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The transformation

Bella's transformation, as seen from her and Edward. This is my first Fanfic attempt, and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


2. Chapter 2

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I looked deep into Bella’s fearless eyes and found not one bit of doubt. She really wanted this. Why, I did not know. Why would she want to experience the burning of her soul just to be with me forever? To be with a monster forever? To be a monster forever?

My sweet, innocent Bella. She had no clue what she was getting herself into. Except that she did know. She had experienced the raging fire. Yet she still wanted to do this. My sweet, innocent Bella. Maybe she did love me as much as I loved her.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” I asked, subconsciously hoping for the subtlest hint of fear in her answer.

“I’m really not scared, Edward. All I want is to be with you forever,” she answered, perfectly confident. Of course. The selfish, immortal vampire side of me was beaming, as it was winning against the human side of me. The side of me that couldn’t take her soul. But now I was realizing that she really wanted this. That this would make her happy. And if it would make her happy, it would make me happy, too.

I leaned in to kiss my angel, the most perfect, most beautiful creature to ever live. I don’t know why, but I was nervous. Nervous that I would lose control. Nervous about the pain I was about to put Bella through.

“Edward, it’s too late to change your mind. If you don’t do it now, I’ll get Carlisle over here,” she said, her voice weakening as she wanted Carlisle to change her no more than I did.

That ended the battle for me. Bella was my responsibility. As many apprehensions as I had about this, I wasn’t going to let my father do this. Bella wanted it to be me, and truthfully, I wanted it to be me as well.

We each inhaled deeply, and exhaled simultaneously. I leaned in, very hesitantly, very nervously, my fears almost taking the best of me, and I bit down. Her screaming started without delay, and it pained me to see her in that agony. As much as I needed and wanted to look away, I couldn’t. Her screaming got louder and louder, and instantly Alice and Carlisle were at my side.

It’ll be okay, Edward. Alice’s thoughts crept into my head with images of Bella as a vampire, looking, if possible, more beautiful than before. However, her condolences did nothing to help me. There she was, screaming and living through that fiery death, if it could be called that, and I brought it upon her. Now, I could do nothing to help her. I growled in fury at myself. “How could I bring Bella so much pain?” I thought to myself.

“I can’t believe I did this to her. She’s going to hate me,” I whispered to Alice and Carlisle.

“No, she won’t, Edward. Believe me; she loves you more than life herself. She very clearly remembered the pain from when James bit her, yet she was willing to go through with this anyway,” Carlisle said, rubbing my back in attempt to soothe me.

My anger rose, though, the second he mentioned James. James, the one who tried to kill MY Bella, James, who left her crumpled and broken on the floor, James, the one who exposed her to the pain of vampire venom. James. Just his name made me want to kill something. Bella was only an hour into her transformation, and the pain was only beginning. I couldn’t stand to watch. I needed to hunt. Not to control my thirst, but to kill something. To fight something. We had plenty of time, so I left Bella with Carlisle in the meadow, a place once very beautiful to me, but now plagued by pain. Alice and I took off to Goat Rocks in search of something challenging to hunt.


48 hours later, we had arrived back at the meadow, Bella writhing in pain on the ground and screaming louder than ever. Her skin was paling and starting to sparkle in the little light of the setting sun, which I took as a good sign. We were just over two days into Bella’s transformation, and she had to be almost done. Transformations never last more than three days, I reminded myself. But I was concerned because I remembered the worst pain being about halfway through. And it seemed like Bella’s pain was only getting worse. I could only hope that Bella wouldn’t have to suffer through an extended version of this nightmare.

“It’ll be okay, Edward. Why don’t you and Alice go back to the house, and I will call you the second anything changes,” Carlisle said, glancing over at Bella with a nervous look in his eye.

“I can’t leave her! Not in this pain. Not ever!” Why could he not understand that? I promised Bella I would never, ever leave her, and now she was in the worst pain of her life, and Carlisle expected me to leave her here? As agonizing as it was to watch her writhe in pain like that, I couldn’t leave her. Why could he not understand that?

“Edward, it’s clearly for the best. I could sense your anger from the house,” Jasper said as he appeared, seemingly out of nowhere.

“Just because it makes me hurt to watch her doesn’t mean I should leave! Her pain is 10000 times worse than what I am suffering. It is the least I can do. I put her in this pain. I can’t leave just to relieve my own. I can’t do it!” I screamed, and looked at my precious Bella. Her eyes were welded shut, her body curled up in a ball, and her screams louder than any I ever heard out of her mouth.

Edward, she is going to be fine. But you really should go home, or go hunting to get rid of your anger. If you go home, stay away from the TV. Alice was right, but I just couldn’t leave my angel. I left her for two days of this Hell already; I wasn’t going to make her suffer this entire thing without me by her side.


The third day of Bella’s transformation was coming to a close. However, her screams were only expressing a slight relief of pain, and I may have been imagining that. I feared for Bella. She had done nothing to deserve a lengthened transformation. I looked at Carlisle, fright in my eyes. He tried to comfort me, whispering that she is fine, but his thoughts gave him away.

Transformations are only supposed to last two days, three at the most. She should be done by now. Something must be wrong.

He smiled at me, but he knew I heard each thought he had. Something went wrong in Bella’s transformation, and everything I came up with was my fault.

It’s okay, son. You didn’t bite down for very long, and she probably didn’t get a lot of venom in her system. Once again, my fault. Her screaming was incessant. “How could I do that to her?” I thought.


“Carlisle, it’s been five days, are you sure she’s okay?” Bella’s screaming was slightly quieter now, and not quite as pained. I still worried about her, though. Her transformation was taking twice as long as it should, and her heart was still beating. Her blood smelled right, like it had been taken over by the venom, but her heart was still beating. The burning in her body had taken place. Why not her heart?

Suddenly, and ear-shattering scream escaped Bella’s mouth, worse than any before. I ran to her side, and grabbed her hand. Her heartbeat was slowing, hopefully a sign that the transformation was almost over.

“Bella, Bella, are you awake? Are you okay?” I knew she couldn’t answer, yet I asked anyways. Her eyes were very slowly starting to open, but it was clear she couldn’t see anything yet. “Bella, Bella!” I hoped she could hear me.

“Edward,” she muttered, very quietly, clearly. “Forever.” She was waking up! I rejoiced. She was okay. She was okay. She was okay!

“Forever,” I sighed in relief. Finally, we could be together forever.