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Twilght: Edward's Story

Twilight from EPOV. Starts with first day of Biology. Please review :)

All characters/some dialogue belong to Stephenie Meyer.

5. Chapter 5

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We all piled into the Volvo and headed to Forks High.

I took the full ten minutes to get there instead of my usual five.

I was dreading this day more than I thought I would. I wished right now I could fake a stomach ache and go home. Being one of the undead was very inconvenient. It did me no good in situations like these.

Jasper and Alice walked off toward the building as soon as we got out. Jasper hated to be late.

Emmett and Rosalie waited for me while I took my time cutting the engine, sliding my key out, getting my books, locking the doors, and finally setting the alarm. I was dragging out all of my actions as much as I could. They even got to make-out for a full two minutes before they realized what I was doing.

"Edward! Come on! I'm not getting any younger," Rosalie called to me.

Emmett laughed at that, "Yeah, but your not getting older either. Come on Rose, you know that line doesn't apply." He continued to laugh at her.

"Em, it's just a figure of speech, and you and I both know he is being ridiculously slow right now. Alice said it would be fine. I don't know why he is being like this!"

"Who's slow?" I asked them from the front of the building. They were so immersed in their banter; they hadn't noticed I beat them to the doors.

All I heard was an exasperated sigh from Rosalie as they caught up and we walked in.

Right before lunch, we all met outside in the snow. It seemed to me that most of the school was there. People were running all over, packing snow, throwing it, screaming.

It was chaotic.

But fun.

I needed fun right now. I knew who my first target was. I packed a big handful of the white powder and eyeballed Rosalie from thirty feet away. Her back was to me.


As I wound up for the throw, my eyes caught sight of Bella Swan walking towards the cafeteria. She was practically running to get out of the slew of snowballs whizzing around her, holding her binder like a makeshift shield as she made her way indoors.

At first I thought, what a curious person she was. Who didn't like the snow? Then my stomach dropped. Biology was next period and I had to face her. How was I going to do it?

I didn't get to answer that.

Snowy mush slapped into my head, running down the side of my face and onto my shoulder.

I spun to see Rosalie smirking with Emmett and Jasper laughing behind her.

"She got you good man!" They were cracking up.

I ran towards them all as I heaved my snowball into Rosalie's hair. Her carefully manicured locks went flying in every direction before becoming matted to the side of her face.

"Listen here Edward, that is no way to treat a lady." Jasper chided me, feigning anger. His eyes couldn't hide their mirth as he started laughing again.

"You could've warned me Alice, some sister you are!" Rosalie shrieked, glaring at Alice.

Alice grinned wickedly, "I don't know how I missed it."

Emmett walked to Rosalie, smoothed out her hair as he hugged and kissed her. She smiled and we all went about enjoying the one thing that was colder than us.

By the end of it, all us five were a mess, dripping wet and giddy as we went inside.

We were all still laughing and cleaning ourselves off at the table, when I heard Jessica Stanley's nasal voice.

"Bella, who are you starting at?" My head whipped up at the sound of her name. Our eyes met for the briefest moment. I tried to look pleasant, she dropped her eyes, again I couldn't help but try to hear her thoughts.

Again there was silence. It was so frustrating.

"Edward Cullen is starting at you," Jessica's voice again assaulted my ears as she spoke to Bella. What gives, why doesn't he stare at me? I tried so hard to get his attention.

I ignored Jessica, instead keeping focused on Bella. Although her head was turned, I could hear words clearly.

"He doesn't look angry, does he?" her voice was small.

Why the heck would he be mad at her? I bet they hooked up or something, she probably got all clingy and is stalking him. Oh man, I can't even take it, she's been here less than a week and already there is drama.

Once again Jessica's thoughts were nothing short of completely ridiculous. For my part, I wasn't too shocked by her strange question; simply for the fact that the last time she looked at me, I did look angry. I must have terrified her.

If she only knew how close she came to death at my hands that day.

If she only knew what I was and what I wanted from her.

She wouldn't just be terrified, she would hate me. She would run and never look back.

I made myself sick.

Lunch soon passed, and I was still wishing I had a stomach ache.

I sighed as I made my way out of the cafeteria to Biology.

(a/n I was going to stop here, but it would've been a really boring chapter, and I love you all too much)


I walked into the room. Just a day before, I had planned to never step foot back into this school, let alone this room, while Bella Swan was here. Her scent filled all of the open space. I held my breath immediately. It was not nearly as bad when I did that.

Bella was already sitting in her seat. She was doodling on her book, her head lowered.

I moved the chair next to her, making sure to scrape it across the floor, so she was aware of me.

She did not look up; in fact, she seemed to concentrate even more on the swirls of the pen as it moved across her book.

I would have to say something. I couldn't ignore her and I had to make up for my appalling behavior the other day. I opened my mouth, trying hard not to inhale too much of the luscious air around her.

"Hello." I said softly.

That worked.

Bella's head snapped up at the sound as she looked incredulously at me.

I smiled warmly as I introduced myself. To make it easier on her I added, "You must be Bella Swan."

I was just about to consider that she may never talk to me, ever, when she finally spoke.

"How do you know my name?" she asked, sounding rather confused.

After explaining (to her great discomfort it seemed) that the whole town was waiting for her to arrive, Mr. Banner started class. On the syllabus today: Phases of Mitosis.


I had done this lab a half dozen times. At least I could work with Bella and try to gain some insight into her thoughts.

"Ladies first, partner?" I smiled broadly. I was trying to charm her slightly so maybe she would open up a bit more to me.

For the second time today, she didn't speak. Her eyes looked a bit glazed over.

My smile faltered as I turned to start without her. "Or I could start, if you wish."

All the sudden, she came to life, a bit embarrassed at her slow response. Her cheeks flushed a very bright pink. My already shallow breathing hitched as I thought of what was turning them that color. She was clueless as to what she was doing to me in that moment.

I could so easily take her and drink her in. I wanted to....No! That wasn't me, that was just the beast inside. I had to resist it.

Again I shifted away slightly, body tense. Not breathing, again. In my head, I visualized Carlisle and my family. I fought against myself, for them.

She seemed not to notice my reaction as she expertly handled the microscope for the first slide, and identified it as prophase.

She was smart. I saw she was almost a bit cocky as she moved to view slide two. I lightly grabbed her hand to stop her.

The heat of her shocked me. It practically burned me where my fingers grazed hers. It was an amazing sensation. I was so unused to being close to, let alone touching, a human. It quickly awakened my burning thirst again.

She looked almost as surprised as I felt.

I pulled away and quickly recovered. I would absolutely have to avoid touching her. What was I thinking?

I went to verify slide one, finding the same result as she did. We went on like that, back and forth, not touching, for the remainder of the lab.

We were done early, so we sat. I looked at the top of her head, my head slightly askew, trying to get any hint of her annoyingly silent thoughts. My eyes drifted to her long brown hair that fell down her back, her small arms, fragile fingers, then back up to her face. It was then that she turned to look at me, her eyes catching mine for a long moment.

"Did you get contacts?" Her brow furrowed as she studied me.

"No." I quickly looked away. How did she notice the change in my eyes? I had barely met her before today. She was much too observant for my comfort.

Attempting to distract her from me, I decided to ask all about her. She explained why she move, and about her mother and stepfather. She seemed overwhelmingly sad about living in Forks, just looking at her facial expressions when she spoke of it. I couldn't quite grasp why she would exile herself here for her mother's sake. Humans were usually much more selfish than that. I mentioned the snow, only to get another frown. She was so atypical with her responses. I could tell she was uncomfortable, but her reactions and responses were fascinating me, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Am I annoying you?" slightly amused at her scowl.

"Not exactly. I'm more annoyed at myself. My face is so easy to read-my mother always calls me her open book." She frowned at this.

I practically choked at that.

"On the contrary, I find you very difficult to read." If she only knew how frustrated I was by her.

Class ended soon after that. It stuck me that it did not seem to last nearly as long as the last time. It went well for the most part, although it seemed to take all of my willpower not to slaughter her when she blushed, or when our fingers touched and I felt her warmth. I shook my head bitterly at the thought of it. I got up and swiftly walked out of the room.

It was the end of the day, and I waited by my car. I leaned against it as I watched the children filtering out. My eyes instantly recognized Bella as she walked to her car. She got into a bulky red pickup. Not what I expected.

Then again, Bella Swan was nothing I expected.

For some reason, I had to watch her. Now that I had spoken to her and not killed her, I saw slightly past her tempting scent. She was interesting.

I watched as she fired up the beast of a truck she drove.

I watched as she unzipped her sweater...

...and as she lowered the hood covering her head...

...and as she bent into the dashboard heaters, running her fingers through her thick, damp hair.

I watched as she looked up directly into my eyes.

At that, she quickly reversed the truck, almost hitting an innocent Toyota in the process. She pulled away and passed me, looking straight ahead. I laughed, I couldn't help it.

Bella Swan was truly entertaining.