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Esme's Transformation

A poem about what happened to Esme.

This is my first story!!!!!!!! Please review.

1. Chapter 1

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I knew not what it was,

But it took away my breath

"What 's that?" I asked, frightendly.

"It's the Moon of Death."

Then I knew

That the baby in my womb

For now and forever

Has been domed.

"Carlisle, my good friend,

This is good bye,"

"My dear Esme don't do anything rash,

For I love you, it is not your time."

"Carlisle, since you are my true love

I will not put on a big show."

Being true to my word i went to a cliff, and

Jumped off ignoring his "NO!!!"

He failed to save me,

So he went to my neck,

He kissed me, then he bit me,

And put me in a bed that had been wrecked.

Now I am a vampire,

With a husband and a son.

And now I don't care

That I once lost one.