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Twilght: Edward's Story

Twilight from EPOV. Starts with first day of Biology. Please review :)

All characters/some dialogue belong to Stephenie Meyer.

4. Chapter 4

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Judy Garland once said, "There's no place like home."

I chuckled to myself remembering how enamored I was with that cute singing brunette; she was all the rage back in 1939. Esme and I went to see the movie about five times, I didn't complain once.

As I drove, I thought of how her words still rang true, because as I pulled into my driveway I felt such comfort.

Well, at least until I heard the chorus of thoughts from my family members as they heard my car door shut.

Edward, I saw what you had planned. I told them who the girl was, just so you know.

How could I forget Alice would've known?

I don't get it, Bella Swan? Edward has no taste, is she really that irresistible? Besides, she's not even that pretty!

Damn Rosalie. What a vicious-

I hope he's pulled himself together, all that self-loathing gets old real quick. Poor Jasper. Well, I'm sure he would be fine, I think I got all that out of my system.

Oh Edward! How could he just leave without talking to me? I was so worried! I am going to give him a piece of my mind.

Then the guilt set in.

I had almost forgotten about mom.

Walking through the front door, I visibly cringed at Esme's expression.

"Edward Anthony Mason Cullen," she crossed her arms, "don't you dare ever leave me again!"

"I'm so sorry Mom," my voice was genuine as I pulled her into a hug.

"Oh Edward, its ok, I'm just relieved you are back and-" she was cut off as Alice bounded into the room followed by Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper.

Alice rounded me up into a hug but said nothing.

"Hey bro, glad you're back. Bella Swan, huh? She must smell pretty damn amazing to get your self-control so screwy," he grinned.

I frowned. Emmett could always be counted on for one thing, having little to no tact.

Rosalie rolled her eyes as she smacked him in the shoulder, then she tuned to glare at me. I already knew I didn't want to hear it.

"Are you done being dramatic Edward? I would like some assurance you aren't going to go all Dracula on this girl tomorrow and ruin our lives." She raised her eyebrows waiting for my response.

I glared at her and was about to retort when Alice finally spoke.

"He won't," she smiled up at me. "You will be fine Edward. I'm so glad you came home."

"I'm just glad he didn't kill the stupid girl... Well, at least not yet." Rosalie huffed.

Esme looked shocked and I growled. There was silence after that for a moment.

Jasper finally stepped in and spread a bit of calm through the room. I nodded to him with thankful eyes.

"It's supposed to snow tomorrow, we should definitely have a snowball fight before lunch." Emmett suggested happily.

"It's on." I shot Rosalie a withering look.

Emmett and Jasper high-fived, Alice giggled, Rosalie walked out, and Esme shook her head.

I decided I had had enough of my family reunion. I was going to wind down with some music.

"I will be in my room. I will see you all in the morning" I tuned to Esme and gave her one more hug and another "I'm sorry" before heading upstairs.


I stood by my couch in front of the wall of glass that was my window and looked deep into the woods. Mozart's Lacrimosa reverberated off the walls and washed over me.

Oh, the power of music. It could calm me, help me focus on my jumbled thoughts.

Tomorrow I would have to face my demons.

Well, one particular demon to be exact, Bella Swan. She must have been sent here to torture me personally.

Not that I didn't deserve it.

I was a bloodthirsty murderer. I was a debased creature. I should be punished for the sins I had committed.

"Stop it Edward!" Jasper beat on the wall while he yelled through it.

"Sorry." Was all I said as I turned to sit on the couch. I would have to prepare for school.


I worked on psyching myself up for the challenge. I could treat her like anyone else. She was just a regular person...

...just a person ...

...even if what ran through her veins was the most decadent, intoxicating blood that God had ever created.

In my mind's eye, all I could see was her blush, the blood pooling, and the smell...oh my god, the smell of her.

Her hair, her skin, her throat...

I imagined what she tasted like. Her hot pulse, wet and sticky and thick....stop! stop!

I swallowed hard as the venom seeped in my mouth and throat, coating it.

How was I going to do this? Just the thought of her blood was driving me mad.

I had to hunt. It would take the edge off.

When I came back, I felt a little more confidant. I could do this I repeated silently, trying to reassure myself.

I closed my eyes and fell into my music as I waited for the new day and my own personal hell to begin.