’s bringing his new friend to our house, maybe you would like him” she started.
”Alice, I already found my bloke!”
”Bells, he’s a producer, very successful, has been working in Hollywood for ages”
”I don’t need to shag some middle ages half twit to actually find a job”
”just come over next Monday night, maybe you don’t even have to shag him”
”I already have plans for Monday” I tried finding excuse not to come.

“doing what?”
”ermm, meeting James” which was a lie.
”please come, I already said you would be there”
”tell them my mum is at the hospital and I couldn’t come”
”Jasper won’t believe you” she’s right “look, babe, if you won’t like him, that would fine, I’m not asking you to marry him”
”Alright I have to go now”
”I’m watching Bridget Jones”
”haven’t you see in it already a billion times”
”so what?”
”Fine, Enjoy your time” and she hanged up.

Times I shut my mouth with food: 13, Drinks: 6, fantasized about James: 11, similarities I found between Mark Darcy and James: 2 (studying law, and good looking).