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The Safe Harbour

Jake+BellaWhat if the phone had rung a minute later, after Bella and Jacob's lips had met? A Jacob/Bella Oneshot.

This is, and will always be a oneshot. It was written for a contest on Fanlib. It does sort of have a sequel, but that is a completely separate story. I hope you enjoy it...

1. The Safe Harbour

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His rough hands were cupped around my face, his palms burning my cheeks, but it didn't hurt, it felt... nice. It felt almost like it had felt when Edward had held me, all those long months ago. Except there was something missing; I loved Jacob, but not in the passionate, fierce way I loved Edward.

"Bella." He moaned softly.

I froze. I hadn't made the decision yet. I didn't know if I could do this. Alice had returned, but I knew Edward never would, he had made that much clear. My eyes welled up with tears as I realised that I was going to have to make a decision; for better or for worse. If I rejected Jacob now, there was no guarantee that he would return to me, and I was sure I couldn't face loosing him. But Edward's kisses had been like fairytales, they had seemed like the sole purpose of my existence.

Keeping his dark eyes on my tear filled pair; Jacob began to bend his face towards mine. My heart started to race, but I was still undecided.

Maybe it would be easy - like holding his hands or having his muscled, strong arms around me. Maybe it would feel nice. Perhaps it wouldn't feel like betraying Edward, betraying myself.

His face looked focussed, his eyes hungry, reminiscent of how Edward's used to look whenever we got this close. I knew that he had been waiting for me, wanting this moment since I had gone to La Push to ask him to fix up the motorcycles.

I took a deep breath, and leaned towards him, my lips meeting his, which were much softer than I imagined. He responded, opening his mouth slightly, his tongue grazing mine, his hot, coarse hands running through my hair and massaging my scalp.

My arms hung around his neck, my head tilted up. As the kiss deepened, I realised that it didn't feel wrong at all. Not having had much experience of relationships before moving to Forks, I knew that if I had never met Edward, I would have thought that this was true love. I wouldn't have believed that anything could feel better than this.

But, I had met Edward. There was nothing anyone could do to change that fact. He had tried to disappear completely - even taken everything that could remind me of him, but he had left behind a broken heart, and a gaping hole in my soul. A hole I so desperately wanted Jacob to fill.

I opened my eyes slightly, to see his wide in shock, as if he had never expected this to happen. He slowly pulled away from me, touching his lip slightly with his left hand, like he couldn't believe that it had been in contact with mine.

I stood, motionless, watching Jacob as he seemed to have an argument inside himself. He had a slightly pained expression on his face; similar to the one Edward wore when he thought about how dangerous it was for me to be with him.

"Bella," he murmured, his hands touching my cheeks again, "you don't know how long I've wanted this."

I smiled weakly, and in that moment I made my decision. I chose Jacob. I couldn't spend the rest of my life waiting for Edward to return, and I was sure he'd want me to be happy.

Jacob lowered his face towards mine, and I kissed him hungrily. He tasted different to Edward, not better but just... different - soft and sweet like hot fudge. It felt like cliff diving, but I didn't have Edward's velvety voice in my head - I wasn't sure if I'd ever hear it again.

I heard the phone ring, and Jacob told me to ignore it. He lowered his hands so that they were around my waist. I was conscious of his large hands on my back and I could feel their heat through the thin material of my shirt.

The phone continued to ring, it seemed to be growing louder and louder as I waited. I realised that it could be someone for Charlie, so I decided I had to answer it, to let the caller know that he was at the funeral.

I sighed heavily as I reached to pick up the phone. Jacob's arms were still wrapped tightly around my waist and our faces were still only centimetres apart. I could still feel his warm breath on my cheeks.

"Hello." I said sharply.


I shook my head. I thought that I must be hallucinating. It wasn't possible.

"Bella." The voice said again, sounding slightly panicked.

I would have recognised that velvety smooth voice anywhere.

"Bella! Are you there?" The voice asked worriedly.

"W-who is this?" I stammered, ignoring Jacob's questioning look.

"Bella. You're OK?" The voice said in relief.

"Yes, but-" I stammered.

"Forget I called." The voice said, "You're OK, that's all that matters. Pretend this never happened."

Part of me wanted to scream to him, to beg him to come back. To cry and sob like a little girl. To do something, anything, to force him to return. But, another part of me, the part that was so close to Jacob dissuaded me.

"I'm fine." I said, and hung up the phone, my head still spinning with confusion. Why had Edward called?

I looked back up at Jacob, who looked concerned. "Who was it Bells?" He asked.

"No-one." I said, and felt satisfied. I had Jacob now, and he was all I needed. Maybe there would never be spectacular fireworks, but there would be safety, and I knew that he would stay by me forever, until the end.

I kissed him again, wishing the moment could last for all eternity.