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Twilght: Edward's Story

Twilight from EPOV. Starts with first day of Biology. Please review :)

All characters/some dialogue belong to Stephenie Meyer.

2. Chapter 2

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One hour never felt so long.

Even for me, with whom time had no hold, this one hour would be my undoing.

I sat rigid in my seat, not breathing as I contemplated my decision. I would take her. I must take her, right?

...no..NO! It's wrong! My mind was screaming in protest, logic barely reining me in.

It would destroy Carlisle; it would uproot my entire family, my life...

But I wanted her, in all of my decades roaming this earth; I had never fallen under the spell of such glorious temptation. There were times I thought so, but they were mere shadows of the desire I felt now to drink from this human.

Bella Swan did not move much during this hour. I could sense her shyness towards me, now that I had scared her with my reaction. For a moment, I felt heavy remorse sink into me, from which quickly I recovered.

She needed to be afraid; she needed to stay away from me.

The bell rang. I was up and out in less time it took for Bella's heart to beat twice. I was amazingly hyper-aware of that damnable organ pumping her divine blood all over her body. I shivered at the thought of it. I had to get away from her. I had to be able to avoid her at all costs.

With as human a pace as I could, I ran to the main office. My plan was already formed by the time I walked into the warm room.

Ms. Cope looked up from the counter, smiling at me. Her thoughts came at me loud and clear.

My lord! He is absolutely beautiful. It is not fair he is so young. Damn...

I knew this would be easy, she was always thinking lusty thoughts about me, as illegal as she knew (or thought she knew) they were.

I leaned in towards her, my face very soft, my eyes shining.

"Hello Ms. Cope, do you have a moment?" My voice flowed like silk in a breeze.

Her breath caught for a second. Oh...I wish he would whisper in my ear like that, something dirty... god, he is way too sexy for his own good. Ugh! Cheryl, get a hold of yourself, he's 17 for Christ's sake!

"Yes, Mr.Cullen, what can I do for you?" She asked professionally, but her thoughts betrayed her...again. Just ask and you shall receive Edward, you sexy... Ah! Stop..Stop!

Alright, I really had to get to the point with her now, she was losing it. I was tiring of the inner monologue.

"Well, I must my switch my Biology hour with a different time, any other time," I tried to hide the desperation in my request.

She rummaged around, coming up with a stack of papers stapled together. She flipped through a few, then frowned.

I was so absorbed in getting her to help me, I completely lost track of what was around me... until I first felt the breeze enter the room and then smelled what it dragged in.

The scent.

Her scent.

Once again, it filled my nose and my mouth. My body felt like concrete, set in stone against the counter.

I turned towards her, my black eyes viciously boring into her face.

Bella froze against the back wall of the small office, a crinkled paper in her hands, her eyes wide.

I was vaguely aware of the bad news from human at the desk. All the other classes were full. Not a chance.

Struggling with the discomfort of my closed lungs, I slowly turned back to Mrs. Cope.

"Never mind then...thanks so much." There was an edge to my voice I rushed out of the hellishly potent room.

I kept walking, not looking back, cursing to myself. I didn't stop until I was at the Volvo and then I was off.

I drove illegally fast to Forks Community Hospital.

I went straight to Carlisle's office without any interruptions, the women at the front desk knew me. And from their fleeting thoughts as I passed, they wish they could know me more..much more.

No they didn't.

I was a monster, barely contained at this point. I repulsed myself.

Carlisle was still doing rounds, so I had him paged. I paced anxiously in his office, turning when I heard him finally enter.

He instantly saw my expression and his eyebrows raised slightly. He was worried...

Edward is everyone ok? Is it Jasper? He asked me wordlessly.

I almost laughed bitterly at that as I responded, "No, it's me...and I need to borrow your car."

"Sure son," he spoke aloud now, "what's wrong?"

I knew Carlisle would understand, but I was ashamed.

"I need to get away for a while, clear my head. There is a human at school, the temptation....Carlisle, I don't think I can stand it! Please don't fight me on it, I don't want to ruin what you've built here," I pleaded with him. I felt so infantile.

Carlisle's eyes widened for a moment, I understood why he was shocked.

In my eighty years of abstinence, I was second only to him in self-control. He knew the gravity of what I was saying to him.

He dug in his jacket pocket and handed me the keys. This will kill Esme, you know. His eyes were sad.

I grimaced.

Just hurry back as soon as you are able, we will miss you.

"Tell Esme I love her. Please explain to everyone else." I gave him a grim smile as he squeezed my shoulder.

Two minutes later I was in the Mercedes, speeding as usual. I made it to Route 97 North in record time; I would be in Denali by sunrise.