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Bite Me

So, they say Guardian Angels come down from wherever to love and protect us, right? Wrong. I could sue the liars that proclaimed such a thing.
The first time I met HIM, he was sitting on my bed, throwing a tennis ball at my wall, the second time he wa sitting at his grave, and the third? I don't even want to GO there...

Edward Cullen is not a Vampire in this story. He's a Guardian Angel, as is the rest of the Cullen family.
I have posted this story on another site, too, but I thought it would look nice if it was a BellaxEdward thing.
Please review! this is my first story here!

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Bella Swan seemed like the typical confused, non believing kind of girl I would be assigned. Because, you know, the Guardian didn’t think it was suitable to assign me normal girls who knew exactly why they called me. But seeing as Bella had no idea why I was in her room that afternoon, then maybe she had called on me by accident…. Which is ridiculous. You don’t call upon angels by accident…Well, it wasn’t written in the Twenty Guardian Commandments. Sure, maybe she had shouted at us from her home when she was angry or something, and Guardian sent me down to see what was going on and sort it out, but why would she look so confused? Was she suffering from short term memory loss? The streets were unnaturally empty and the only noise was my footsteps making soft tapping sounds on the wet tarmac as I walked slowly and lazily to the hall where I was supposed to meet the Higher Lords. I pushed open the heavy oak doors and walked inside. I wasn’t a nice Angel. That’s how some of my companions named me the Dark Angel seeing as I was as nice as, say, a Doberman. On guard. The Higher Lords - who were none other than older Guardian Angels who thought of themselves as much more important than us little young ones - were seated at the four sides of the long table in the main hall. Each of them wore a gold bracelet with a letter carved into the band. Each letter represented the seven sins. Don’t ask me why seeing as they banned all types of goody’s from the Angel Kingdom long ago - yeah, that too. We were all pretty much celibate unless we fulfil our job as eternal Guardian and get to stay on earth until we wither and die as old people. It’s hard to fulfil your job as a guardian, seeing as there has to be something about that particular job that makes you feel more tied to earth than to the heaven’s. Needless to say, all my jobs were the most boring one’s and the most stupid one’s. I remember this girl in Brazil, who had a freak out over the cost of her clothing spree, didn’t know how to pay for it and called to the heaven’s for help. My job was to keep her under control and teach her how to use a credit card without going crazy. Big yawn, that one was. “Edward, you’re late.” one of the Higher Lords called to me. I glanced at my Rolex - a little gift from one of my ‘clients’ after saving her marriage - and sighed dramatically. “Oh, I am sorry. I got caught up on the little job you assigned me.” of course, I was always late. Whether I woke up late, forgot the time, got lost or whatever, I was always late. Rosalie, one of the few girl Guardians and the bitchiest one, too, laughed, “Oh sure, seeing as your client doesn’t even believe in Angels,” Well, that too, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying the view of a sweet girl getting irritated. “Piss off, Rose.” I muttered under my breath and took my seat opposite hers. All in all we were thirty eight young Guardians and seven Higher Lords. Hopefully, Rosalie will never be one of the Higher Lords or we will all be doomed to hell. “Is it true, Edward? Does the girl really not believe in Angels?” “I don’t know for real. I mean, she was shocked to see me, unlike all the other clients I have had who pretty much expected me. Let’s just say Bella doesn’t know why I’m here.” The Higher Lords brow furrowed in concentration, probably trying to get a picture of the girl from my mind. I hated that. I hated the lack of privacy one had around the Higher Lords unless one of the Young Guardians has a weird thing that can take a thought from someone’s mind. Not only can I read mind, but, like a werewolf, I can use my ‘wiles’ and get someone - only human - to do what I want. Except to make them believe. That’s why I was having such a hard time convincing dear old Brlla Swan what I was. “Ah, a pretty girl. Are you sure she didn’t know who you were?” “A hundred per cent certain.” I wouldn’t be here otherwise, idiot. “Well, try and convince her then. You are not to fail.” “I can’t make her believe! Not if she’s as stubborn as a cow, for God’s sake!” A stifled gasp escaped one of the Higher Lord’s white lips and I found myself glaring at one of the Lords, daring him to say something about my blaspheming. “Of course you can. Try at least to see why she called you, Edward. For one time, please do your job properly,” Well, that was just harsh. I always did my job somehow. Even if you know, it was kind of bad. Hey, I can’t be perfect! After all, I was a seventeen year old guy stuck like this until I found something that could release me. Jeez, I was as old as the Greek mythology. “I always-” “Sure, whilst you’re fancying them and wooing them, you do your job.” Rosalie snapped. “Oh, look who’s talking. The bitch with the sex skills.” I hissed right back. “Shut up Edward, or I will-” “Children please! Stop this insane bickering and get on with your jobs. Dismissed.” Meh, I hate my job. Can someone tell me when I signed up for this? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stalked the dark streets for most of the night, glaring at everything around whilst Rose made stupid, inappropriate comments about my last job. Why the hell the Higher Lords ALWAYS assign Rose to be with me, I have no idea. All I know is, if I wasn’t an Angel she would already be cold and buried six feet under. Right now, she was muttering about Jacey, one of my old clients, and how she had tried to contact the heaven’s more than once. “She’s in love with your presence, Edward.” She said snootily, picking up her pace. “Well, at least someone’s in love with me. Falling in love with you is like falling in love with medusa.” I shot back. Rose blushed and her plump lips paled. I stared at them as she said, “Edward, why are you such a badass?” “Why are you such a whore?” I arched an eyebrow and walked on, ignoring her for most of the way as her pea sized brain tried to look for a suitable answer. I had like Jacey too, but there is only much lip gloss talk one guy can take without flipping. Thank God we had found a way out of her little mess and I could go back to heaven like a good little boy without doing something rash. The dragon ring I wore on my middle finger shone dimly in the street lights. The ruby’s in it’s eyes looked like fresh droplets of blood- the Higher Lord’s had been against the ring since the beginning, but I didn’t care. I smiled at the thought of Bella lending me a pen during detention. She looked so innocent and irritated at being there. “Edward! Stop daydreaming and look at this,” Rose ordered smartly. “If that remark was supposed to be funny, you have failed miserably. May I point out that it’s night and I can dream all I want? Meaning that your bitch-ass remark makes no sense at all.” I informed her dryly, but went over to where she stood, anyway. Guardian Angels - as you may have heard - are supposed to be ‘protectors of the earth’, but seeing as we only have thirty five angels, we try to clean up the towns nasty beings- in a subtle way. As one of the Higher Lords would say ‘try and make the world a better place, little by little.’ Which is how I found myself struggling with a seventeen year old non-believing girl and a murder mystery. “What is that?” I asked, averting my gaze from the what Bella had found. The murderer still hadn’t made the news - Thanks God - but we kept finding little clues that led us in endless circles. “That,” Rose explained tetchily, “Is the cadaver of a twenty-five year old woman.” I made an impatient sound and waved her comment away, “I know that. What I meant was, what is that?” I pointed at the victims neck, where several pearl shaped marks seemed to be punctured into her skin. Rose shuddered and rubbed her arms, “I don’t know. They could pass easily as strangulation marks, minus the holes.” It was the first time I had ever seen Rose scared since I met her a century or so ago. “You alright?” I asked, turning away from the crude death that lay in front of us. She must have been pretty once, but was now reduced to a bloody pulp of flesh and ripped muscles. My stomach churned. “I’m fine. Let’s report back,” I nodded, snapped a couple of pictures as proof and shrugged out of my jacket and shirt. I found it much easier when nothing trapped the speed. We don’t have huge feathery wings like they describe in the Bible and stuff, but they are more like light in the form of wings. I waited for Rose to slip out of her sweater - which left her with a skimpy vest pretty much illegal in the Angel Home - and let her wings glow to life. We don’t have wings attached to our backs the whole time - how are we supposed to seem human, otherwise? - but the come out when our body is ready: The muscles on our back clench and become painfully harder, our legs weaken (They can’t take the weight of our body and wings) and out heart rate and breathing change. “Ready?” I ask and after Rose nodded, I jumped. My wings adjusted quickly to the rhythm of the wind, because I was older and more experience, and it took Rose a good three jumps before her wings would even open up properly. I smirked and pushed on, my wings flapping grandly above me. The older you are, the more beautiful your wings are. Mine were a beautiful shade of burnt gold and fresh honey, which glowed like the setting sun only to human eyes. Rose’s wings - being a new Angel - were more the colour if baby sea gulls and the glow could put anyone off just by glancing at it. I think I don’t even need to mention that whenever the boys and I found ourselves in the same tutoring session as Rose, we would leave the room laughing like a bunch of idiots. And of course, the Higher Lords would call me and tell me off for my very naughty behaviour. Rose flew a little behind me and I picked up speed. In no time, we were at ‘base’. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Has anyone noticed, beside myself, that all of the victims are girls in an age rage of twenty to thirty?” Mareika - a Brazilian Angel - pointed out, leaning forward over the long conference room table. I looked at the pictures pinned up on the wall and grimaced my agreement. She was right. It looked like a pattern was starting to show. “Yeah, and they all seem to have one characteristic in common: The mania for money.” I said, frowning at the sheet of names and descriptions in front of me. Indeed, they were all rich and beautiful as Mareika had pointed out. Mareika nodded and grinned, “So they’re all rich, young and beautiful. Looks like we have a case of the simple yet crazy case of a man wanting all the beautiful woman for himself,” “Who said it’s a ‘he’?” Rose asked, looking away from the gruesome pictures on display, “It could very well be a she.” Jasper laughed and shook his head, “Rose, no woman - even a jealous one - could ever do this. This isn’t a serial killer we’re talking about. It’s a money and beauty obsessed psycho. I have to admit that only men could ever do such a thing to woman.” I zoned out a little as the two of them bickered endlessly. Sometimes them two were worse than me and Rose, but everyone - even the Higher Lords - knew that something the size of a huge crush was taking part here. Cupid had played his game once again. In my head, I could here Heaven bickering with someone, and the fight was starting to turn nasty. Shut up. You Don’t know anything about dad! she screamed. Bella, even mum knows it was your fault he died. If you hadn’t told him to go die somewhere, then maybe he would be here, eating lunch with us! a male voice put in smugly. I could hear - feel - Bella’s desperation and pain as she tried to back away from the argument, unsuccessfully so. I know. I know I killed him… her voice became fainter and fainter, as voices usually do when the move location. I tried to follow her feelings and locate her thoughts but she was gone. That was wrong. My clients don’t usually just disappear without something else helping me lead to them. I stood up and pushed my papers away, excusing myself quickly. Something in my face stopped everyone from objecting. I didn’t fly this time I didn’t know where she was and flying would only attract attention from humans in broad daylight. Instead, I walked. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tracked Bella down easily once I was in the open air. She stood in a graveyard, in front of what looked like the grave of who I presumed was her father. She looked sad and distraught, so I decided not to disturb her. Instead, I wandered aimlessly through the graveyard until I found what I was looking for. The stone was weathered and crumbled at the edges, long forgotten, and the flowers there needed to be changed. The name Edward Cullen stood out a mile, even though it must have been so old. I never knew I had had a funeral. It was rare that I would visit my own grave. Though my death had occurred a couple of centuries ago, I could still remember it as if it had just happened yesterday morning… The smell of damp grass, the crazed thumping of my heart, the numb feeling in my limbs, all the way until the very last moment… “Edward?” I hadn’t heard her approach and when I heard her voice, I jumped to my feet, embarrassed. “Edward? Are you alright?” she asked, frowning at me. “I’m fine…” I trailed off as she moved around me to look at the headstone I stood in front of. I heard the gasp in her thoughts as clearly as if she had done so aloud. But she was oh so polite. “This is your- your grave?” She said, none too subtly, may I add. Bella turned around to stare at me, her eyes radiating shock. “Well done,” I snapped, digging my hands deeper into the pocket of my black denim’s, “Guess you aren’t as dim as I thought.” Oops. “But you are exactly the Bastard I had imagined at first,” She bristled back, turning away from me. Her thoughts told me I disgusted her. Meh. “`What’s a babe like you doing in a shit hole like this?” I asked lightly, trying to life her mood a bit as I fell in step beside her. “The same thing you are,” In other words no comment. This girl was a piece of work, alright. “Huh?” I asked, playing innocent. Bella rolled her eyes and gestured around grandly around at the acres of covered dead people. “What do you do at a graveyard?” I didn’t dare say something like ‘kinky’. instead, I replied with the obvious answer. “Um, visit the dead?” “Right.” Oh, OK. She obviously didn’t want to talk about it, and I decided not to pry. I mean, I had all the time in the world to find out, why get all rushed? I’d only get bored by the third day, anyway. “You don’t like me, do you?” I asked, curious. Sure, she hadn’t liked me since the second she entered the room and found me on her bed but I couldn’t understand why. Without missing a beat, Bella replied, “Nope.” “May I ask why?” She pursed her lips and crossed her arms tightly over her torso. “Even if I say no, you’ll find out for yourself.” True. Very true. We walked in silence for a while before Bella muttered, “You really are an Angel.” Well, that took her long enough. She said so with wonder in her voice. I gave a low snort of derision but kept my mouth shut. Didn’t want to ruin the moment by saying something stupid, right? I could feel the shock and confusion radiating off her, and didn’t question it. “You don’t act like one,” I stopped walking, stared at her and then burst out laughing. “That’s because I don’t think that being an Angel is cool.” I hiccupped. She stared at me as if I was crazy before eyeing me slowly. “You don’t look like one, either.” Oh. I opened my arms wide and grinned at her. “What, you expected I wore a white tunic and had a glowing halo above my head? please! I mean, do I look like someone who would dress like that?” “Not really, no.” “Right. What did you expect in an angel? In me?” I teased, prodding her shoulder with my finger. Bella tilted her chin and started walking again, holding her electric blue ski coat tighter around herself. She seemed to consider my question for a minute, glancing at me and then at the sky. Her wide green eyes shone in the evening sun and her mouth curved upwards into an evil grin. “Alright. OK, in the stories I’ve read, Angels are nice, caring, sweet and loving people who wear white clothes - not tunics - and can help people with their problems. They don’t wear tattered leather jackets, combat boots and don’t have three piercing in their ears and don’t have a nose stud.” She grinned at me and I rolled my eyes. “Right. SO just because I wear cooler clothes and have studs, I’m not an Angel?” “Oh, and they don’t say ‘fuck’, ‘shit’ or any other swearword.” “Alright, alright. You win. So I’m a different kind of angel. I’m an Angel with a fashion sense!” Bella giggled and I felt the tension that had been weighing her shoulders down slowly ease off. I smiled and then said quietly, “But right now, I need you to tell me why you fought with your brother, and what you meant by ‘I know it’s my fault’.” Bella stopped abruptly and glared at me. Her thoughts screamed 'you were spying on me?!' I shook my head and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I need to know. I can help Bella. I really can.” “Whatever, Edward. Just at the moment when I would think that you weren’t a freaking stalker, you turn out with this shit and ask me what the hell I was fighting with my brother about?!” “Bella, it might help me find out why you called me-” “I didn’t-” “And I might be able to make your life better.” Bella snorted and walked faster, ignoring my question. This was going ass up. “Bella!” “Piss off, Angel Boy!” she yelled back. Before I could say anything else, she was turning the corner and disappearing out of the cemetery gates. I could have stopped her, of course I could, but I didn’t bother. Shrugging, I turned round and started back the other way, toward the place where the sun was setting. She really was a piece of work.