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fragile things

In which beautiful things and shattered into millions of tiny pieces, and things are never the same.

my very first twilight fic..... be kindd! (a jasper/renesmee pairing)

2. sleep

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“What do you mean?” Renesmee tried to look innocent.

“I just saw Jasper come from here, he looked really… not himself. I heard you calling after him” Relief. She let out the breath she’d been holding and shrugged.

“Oh. I’m not sure really… he was just sitting here writing and then jumped up and left. Did he say anything? I wonder if we should be worried…” Emmett shook his head.

“No. He didn’t say anything at all, just walked right by me. Didn’t even look up when I said something. I’m sure whatever it is he’ll get over it.”

“I hope so.” She paused. “Emmett, why doesn’t Jasper like me?” He laughed then and the easiness of his smile relaxed her immediately.

“Oh God, don’t worry about that Nessie. He loves you! You know how he is… he likes to keep to himself sometimes. How could anyone hate you?” She smiled and he offered her his hand. “Come on, your mom’s home.” They made their way to the front of the house, her hand tucked under his arm. Renesmee smiled to herself and tried to be at ease, but her thoughts were only of him.

On the other side of the house Jasper was pacing. He couldn’t slow down… everything was a blur. He came to an abrupt stop and sat on his bed. What just happened? What had he done? What was she thinking? So many questions… he put his head in his hands and tried to relax. Renesmee… what was she trying to do? His lips trembled. He could have killed her. A hundred different scenarios played in his mind… her lifeless body, Bella’s face, the sound of his muscles ripping as Edward tore him apart. He grabbed the lamp from the bedside table and threw it at the wall. It exploded, glass and metal showering the room.

In the next moment he was standing at the mirror, staring at his reflection. He was mortified. His eyes… what was he going to do? They were bright red. Bella and Alice were home, he could hear them talking in the kitchen. Soon Alice would be walking through the bedroom door, her eyes widening as she took in his appearance, disbelief and sorrow pulsing into his body as she processed her emotions. No. He wouldn’t let that happen. First he needed to shower and get the blood off of him, Alice would smell it immediately. He shut and locked the bathroom door just in time… he could hear the knob turning as she entered their bedroom.

“Jazz? What are you doing?” He cleared his throat and hoped his voice didn’t fail him.

“Shower!” The knob turned.

“Why is the door locked?”

“Is it? I don’t know…”

“Well hurry up, I want to show you what I got!” He tilted his head back and let the water run over his face. He still couldn’t fully understand what had taken place. She had never behaved like that before. She had never even gone out of her way to speak to him before let alone…. He didn’t know what to make of it; he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. And the things she said… was she really the only one who didn’t believe he would end up hurting her? Of course, they were all right to think he would.

He had attacked her mother once, years ago… on her birthday. It had caused Bella and everyone in his family so much pain. He’d tried to leave then but Alice had convinced him to stay with the Cullen’s, his ‘adopted family’. Four years ago almost the same scene had played out with Renesmee. They had just moved and were all in the kitchen discussing whether or not she should go to school. She didn’t want to go and, forgetting her own strength, gripped a glass she was holding too tightly and broke it. It cut her finger and all hell broke loose. He had felt the thirst take over him once more. Emmett had grabbed her and taken her out of the room before anything could happen. That night Alice had actually congratulated him for not lunging at her. Can you imagine… someone thanking you for not murdering and then eating your brother’s daughter?

It had taken all of his self control not to devour her today. How could she be so stupid? How could he let her? The emotions that were radiating from her body were alarming. Even more alarming was how eagerly he absorbed them and bounced them back to her. The atmosphere in that room was electric- a constant current of conflicting feelings flowing to and from his body to hers. Why would she be lusting for him? It was outrageous. He struck the thought from his mind before he could really question it. He scrubbed his body as hard as he could, eradicating the smell of her blood. When he was certain he’d gotten it all he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. The moment the water stopped the door knob was turning again.

“Jazzy? Open uuup, I’ve got something to show you…” Alice sang from the other side. He looked in the mirror at his still blazing red eyes. He took a deep breath. There was nothing else he could do. He opened the door and walked out, looking at his feet. He put on a pair of boxers and sat on the bed facing the window, avoiding Alice’s stare. “You’re not even looking.” He laid back and closed his eyes.

”I don’t feel well, Alice.” She was immediately at his side.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong?” He sighed and put his hand over his eyes.

“I’m not really sure. I just feel strange.”

“Does it have anything to do with what happened in the study with Nessie?” His body stiffened.

“You uh, you know about that?”

“Well sure, Emmett told me you were practically running up here and wouldn’t talk to him. Nessie said you randomly jumped up and left without so much as a word. Is anything that matter… anything you want to talk about?” He never lied to Alice. It sickened him that he was about to for the first time.

“No… no love, thanks. I think I may need to rest.” He rolled over so he was on his stomach snaking his arm around her waist and pulling her against him as he buried his head in her neck. He was immersed in her scent, soft and sweet. She curled her fingers in his blonde hair and kissed the top of his head. This was his Alice.

What would he do without her? Where would he be now if she had never found him? He would never do anything to hurt her; he loved her more than anything or anyone on the planet. He was lying to her now out of fear of losing her. He would fall to pieces if she ever left him. The Cullen’s, he had no real ties to. Yes, they were his adopted family and he loved them dearly, but he could leave if he had to. He’d always known this to be true. He had only joined their coven because Alice had wanted to so badly. He was perfectly contented to spend forever with each other, just the two of them.

He wasn’t sure how she would react if she knew what really happened in the study earlier that day. Even if he could keep it hidden from her, what about Edward and his ability to read thoughts? He was sure he could keep his hidden around him; he always had, but Renesmee? Was she able to keep her deepest secrets buried deep enough that even her father with his probing mind would not find them? When he thought of his ‘niece’ his arm tightened around Alice and she sighed, running her hand along his back.


“Hmm?” She moved her body down so their foreheads were touching and placed her hand on the side of his face. He kept his eyes closed and rubbed his nose against hers. She giggled and pressed her lips against hers. God, he loved her. He could kiss her for hours upon hours and often did. His mouth curved up in a smile as she parted his lips with her tongue. This, she, was what he lived for… and always would.

Later that night, Alice went to hunt while Jasper stayed in bed ‘resting’. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. Why would he need to rest? He had always told her everything. For Alice, there was no mystery to Jasper Hale he was an open book to her. She was watching a deer when it hit her. A vision so strong she had to lean against a tree for support. It was Jasper. He was in a room she didn’t recognize and he was on his knees in front of a woman. She was sitting on the edge of a bed in black lace lingerie, her head thrown back so she couldn’t see her face. Her breasts were heaving up and down and though it was a vision Alice could see the blood pulsing in her veins. A human. Jasper’s head was between her legs, his mouth attached to her inner thigh. She could see a trail of blood running down the woman’s leg and to the floor staining the carpet bright ruby red. it started to fade, then came back into focus. The room was different this time. The woman was wearing red lace. Someone was changing their minds, details were changing. One detail however was the same… her husband’s mouth was pressed against her thigh. He was drinking her blood. The woman was enjoying it.

“Mmm. Enough, Jasper. Come here.” He licked the wound on her thigh then down her leg until she was clean. The woman giggled and sat upright as he leaned up towards her and kissed her so hard Alice could hear their teeth knocking together. He moved his mouth to her neck and she tilted her head to the side. Her hair fell away from her face as she scooted back on the bed and laid down, pulling Jasper with her. The vision ended.

Alice stood there for several moments, trying to understand what she just saw… her husband with another woman. But it wasn’t just another woman. It was… she couldn’t even bring herself to think it again. Once was enough. She stayed leaning against the tree until she heard branches snapping on the ground as someone approached. Once they were beside her she turned to face them.

“What do you think it means?” she sighed.

“Did you see the whole thing?” He nodded once.

“I have no idea, Edward. It’s, well, it’s impossible isn’t it? I mean it’s Nessie… and even if it wasn’t he would never… ” He looked into the forest, thinking.

“Don’t tell anyone what you saw. We’ll keep an eye on them both. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Perhaps it’s just another one of her whims, and she just considering following through with it?” He pursed his lips.

“Perhaps. Even so, I doubt Jasper would ever allow that.”

“I know. He won’t get within five feet of her. He’s almost scared of her, I’d even say.”

“So… let’s keep it between us for now. If you notice anything strange about her tell Jasper. I won’t tell Bella unless I have to.”

“Agreed.” As they made their was deeper into the forest to look for more deer Alice silently cursed Renesmee, knowing Edward could hear everything she thought. The girl was over indulged, and a slave to her fantasies and whims. She expected to get whatever she wanted. ‘Well,’ Alice thought with a smirk, ‘if she really thinks that’s going to happen she’s in for a rude awakening.’ But what if the girl was crazy enough to try it? Her mother wasn’t afraid of death when she was still a human and Edward a vampire… is this really so different. ‘Jasper is not Edward though’ she thought. Then it occurred to Alice that if she did end up trying something with him he could hurt her. Not intentionally of course, but what if he pushed away to forcefully and she got hurt? Or, heaven forbid, if she did something really stupid and he ripped her throat out? Jasper was definitely not Edward. Jasper was much more dangerous. Maybe they should warn her. Maybe just tell her to forget it.

“No.” she jumped when he spoke. ‘But Edward what if-‘

”No. it’s better we keep this to ourselves for now. if you have another vision we’ll act. But for now, who knows if it’s even real? Nessie always gives you false visions her plans change so often.” He was right. It was better not to say anything for now. Jasper was already feeling ill, why upset the whole house? Yes, she would wait for another vision. Hopefully, it would never come so she could forget this whole thing. She shivered despite herself. She had nothing to worry about, she was sure.