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Always On My Mind

Its been one month since the wedding, and everything seems calm and blissful right now.Untill Bella finds out that shes going to have a baby.What will happen?What will Edward think?And what will be the gender of the baby?

I wrote this story befor Breaking Dawn came out I just never got around to posting it.

2. Life Goes On

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 286   Review this Chapter


I sat there in Edward’s arms while mine were around my stomach. I could tell now, it was slightly swollen. I wondered how long I’d been pregnant without noticing. I looked around the living room where we were all sitting.

I caught Alice’s eye, she smiled and said, “Two weeks.”

I looked at her,” What?”

“Two weeks. You’ve been pregnant for two weeks.”

“Oh. Well thanks.” I said.

Carlisle finally spoke up, “Okay Bella, first things first, do you want to keep this child?”

I felt Edward stiffen at this question. I turned to look at him, asking the same question silently.

I Held my breath

He smiled, so did I.

“Yes, I want to keep it.”

“Well splendid then!? Carlisle said smiling.

“I can’t believe it!” Alice squealed, “I’m going to be an aunt.”

I smiled at her. “Oh no.” I said suddenly.

Everyone jumped up into action, asking me if I was okay, if the baby was alright, did I need something.

“No, no, calm down.” I looked at Jasper for some help, and we felt an instant wave of calm.

“What’d you do that for?” Emmett asked.

“I only realized,” I began, “That Charlie is a grandfather.”

“Bella, you’re going to give me a heart attack!” Edward laughed.

“No Edward really, we’ll have to tell him.”

“Alright then, let’s go now.” There was a gleam in his eye.

“Now?” I asked.

“Yes, now.” He stood up and pulled me towards the door.

“Bella.”I turned around to see Alice skipping towards me.

“Yes Alice?”“I was wondering…” She started, “Would you like to know the gender?”

“Of the baby?”

“Yes.”I looked at Edward; of course he was reading her mind right now.

“Sure Alice.”

“…It’s a girl.”

“A g-a girl?”

“Yep.” And she skipped away.