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A song fic from Edwards point of view when he finds out Bella has killed herself. tell me what you think.

This chapter is most likley going to be used in the Gone and goodbye and Alices vision story... so let me know what you think

1. Sad

Rating 5/5   Word Count 338   Review this Chapter

All the photographs are peeling
and colors turn to gray, he stayed
in his room with memories for days, he faced
an undertow of future's laid to waste, embraced
by the loss of one he could not replace

All I have left are the photos.

The photos that lose their spark

Bella’s spark

I hide out in my room

Thinking about how I drove

My one true love

To the blade she never once touched.

and there's no reason that she'd passed
and there is no god with a plan, it's sad
and his loneliness is proof, it's sad
he could only love you, it's sad

I don’t understand why she did what she did

I gave her the chance to live a normal life

I sit alone in this room

Remembering my one true love

the door swings through a passing fable
a fate we may delay, we say
holding on, live within our embrace
he lit a match, he laid in bed
hoping their dreams will bring her back, it's sad
and his loneliness is cruel, it's sad
he could only love you, it's sad

I think back to our story,

How I repeatedly saved her

From fates deadly plan

As I light the candle next to the unused bed

I lay down, hoping I can bring a part of her back

I should never have left her.

This lonliness I feel was too much for he

I wish I got to tell her

How much I love her

holding his last breath, believing
he'll make his way
if she's not forgotten
he's haunted
he's searching for escape

I hold my breath

Never needing to breathe

Would she have had ever,

Forgiven me, Forgotten me

These questions plague me

Like a ghost haunting a house.

if just one wish could bring her back, it's sent
and his loneliness is proof, it's sad
he will always love you, he said

If I could have just one wishIt would be

To have her back

To cure me of this loneliness

To tell her that I love her.

Its sad that I caused this much pain.