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The transformation

Bella's transformation, as seen from her and Edward. This is my first Fanfic attempt, and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


1. Chapter 1

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“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He asked, for what seemed like the thousandth time.

“I’m really not scared, Edward. All I want is to be with you forever.”

Very nervously, he leaned in to kiss me. We were lying in the sunlight of the meadow, just the two of us, with Carlisle and Alice nearby. Graduation was only yesterday, yet it seemed like years. Edward and I departed the school immediately for his house, where Carlisle performed our wedding ceremony. Today, he would finally do what I had been begging for since Phoenix, almost a year and one half ago. Today, he would finally change me. I was about to go through the most immense pain I would ever experience, yet I was excited. I get to spend eternity with my one true love, my Romeo, my prince. What could possibly be better?

Edward’s face expressed his concern. I couldn’t be sure whether it was fear of accidentally losing control or fear of the pain he would put me through leaving him so distraught.

“Edward, it’s too late to change your mind. If you don’t do it now, I’ll get Carlisle over here. Either way, it’s happening,” I stated, my voice weakening with each word.

“I’ll do it, but I just don’t want you to suffer. I just don’t want you to experience that kind of pain. I just don’t want you to hate me for it later.” His eyes showed his sincerity.

“I won’t hate you, Edward; I could never, ever hate you.”

We each inhaled deeply, for the last time before he did it. We exhaled in unison as he ducked his head down to my neck hesitantly, and snapped down hard. The fire started immediately. I heard an ear shattering scream and was beyond shocked to realize it was mine. “Edward, stay,” was the last bit of understandable language I was able to get out. More and more of my body was absorbed in the flame. I screamed again, this time louder and in more pain. I saw Edward’s pained, worried face and Carlisle running towards me with Alice before I was completely succumb to the dark, smoldering pain.

All I could see were flames, in every direction. No matter where I turned, they were there. Burning my neck, my chest, my face, my everything. I heard more screaming, and it wouldn’t go away. I felt a cool hand stroking my cheek, but it was nowhere near enough to get rid of the fire. I tried my best to think about Edward. My perfect, angelic Edward. What it would be like to spend eternity with him. All those amazing kisses we had. But no matter what, I was distracted by the flames. “How long has it been?” I asked myself. It had to have been a day, at least. Every cell in my body was ablaze. I couldn’t stop it. I tried running through the blackness and the flames, but whenever I turned, I encountered more flames than before. The screaming continued, louder and louder until my entire mind was on the burning and the screaming. Nothing could distract me. Nothing else would even cross my mind. I couldn’t move. I was frozen by the agonizing pain.

Slowly, very slowly, the pain came to a stop. It was still burning, but I was able to distract myself again. The screaming quieted slightly, and I was able to think about Edward. His hair. His skin. His cold, hard lips touching mine, mine so desperately wishing for more passion, his too, but his held a reluctance mine had no need for, a reluctance so that he wouldn’t accidentally hurt me. I relived it as the fire came to a halt. I could still the flames, but they were shrinking. Now there was smoke, clouding everything around me. I thought I could vaguely hear Edward’s voice, but it was too low for what I could normally hear. “I must be having hallucinations,” I thought.

“Carlisle, it’s been five days already, are you sure she’s all right?” The worry was clear in his voice.

I was finally able to focus when the fire flared up again. Far worse than before. I screamed in agony for the last time, and then everything was clear.