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Isabella Swan's Diary Spinster and Lunatic

A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones's Diary!
Bella Swan is a 25 year old londonest who keeps a diary telling what she does in her life.

I started writing “Sam from The Blog” as a fictional story referred to Twilight and Bridget Jones, it was more like how “Bridget Jones’s diary” was to Pride and Prejudice.I thought it would be a combination between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary/Pride and Prejudice. Of course with whole fresh characters, all characters are different and named differently except the male hero, which was named Edward Dark, Which is Mark Darcy and Edward Cullen. I thought the story was going well, but nobody actually read it, because they thought it has nothing to do with Twilight, and there’s no Edward and Bella. And this doesn’t surprise me at all.I liked writing the story, and enjoyed updating it, but now I wish some people could tell me what they think of it.Therefore I’ve decided to re write it, using the characters of Twilight in a completely different universe (as so many did).So the story is:A crossover between Twilight and Bridget Jones’s Diary. using the Twilight characters (their names), but during the story you can see how they connect to the original, some of the characters are human, and the others are not, but not all vampires are vampires, i.e. Alice is human. And also the characters ages are completely different. (between Bella and Bridget there’s more than 10 years, so Bella’s Age here is 25). I’m not British, but decided to make the story British, because I like the accent and British expressions. I’m neither American and English is my 3rd language, so don’t expect any good writing.I’ve also decided to change the blog to diary, so it can still be close to Bridget Jones’s Diary.

3. Chapter 3

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September 24th 2007 Monday

00:05- Eventually I’ve decided to go to Alice and Jasper. I didn’t want to stay at home, alone and bored.
Jasper opened the door, I always liked Jasper, but what he and Alice just did was disgraceful.
”what’s the matter?” he asked, “why this face?”
”I hate you!” I returned
”it’s good to see you too babe!”
I immediately went into the kitchen, and saw Alice doing something I didn’t know what (I’m the last one to ask about cooking, I would really love to cook, but me? Cooking? I don’t even know how to turn the oven.)
”hey babe!”
”hey, what’s cooking?”
and she said something I couldn’t remember.
”huh? is it eatable?”

“you would like it”
”you know I’m a fussy eater” –but eat a lot of the food I like (don’t know how to count calories)
”have you seen Edward?”
”Edward Cullen, Jasper’s mate”
”no. not yet. Do I have to?”

Edward Cullen was sitting with Jasper in the living room, I couldn’t see his face, only his hair, which gave me the impression he wasn’t old.

As we entered the living room Jasper saw us and stood up, followed by Edward Cullen, and I realized how tall he was. He turned around and looked no more than 30 years old, incredibly handsome and so charming.

“Edward” said Alice “This is Bella”
”nice to meet you” I said, trying to look nice.
”pleasure” he replied coldly as if he really don’t like the sight of me.
”erm, I’ve heard you’re a producer” I asked, maybe flirting, but what was the point?
”yes I am” he replied in an aloof voice, but he had a British accent.

“ermm” I didn’t know what to say, “I’m a director” stupid for saying that.
”ok” and he walked away. Unbelievable!

The night was pretty much boring, Edward wasn’t talking much, he wasn’t even smiling, too bad such good looks can be wasted on this man. He didn’t even touch his plate, while Alice kept begging him to eat.

“Bella is a good director” they never give up humiliating me, “I told her to go to Hollywood, she would be really successful there, how’s Hollywood when you left it Edward?”
”I don’t actually live in Hollywood” indifferently, “I take movies in the north”.
”Why north? It’s warmer in Hollywood”
”I like the cold” he said with a proud voice.

He barely spoke, he was so boring that I started doubting him being a producer, aren’t producers pain in the arse? Or at least they talk all of the time.

It doesn’t really matter if he liked me or not, James seems to like me, and I don’t care much about any other bloke.

But I don’t know why it made me feel bad when Edward told Jasper while standing on the door before leaving, “she’s not my type” that’s what he said. I know I shouldn’t feel bad for that, but I just hate when a man says that.
I felt so horrible, guys despise me, even a guy who’s boring like a history book hates me. Is that because I’m fat?

That was it for that evening. I went back home and told Rose about the whole night, even Edward.
”Who cares if he hates you” she said “At least you would still have James”
”yeah, I know”
”Emmet said he was asking about you”
”really? Don’t lie!”
”I swear!”
”what did he ask?”

“I don’t know, just few stuff about you?”
”like what?”
”Ermm, what you do for living, Emmet said you’re still looking for a job, and all sort of crap.”
”good start I guess, did he say anything else?”
”don’t think so”

Drinks: I think too much (to look normal in front of a producer), Times annoyed by mum: 5, Fantasized about James: 4 (gets better).

September 27th 2007 Thursday

16:08 -Hurrah, I have found a new job, well, not a really great flattering job, but I have to start somewhere, and my start was an assistant for a director, now this director I never heard of, but he needed an assistant. At first I thought I should decline it, but who knows maybe this job might lead me to another where I can have my own project on a film. I’m starting next week, thus I’m excited.

Fantasies about James: 3, Fantasies about a new work: 5, fantasies about an attractive boss: 7, times annoyed by mum: 2 (haven’t seen her a lot during this day), times I thanked dad: 5.

September 28th 2007 Friday

17:45- Rose invited herself over and had a little encounter (I won’t say fight) with mum, it was funny, and she was like “hey, good to see you Mrs. Swan” and then mum gave her that look that would say “get out of my house you bitch” and Rose was like “how’s work?” and she knows mum doesn’t work, she’s stays at home, invites friends, and visit friends, that’s practically her work. Mum just starred at her and said, “how’s work? Do you still have costumers?” now that’s something I wish I wouldn’t hear from other Mums.
”Actually I started paying them instead of them paying me”, that definitely shut my mum and she found another thing to waste her time on.
Rose saw me laughing from upstairs, she laughed in return and joined me.
”I swear I’m going to get a new apartment” I told her while we were sitting in my room, “as soon as I can get money.”
”so glad you found a job”
”yeah, I know it’s the bottom, but I have to start somewhere”
”right, erm, listen tomorrow Emmet is coming over and he’s bringing James, so join us”
”sure” I was excited.

She stayed over and we watched Pretty Woman, for some reason it made us try to listen to some opera music, you know when Vivian goes to the opera house and she gets so excited. Maybe now I’ll start to listen to the opera, I need something powerful to make me look at things differently.

Fantasies about a kiss under the light of the moon with James: 6, Times thinking about a fairytale like pretty woman:4, Times listening to opera music on youtube:1 (I think that was enough), times annoyed by Mum: hundreds.

September 29th 2007 – Saturday

22:30- Rose’s house is different than mine, well, first it’s bigger and second her parents aren’t pain in the arse like mine, sometimes she can actually invite boyfriends to stay the night, while me, well, I’m still a virgin.

James and Emmet arrived before me at Rose, and suddenly I realized how you can see the differences between both of them, I’m not saying that Emmet is not good looking, but it’s impossible to compare him to James that looks like a Greek God.

Last time I saw James he had very bright eyes, I know it was night then, and the lights at that club confused me, I could barely see anything. But this time Tom’s eyes looked different, they were so dark as… black.

That night wasn’t exactly as I wished it was, first James ignored me and only said Hi, he didn’t even asked me anything else, I tried flirting with him, but there was no use, he was totally uncomfortable.
”are you using contacts?” I asked about his eyes.
”no, why?”
”your eyes look different”
”are they?”


That was awkward, was he mocking me?
He completely ignored me, why? I thought he liked me last time. Bummer, why that’s happening to me?

James couldn’t stay late, he apologized and left after half an hour, he was so quit and just left.

Drinks: 10 cups, times I tried impressing James so he can look at me: 15.