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fragile things

In which beautiful things and shattered into millions of tiny pieces, and things are never the same.

my very first twilight fic..... be kindd! (a jasper/renesmee pairing)

1. the taste of ink

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"Renesmee." A girl of about sixteen swirled and danced around the room. An extraordinarily beautiful girl... the kind of beautiful you only read about or imagined, but never actually saw with your own eyes. She smiled and tilted her head when he said her name, but didn't stop her swaying. She giggled at his frown. She knew he didn't like being interrupted when he was writing, but she enjoyed his annoyance... savored the feeling as it rolled over her body. She bit down on her lower lip to stop from laughing aloud.

"Give me attention!" He sighed and looked up at her as she made her way over to the giant desk he was seated at. He took a deep breath and held it, afraid of her scent. She noticed and bit down harder on her full red lip.

"I can't right now, Nessie. You know I'm busy. Where's Alice?" She pretended to pout as she climbed on top of the desk so they were facing each other, her smooth white legs stretching out to rest her feet on either side of him. He turned his head to the side, he wouldn't look at her. His frustration nearly knocked her over and she sighed. Her warm breath tingled as it danced across the side of his face... still, he didn't take a breath.

"She's out, with my mother." Her eyebrows were drawn together as her mouth formed the words. She disliked speaking aloud. Why didn't he fawn over her, how could he be so cold? It frustrated her endlessly. When all it took was one glance for even the strongest men to melt at her big innocent eyes, why was he so clearly unaffected? Who was he to dismiss her? Why did he put so much effort into keeping a distance between them? His knuckles were white as his hands gripped the arms of the chair. She reached out to touch his forehead but he jerked away from her touch. She stomped her foot on the chair, shaking him. When his eyes finally met hers a smiled caressed her features as he continued to frown.

"Why do you do that?" He looked down at his lap and shook his head.

"Do what?"

"You know what! You never let me talk to you."

"We seem to be talking now, are we not?"

"You KNOW what I mean!"

He didn't respond. She sighed. She thought back to the conversations she'd had with other members of her family... the Cullen family. Renesmee wasn't like the rest of them, she was special. She was alive. They had warned her about her uncle. He didn't have the same control the rest of them did. He was more easily.... Tempted. She thought back to a few years earlier... not a clear memory, but shards of a day forgotten by everyone but him. Lost moments flashed in her mind- a sharp pain as the glass sliced her pinky, wide black eyes, growls, being yanked out of the room. He had avoided her ever since then and everyone else had forgotten, or at least was polite enough to pretend.

"I don't think you would hurt me." She smiled and leaned in closer to him. "I know you would never hurt me dear uncle." He wouldn't look at her. "What is it that's so dangerous about this? About you?" She leaned in even closer. She was immersed in his smell... so different from the rest- cleaner, sharper and it sent her pulse racing. Maybe the fact that she never got this close to him made her react differently to his scent. She had never felt like this before... anticipating... anticipating she didn't know what.

"Where is Jacob?" She shrugged; annoyed that he would bring up her boyfriend. She steeled herself. She was more determined than ever.

"Is it this?" She held her arm in front of his face. "Is it the blue?" She traced one of her veins with a manicured fingernail and smiled when she felt his body shudder despite himself.

"Renesmee," he whispered. It came out hoarse and broken from not breathing. She scooted even closer to him. He sat completely still, frozen in place, not moving except to close his eyes.

She had always been over indulged. It was her nature that made it impossible for anyone NOT to bend to her whims... anyone except him. She loved the way she felt in this moment... reckless, scared, and excited. Her heart was pounding. She knew he could hear it. She knew it was killing him. She scooted onto his lap, and he made no move to push her off.

"I trust you. I think I'm the only one, but I do..." He gasped and opened his eyes. She had hurt him by saying it out loud, she knew, but she felt no guilt. She enjoyed playing games, and this was turning into the most fun she'd had in ages.

His pupils dilated at his sharp intake of air. His chest expanded, his knuckled cracked as he gripped the chair even harder. She shifted in his lap and leaned her forehead against his left cheek. His body was shaking. She was in heaven. She turned and grabbed something off the desk. He couldn't see what it was; he was just trying to keep himself together... trying not to breathe.

"What are you trying to do? Please, Nessie... go." She smirked at the desperation radiating off him.

"I'm going to show you." He opened his mouth to reply but she cut him off. "I'm going to show you just how strong you really are." She lifted her hand and his eyes widened when he saw what she held. Light from the window bounced off the intricately carved metal and she smiled. He tried to move then, but he was weakened from his internal struggle and the adrenaline pumping through her veins made her stronger than usual.

"N-no. No."

"You can do this. I know you can."

"No. You have to stop. Now. This isn't one of your games. Now get off me." She didn't move. She wanted to see. She was curious. She was stupid.

She held the letter opener to her wrist. His eyes got wide. He was visibly shaking. He wanted to stop her but was paralyzed. He stared at her face with his big black eyes and took a deep breath. Her scent flowed into his lungs, almost drowning him. He whimpered. She smiled almost lovingly. He hated her. He wanted to scream at her, but he couldn't. He couldn't move.

"Now listen. You can have a drink my darling uncle. But NO BITING." She ran her fingers through his hair and this time he didn't jerk away from her. She sent an image of herself to his mind. She was almost completely naked lying on the bed he shared with his wife. His hungry mouth was attached to her neck. She was writhing beneath him, begging him to finish her.

He growled low and deep in his chest. She shivered and wriggled in his lap. She had his undivided attention. If only for this short time, he was all hers and she would go to any lengths to keep him. He was on fire, she could tell.

She loved the way his body was reacting to her and surprised at the way she was reacting to him. She arched her body into his, rubbing against his hardness. His eyes followed her hand, seemingly fascinated, as she held the letter opener to her wrist.

"Just. A. Drink. Do you hear me?" His eyes slipped closed and he opened his mouth. No words came out, only a low hiss. He ran his tongue across his teeth and she could see the venom, yet she wasn't afraid. His emotions bled from every pore, and she drank them in. The thirst... God, it was almost unbearable but it sent shockwaves of pleasure down her spine knowing it was a thirst for her.

She pressed the sharp metal against her skin adding pressure until a thin line of crimson formed. He was so weak. She smiled. He was so weak for her. His head was tilted back, mouth open, eyes closed again, not breathing. She dropped the knife and curled her fingers in his hair at his neck and pulled his head upright. His eyes slowly opened, completely black with thirst and bore into hers with a passion she had never seen.

She lifted her wrist to his lips. For a moment that almost stretched into forever he didn't move at all. Then she felt his lips move slowly, gently, almost not moving at all. She pulled her wrist back. Her blood was smeared across his mouth. He groaned as his tongue ran over his lips and raised his hips off the chair. She gasped and ground her hips down into him.

"More?" He looked wild, untamed, and unimaginably sexy. Licking the corner of his mouth he nodded. She held up her wrist again and he leaned forward, attaching his mouth to her wound. She could feel the blood rushing out of her, faster... faster... her heart was pounding. She watched him in awe. Blood gathered in the corners of his mouth and dripped down his chin. It was beautiful. It was terrifying.

She was starting to get light headed. She yanked her wrist back. His eyes rolled back into his head and then met hers again. Shock. Fear. The appropriate feelings were finally fighting their way to the surface of her being. His eyes were red... deep and bright at the same time.

This was the moment, she knew, when she would see how much control he really had. He was licking his teeth; they were covered in blood... her blood. It was smeared all over his face, down his chin and neck. He was trembling, every inch of him, as his tongue reached out around his mouth trying to get every drop he could. His fingers laced hers and he brought her wrist back up to his mouth. He licked her now healing cut gently, reverently.

"Renesmee. Oh God, what am I doing? What have I done?" He spoke so softly she could barely make out the words. If he could cry, she was sure he would be. He grabbed her and shoved her off him with renewed force. She looked up at his glowing eyes from the floor and shivered, instantly missing his closeness. He wiped his face with the back of his arm, and then licked the smeared blood.

"It's okay... don't you see? How strong you are? You were amazing!" His head was in his hands. He growled. Fury. It practically punched her in the face. He turned and made his way from the room.

"Wait... you don't have to leave... you don't have to go" She called after him from her spot on the floor. "You don't have to go..." He didn't look back before he shut the door.

"Jasper... Jasper, please" It was no use, she knew.

Renesmee was still sitting in the same spot looking at her wrist, now completely healed. She didn't hear the door re-open and didn't hear the footsteps approaching her.

"What the hell just happened in here?" She looked up, openmouthed and shamed. How much did they see?