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What happens to Bella when Edward and the family has to go to Volterra again, this time only for a week, but what if they don't come back?


3. Chapter 3

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I knew that we weren’t going to my home, the one that I was supposed to live with Charlie, but I still held a sliver of hope. Why did everything that was abnormal seem to always happen to me? I was relieved about the baby being okay, after Jacob had told me that I was pregnant, I had sort of panicked; I mean number one I was seventeen, er wait, scratch that. I was nineteen and unmarried, Charlie was going to flip his lid! But then I realized that it was a baby and if she wasn’t alright, it’d be horrible, I’d want to die.

With each minute that passed during the visit to the doctor, I was growing more and more afraid of whether or not she’d be okay. I found myself constantly gazing at my stomach, thankful for Jacob leaning over to squeeze my hand and tell me that it’d be alright and that he—meaning the baby—would be fine. Which pulled a laugh out of my mouth.

“What makes you think that it’s going to be a boy?” I had asked, which in turn had caused him to grin. “What?” “We’ve had this argument, several times, and trust me, it’s a boy, Bells.”

I liked it, the nickname. Bells. It was different, far better than Isabella.

“We’re here.” Jake murmured pulling up in front of a small ranch styled house. “Welcome to La Push…again.” He said with a grin. I stepped out of the car cautiously looking around me. It was nice, different, but nice, sort of familiar in a way. Like I had been here before. I looked back at the house before switching my gaze to Jake.

“Jake…have we met before?” He grinned at me and nodded. “I don’t think I’m ‘remembering’, it’s just I feel like I’ve been here before.”

“Our dad’s were best friends. When you were little you’d always come down every summer. You hung out with my sisters a lot.” So that explained it.

“How’s Rachel?” I asked brightnening once I recalled the name.

“She’s fine, living in hawii and married.” I nodded absently as I continued following him towards the house. Stepping inside I faintly was aware of being here before, but it was nothing like when I originally saw Jake after touching the bracelet for the first time.

“Is this yours?” I asked suddenly, referring at the hoodie. Jake just grinned and nodded at me. “I was wondering where I got it.” I was suddenly very warm, so I pulled it off, and folded it before setting it onto a chair. The bracelet shone in the light.

“Are you thirsty?” Jake asked as he walked into the kitchen.

“Yeah.” I called sitting down onto the couch. A few minutes later he joined me on the couch handing me a glass of coke. “So, do you know anything about this?” I asked lifting my wrist so that he could see the bracelet.

“That was your graduation present from me. I made the wolf.” He answered looking down at me.

“It’s beautiful, what about the heart?” I asked, causing his eyes to darken.

“Edward gave you that.” He answered roughly before swallowing a drink of coke.

“Oh. Why do you two hate each other?” I finally asked.

“Multiple reasons. But in order to answer that, I have to tell you my story…again.” He added ruefully, grinning cheekily at me. “During your senior year, when Edward left, we started hanging out. We became extremely close and well then something happened.” Unfortunately right here, Jacob was interrupted. The front door flew open and a gigantic wolf ran in; except that it was more of the size of a grizzly bear. Whatever it was I froze, because it started growling as it walked towards Jake and I. I started panicking as it continued moving towards Jake and he just stood there like he was about to start talking to it.

“Jake” I whispered, knowing that my eyes had to be the size of large plate. But I never got to finish my next statement, because the next thing I knew was that Jake’s arms were wrapped around me, my face buried into his chest, and then he started scolding it.

“What is the matter with you!? You’re terrifying Bella! Go to the bathroom now and stay there until I bring you some clothes!” It took awhile for this to sink in, because I was momentarily distracted by how comfortable I was in jake’s arms.

“Bells, are you okay?” he asked after several minutes of silence. I nodded and sadly, he released me, “Okay, I know that this is going to be really hard to believe, but that’s my friend Embry.” I looked at him confused for a moment.

“Oh, you mean like a pet? Is he an actual wolf or is it some special breed of dog?” I asked thinking aloud. I never really had any pets, I mean Renee could barely take care of herself. Jacob was unable to answer for the next ten minutes, because he was howling with laughter.

“no, not like a pet, although that is the best joke I’ve ever heard. You know how my skin is abnormally high?” I nodded slowly. “Well, we’re kind of the opposite of a vampire. You know how they’re freezing. Bells, I’m a were-wolf, so is Embry and the rest of the guys.” I stared at him for a moment.

I was emotionally tired. With everything that I had learned about myself in the past few days, this didn’t even surprise me. I was engaged to a vampire and now I’m living with a werewolf. I’m abnormal.

“So, how can you guys change if it isn’t a full moon?” I asked.

“Just a myth. We don’t have to bit to be changed either, it’s hereditary. It happens when bloodsucker’s are around.” I jumped at the name he used. “Sorry, vampires. Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back.” He showed up a few minutes later and sat back down next to me.

“So, what does Charlie and Billy think of us living together. I mean, Billy doesn’t mind an extra roommate?” I asked curiously.

“Billy doesn’t live here anymore. He remarried Sue Clearwater, her daughter Leah’s a member of the pack. The only girl in fact.”

“I can’t believe you asked if I was a pet!” I jumped as I looked up into the doorway and saw another guy staring at me. He looked about twenty-three, “I mean, come on Bella, you were the one to guess the secret!” I was starting to panic, and slowly began leaning into Jacob as the stranger began entering the room.

“Embry calm down you’re scaring her, Bella, this is Embry. One of the pack’s thicker members.” He said glaring at his friend. Embry just looked rather confused as to why he was explaining everything.

“Hi.” I said quietly. But before any one could say anything further, there was a loud knock at the door. Jake went to answer it, and was brushed past several large guys that were all talking and laughing extremely loudly.

“Bella!!” a few of them seemed to shout simultaneously, causing me to shrink into the couch. Was I always this popular? Thankfully, Jake was back in seconds and had one arm around my shoulders.

“hi.” I managed, although compared to them, it was a whisper.

“Where’ve you been? We’ve missed you! Jake’s been unbearable!!” I cracked a grin at the last comment as several voices made themselves heard.

“All of you guys need to calm down.” Jake said severely, earning several boos from the group of guys. “Guys, she doesn’t remember who you are.” At that they all turned to stare dumbfounded at me.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, after seeing them all so upset.

“It’s not your fault, bells.” Jake whispered into my ear. “She’s been with the Cullens. Apparently she was given as a gift by a new coven that’s in town. When she was abducted from here, the bloodsucker used a lethal plant known as baby’s breath, Bella’s last memory is walking onto the plane to move in with Charlie, when she was seventeen.”

Everyone seemed to freeze at once. Not completely understanding, and for some reason absolutely furious. They all looked towards one guy in particular who seemed rather calm.

“Bella, I’m extremely sorry that this happened, especially on our watch. But guys first and foremost is dealing with this new coven. We need to find out if they’re vegetarians and whether or not they are here to stay.” I looked at Jake uncertaintly. I didn’t like the sound of whatever it was this guy was talking about.

“Sam is the alpha.” Jake whispered to me, “he gives an order and we have to follow it. That’s why you had to guess when all this originally started, he said I wasn’t allowed to be around you anymore, because it was dangerous or something like that.” I grinned at his dismissyal of Sam’s orders.

Eventually all of the guys left leaving Jake and me alone once more. He was cooking me dinner in the kitchen; I walked in and put my hands on the back of a chair;

“Where’s my shirt?” I asked. Jake turned to grin at me, as he poined towards the chair that had my crew neck dangling from. I shrugged into it, before walking over to Jake and slipped my arms around his waist, leaning my head onto his shoulder blade. He turned around wrapping both arms around my shoulders.

“Good morning beautiful.” He said, causing me to grin. But before I could reply, his hand had slipped to my neck and he had bent his head to allow his lips to gently caress my own. Instantly, I felt the kiss deepen as my arms wound their way behind his neck and into his hair. Within seconds I had found myself sitting on the counter once again.

“Bella! Bella are you okay?” Jake asked me frantically. I blinked and looked up at him, Jake was waving a spatula in front of me, and looked like he was having a panic attack.

“Um…yes.” I finally managed, after choking down the urge to laugh at his expression. Especially with the spatula.

“What happened? All of a sudden you just froze, is it the baby?” I smiled at his concern, he was so sweet.

“You’re a really good kisser.” His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at my comment. I was quite appalled at myself, I wasn’t actually planning on saying that out loud. He was staring at me curiously and then started dancing when he realized how exactly I would know that information.

“You remembered kissing me?” he asked as he tried to reign in his excitement, he was failing miserably. I nodded, unsure of exactly when it was that we kissed. “What all happened?”

“You were making me breakfast and I walked in looking for my shirt, and once I had it on, I gave you a hug and then we started kissing.” I answered feeling myself blushing. Jake just grinned at me as he nodded.

After dinner I finally got my courage to ask Jacob about taking me to see Charlie. Jake didn’t refuse like Edward did; instead he took me into the living room and sat down with me on the couch.

“Bells, I would take you to see Charlie, but I can’t. You see, about a year ago, there was an accident. No one saw it coming, not even Alice,” Jake paused for a moment and looked over my shoulder.

“it’s okay Jake just tell me.” I whispered, terrified of what he was about to say.

“It had been raining that day…just like everyday, and it was away from town. The driver ran a stop sign, going ninety miles an hour. The two cars collided…hitting the driver’s side.” Jake’s voice died, I stared blankly into his eyes, as I shook my head, I barely could see the tears in his eyes.

“no.” I whispered. Jake pulled me into his arms as I half crawled, tears beginning to trickle down my face. “How long was he in pain?”

“The doctors said that he didn’t feel anything. They said that Charlie died on impact.” Jake’s voice was rough and I could tell that he was fighting off tears himself. He kept his arms tight around me, warmth seeping into me, as I felt myself die a little. How could Charlie be dead?

I awoke the next morning in Jacob’s arms. We were still on the couch, except that we’d shifted so that we were both laying down. I didn’t really want to get up, but I felt like I needed to take a shower, so I carefully walked down the hall into the bathroom and jumped into the refreshing shower. I took my time and then carefully wrapped myself into a thick towel, before walking towards one of the bedrooms. I figured that since I was living here, most of my stuff was here as well. I slipped into one room and opened a drawer.

Yep. Familiar clothes. I dressed quickly and then walked back out to the family room where Jake was still snoozing. He fell off the couch when the phone began ringing. I walked over to answer it.

“Hello?” I asked shakily.

“Bella!” a cheerful voice exclaimed. “Excellent. We need to talk about a few things and I know just how to do it. Meet me at the treaty line in ten minutes.”

"Treaty line?" I asked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Oh. Right, completely forgot that you don't know about that....well let's see. Extremely long story short, the wolves and Vampires have a treaty. We can't go on their land and they can't come onto ours. So I need you to get Jake to take you to the treaty line."

"Um....do you want to talk to him?"

"I thought you would never ask." I shuffled back into the family room and nudged Jake with my foot. After he was slightly conscious, I handed him the phone and a few minutes later he was in a deep arguement.

"Are you insane? You are the ones who got her into this mess....fine!! Since it's for her benefit. Ten minutes, and he better not be around." I heard him click the phone off, before walking into the kitchen where I was waiting.

"Alice wants to take you out. She feels that she has a story to tell you or something like that. If you want me to go with you, I will. I just want you to be safe." I nodded thinking, obviously I wanted all sides of this story, and I figured that if I took Jake with me, I wouldn't get the whole story.

"I trust her. But I'll take my cell phone, if I need you I'll call you." I said. He took this in and then nodded slowly. Five minutes later we were on our way to the treaty line. Which happened to be the begining of La Push, which also made sense. Sure enough, Alice was waiting, in a bright yellow porshe.

"Bye Jake" I whispered before climbing out and walking over to where the hyperactive vampire waited, bouncing in her seat.

"Bella!!" she squealed as I climbed in. "This is just like old times!!" I forced a smile before asking where we were going.

"Shopping of course! Oh, come on Bella the one thing you have to remember is hating to shop? So not fair." she complained grinning at me. I rolled my eyes and grinned back.