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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


2. Chapter 2

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"What?" I hissed, "You mean, all of you have been gone for three weeks and havent' bothered uttering a word to me or Alice?" I shrieked. My hands balled into fists and a few of Alice's novelty knickknacks began rattling.

"Bella calm down!" I froze staring at Jasper as I felt my emotions cooling. "I would tell you where he was, except, he thinks that it's too dangerous. You know with Saria running around, if she doesn't realize your significance other than a friend to Alice, we need to keep it that way." A tear trickled down my cheek.

"Jasper" alice whispered. "The situation has changed." He looked up sharply at him. "She needs to see him now." Jasper shook his head still unconvinced. "Can I have the keys to your bike?" she asked. Both of us looked up sharply, but he rummaged around in his pocket and pulled them out. After handing them to her, she tossed them to me. "You can tell him, that if it interests him, Bella will be riding your bike on the back roads." I smirked at Jasper as Alice's plan dawned on him.

"Alice, he'll kill all of us."

"That's the point." she answered, tilting her head towards the door. I nodded and waved goodbye, as I headed towards the garage. Not knowing how durable I was, I decided to go with Jasper's black helmet. It went nicely with the black leather jacket that I found hanging on wall. After squirmming into the two, I kicked the bike into gear and pulled out. Immediately I was going faster than I had ever gone with Jacob. I easily hit eighty and surpassed it. The wind rippled against me as I flew down the roads. It took about thirty minutes for him to catch up with me. All at once, his vovlo had matched my speed and he began motioning for me to slow down. I pulled up immediately, and he shortly cut his own engine.

"Bella what are you thinking?" he seethed. "Do you know how dangerous it is to drive at that speed?" I looked at my feet, not daring to look in his eyes.

"How else was I supposed to get your attention?" I mumbled.

"Love, it's not safe right now." He whispered.

"So you go away for three weeks without a word to Alice or myself?" I yelled. He looked slightly taken aback. But quickly regained his composure.

"We were afraid that you would fight us on it and right now, it's not a good issue." I choked back a sob, and continued to stare at the ground.

"So you won't even tell me what's going on?" I hissed.

"Bella this is not the time or the place." He muttered, shutting his eyes. "Come on, we need to get you home."

"Fine." I said, turning around to get back on the bike. But I was frozen, Edward had pinned me, not giving me any room.

"You are not riding that back. No way!"

"Edward, I rode it out here, I am perfectly capable of riding it back." I hissed. "Now let go." To my surprise he did and I climbed on the bike and gunned the engine. Without another word, I sped away, and arrived at the Cullen's house a minute or two later.

"I didn't mean here, I meant your home." He said, standing behind me.

"Well, I'm here now." I said, as I stalked inside. "Alice!" I yelled. She appeared with Jasper closely in tow. "I'm going to kill him." I hissed. But she mutely shook her head. I huffed in reply and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Jasper what were you thinking?" Edward hissed. "Bella could have been killed!"

"Hello!" I yelled. "Can you please stop talking about me as if I'm not here!" Jasper and Edward stared at me. Alice smirked.

"I'm sorry?" he asked, closing his eyes.


"No, I mean, how did you hear that?" oh. How was I supposed to explain this.

"It's not my fault that you dont' know how to control your volume at the moment." I answered. He looked at me disbelieving and then said,

"Seriously, Jasper what were you thinking? If anything happened to Bella, Charlie would kill me!" That last comment made me snap.

"Edward!" I shrieked. "Is that what you really care about? Charlie killing you?" I broke out into sobs and sprinted from the room. Before I knew it, I was sitting at the edge of the field behind the Cullen's house, staring out across the water. My hair rippled in the breeze and my tears cascaded down my cheeks. What was wrong with me. I looked up as I heard rustling behind me. From the corner of my eye, I saw that it was Edward. I began playing with my hands as he sat down next to me.

"Bella, what is going on?" he asked. I looked up and stared out over the water. "You can tell me." he murmered, stroking my hair. I choked in a breath. "Bella?"

"Edward, you won't believe me..." I said, fighting more tears. He put an arm around me, and pulled me close.

"Of course I will." he whispered nuzzling me with his face. I turned to look into his eyes and he let out an involuntary yelp. "Bella what happened to your eyes? They're silver."

"What?" I said confused. "I thought they were green?" He looked even more surprised, but before he could reply an angry scream oblierated any sound. We turned and saw her.

"Saria!" We hissed simultaneously, but he didn't seem to realize. Edward shifted so that I was safely behind him.

"Edward" I whispered.

"Stay" was all that he replied before he sped away. Yeah, like that would happen now that I was able to move as fast as him. I reached the kitchen seconds after he did.

"Where is he?" Saria shrieked. "Alice you cannot keep us apart. We're in love!" I heard a large crash ensuing this statement. I slid carefully into the hallway, after Edward.

"Saria" he said. She whirled around and a mixture of amazement, love, and pure happiness enveloped her face.

"Edward?" she whispered, as if she didnt' dare believe that it was true. But without any further hesitation, she flung herself into his arms, and began kissing him. I became infuriated, but didn't dare do anything. Not with him that close.

"Saria what are you doing here?" He asked finally managing to seperate himself from her lips.

"What kind of question is that?" she laughed, a gorgeous musically enhanced sound. "We're getting married!" she squealed.

"I'm sorry?" I sputtered, drawing everyone's attention to me. Saria finally focused on me, her eyes narrowing a bit.

"Who are you?" She asked suspiciously.

"My name is Bella and I am--"

"a distant cousin." Edward finished. I stared at him, while Saria grinned at me, and wrapped herself around Edward.

"Well, that's great! You'll be just in time for the wedding!" I growled, my fists shaking.

"SHUT UP!" I shrieked my hands slamming down in front of me. To my suprise, she froze. As did the other three. "Crap." I muttered. I walked over to Jasper and Alice and waved my hand. They immediately began to shake their heads, and then started gaping at me.

"How did you get over here?" Jasper asked. I shrugged. "Oh, froze us did you." I followed his gaze and saw Edward and Saria.

"I hate her" Alice growled. I nodded, in agreement. "Did you tell him?" I shook my head. "Why not?"

"Because, she interupted. Besides, he's not going to care. I'm just a distant cousin." I mumbled looking longingly at Edward's still form.

"Bella that's ridiculous!" Alice screeched.

"Is it?" I asked not breaking my gaze. I began walking towards the door.

"Bella..." I ignored her and kept walking. "Bella!"

"Alice don't! There's no use." I wrenched open the door---

"Bella, we need you to unfreeze them. We don't know how extensive your powers are." Jasper explained.

"Oh." I waved my wrist and then slammed the door behind me. But not before I heard Edward ask where I had gone, and Saria say not to worry about it.

I ran and ran, never stopping until I reached the meadow. I collapsed on the ground, sobbing. What was I going to do? I could do nothing about Saria, nothing at all. I allowed the sun to wash over me, while I drowned myself in my tears. It seemed like I had been there for ages. And suddenly, I heard silent footsteps, I froze and waited.

"Bella?" I sat up and saw, Jacob looking down on me. "You okay?" I wiped my eyes and climbed to my feet.

"Yes, no, I am in so much trouble!" I wailed. I pushed a hand through my hair and let it fall to the nape of my neck.

"What happened?" My eyes slid shut and I shrugged.

"Jake, I don't even know" I took a deep breath, struggling for composure. "I just, I'm so frustrated!" To my dismay, another tear broke free.

"Aww, come here Bells," I walked into his outstretched arms and wrapped mine around his waist. "It'll be okay, you'll see." I grinned in spite of myself. Jake was the one person who could always make me feel better. I stepped away and looked up at him.

"Are you doing anything today?" he shook his head, and I felt my grin widen, "wanna go cliff jumping?"

"Are you even allowed?" he asked. "You know that he'll get mad."

"Like he cares." I muttered. Jake's eyes widened as he took in what I had just said. "We're kind of having a fight." I admitted.

"ah, the real reason for the cliff jumping: revenge. But sorry Bells, not after what happened last time." I pretended to pout, or at least I meant it, until I realized that I was about to hurl. I sprinted to the edge of the clearing and clutched my stomach. "Bella? Bella are you okay?" he asked, pulling my hair back. I wiped my mouth off and nodded.

"Yeah...I'm fine." I said, flipping my hair behind me. "Do you have any gum?" he nodded and handed me a piece. "Thanks"

"Um...Bella, I think that we need to get you home." I shook my head violently. "Why not?"

"Because it was just a moment. I mean, I'm not sick." I babbled. "Please?" I asked. He looked at me a moment and then sighed.

"Fine, but we're going back to my place to hang out." I nodded and followed him as he began to walk towards la plush. But he stopped short. "Did you dye your hair?" I nodded. "I like it."

"Thanks." Once we were back at La Plush, Embry and Quil were waiting.

"Jake, Sam wants to talk to you." Embry announced.

"Can't it wait?" he asked tilting his head in my direction.

I laughed, and gave him a hug. "Just go. I'll head on home."

"You sure?" he asked. I nodded and started walking away. "Where's your truck?"

"Treaty Line" I hollered. He nodded and turned to follow the guys. The minute they were out of sight, I sprinted to my house. Charlie's car wasn't there, so I went straight up to my room. I flipped on the lights only to find that he was waiting for me.

"Bella" I looked up to see Edward leaning against the wall opposite of my door. "Where have you been?" his voice seemed strained, like he was struggling to contain his anger.

"La Plush." I answered stubbornly.

"Oh. I see." I rolled my eyes and crossed over to my closet. I yanked off my hoody and flung it into the bottom of my closet.

"How did you move that quickly?" he asked, closing his eyes.

"What do you mean?" I asked, buying for time.

"One minute you were behind me, and the next you were gone and the front door was closing on its own. What is going on?" I sighed before turning around.

"I'm surprised you could see anything" he looked up sharply, and I instantly regretted that remark.

"Bella, that's not fair." I looked at the wall behind him.

"Edward, is it fair to lie to me about Saria?" I pushed my hair back off my face.

"Because I don't---how do you know her name?" he asked staring at me.

"I was with Alice, and she attacked her. But I got rid of her, and then Alice and I cleaned up the house." I answered, babbling away until I heard his sharp intake of breath and I looked into his eyes.

"What do you mean by you got rid of her?" he growled. I swallowed, and took a moment before I opened my mouth to begin. But I found that I couldn't explain, I mouthed wordlessly for a moment or two, until I finally realized that it would be easiest to show him.

"Okay...wait one second. I"ll be right back." His eyes narrowed any further, but he remained silent. I walked straight into the bathroom and began washing all of the foundation off of my skin. It took about five minutes before I had finished and walked back into my room.

Edward froze the minute he saw me. "Bella, what did you do?" I choked back a laugh, one of which held no amusement.

"Okay, you may not believe me, but, about a week and a half ago, I began feeling sick, and I was throwing up almost every morning." He continued to scrutinize me, not understanding. "I took a test..." my voice shook, "and it came out positive." I looked into his eyes, which reflected the tears in my own. "The next morning, I woke up like this." He scrutinized my every move, questions in his eyes.

"Bella, what kind of test was it?" he asked. I looked at him surprised.

"Don't you realize what I'm talking about?" I asked. But to my dismay he shook his head. I gulped and looked at my feet, my nerves dancing. What if he got mad? I swallowed and then continued, "Well, we're going to have a baby..." He stared at me disbelief etched onto his face. My face fell, as the silence grew. "Edward?"

"Are you sure?" it was a hoarse whisper, and I nodded, through my disappointment. "This has never happened before. I never thought that it was..." his face had split into a silly grin as he swept me up into his arms and swung me around the room. I wrapped my around his neck and began kissing him. But all too soon, he set me back down on my feet. "Wait, how did you get rid of Saria?" he asked, while attempting to rein in his excitement. I smiled and then pulled away reluctantly.

"Okay, this is the best way to show you, I'm sorry." Before he could ask what I was talking about I had him floating in the air.

"Bella!" he yelled. I grinned at him before setting him back down. "You are utterly amazing." he said before kissing me again. I grinned as we finally ended the kiss. "So what exactly has happened?" he asked tugging me down to sit on my bed with him.

"I'm not sure, other than the fact that I can pretty much move things and freeze them with my hands." I looked into his gorgeous eyes, and then remembered my own. "When I woke up, my eyes were jade."

"That's weird, when I saw you earlier, they were silver." I shook my head in confusion.

"None of this makes any sense." I muttered, leaning against his shoulder.

"That's true." he agreed. "Did Alice take you hunting? Because you're not acting like a newborn."

"Oh, that's another oddity. I don't seem to have any. It's just not there." I said looking up at his puzzled expression.

"We'll have to talk to Carlisle soon." he said, "But not now. I love you Bella," he wrapped his arms around my waist, leaving his hands on my stomach. I smiled and leaned up to kiss his cheek. That moment was lodged into my memory for eternity. Eventually, Edward began humming my lullaby and I fell asleep in sheer happiness.

I awoke the next morning with sunshine streaming into my window. I turned over onto my side and realized that I was alone. I pulled myself out of bed, and meandered over to my desk. I found a note with a familiar script on it.

There was a problem that I had to help with. I'll be back around nine, take care you two, I love you.


I smiled inspite of my disappointment. I glanced at the clock, seeing that it was eight-forty-five. I got a shower and began adding foundation to my face. I had to keep up pretences until I left for Dartmouth with Edward. But now that this had happened would I even be able with a newborn baby? I continued plastering myself with questions while I finished getting dressed. I layered a pink tank over a purple one and then yanked a lavender hoody over my head. My long chocolate curls hung down in front of my shoulders as I pulled my hood up.

I went downstairs and began fixing myself french toast. After eating about eight pieces, I cleaned up the kitchen and then glanced at the clock; nine-ten. Where was he? I walked back up to my room and sat on my bed waiting. Finally, once nine-thirty hit, I stormed down my stairs and jumped into my truck. Once I had arrived I stormed into their foyer only to come face to face with Saria.

"Bella!" she squeaked. "It's so great to see you again!" She grabbed me into a hug and I gazed over at Alice mouthing, "What is she doing here?" Alice simply shrugged.

"Hi Saria" I said, my voice shaking with irritation. But surprisingly she failed to dectect my tone. She kept smiling and giggling. "What's going on?" I asked, looking from her to Alice.

"Well, I'm glad you asked!" Saria giggled. "I found the perfect florist for Edward and my wedding!"

My eyes narrowed. "Did you?" I asked sweetly, "I am sooo." I changed my tone, immediately after freezing her, "going to kill you!" Alice began to smirk as she bounded over to me.

"My this talent of yours is coming in handy." I smiled at her enthusisam and then walked into their kitchen.

"What is she doing here?" I asked sitting down on the counter.

"She spent the night. She showed up asking where Edward was, so I told her that he had gone hunting." I nodded and looked at my feet, with my hood on, I couldn't see Alice's expression. "Bella, you know that he's in love with you. You two are having a baby!" I smiled and put my hand on my stomach. Glancing up, I saw that Alice had wandered over. "We'll figure this out Bells." she patted my shoulder reasurringly.

Seconds later we heard a yelp. We dashed over to the hallway only to see Edward waving his hands in front of Saria's face. Alice and I bursted into laughter at his shocked expression.

"What happened to her?" he asked looking at the two of us. We exchanged a look and struggled to contain our laughter. "Well?"

"She was getting rather annoying." I answered smirking.

"Oh. But how?" he asked.

Alice rolled her eyes, and smiled at him. "Oh Edward, you know how annoying she can be. I mean you have known her for quite awhile."

"Thank you Alice. But I meant how is she frozen like that?" she began giggling again and looked over at me.

"Didn't I tell you?" I asked curiously. "I can freeze things as well as move them. Cool huh?" He smiled at me worry in his eyes.

"How long?" he asked looking at us.

"Has she been frozen?" I asked. He nodded and Alice and I exchanged yet another glance. "Um about an hour or two?"

"Then, you should probably unfreeze her." Alice and I gaped at him. "Do you want her to find out about your powers?" I shook my head.

"Okay, fine." I walked up to him and pulled him down to my level. After I had captured his gaze, I smothered his lips with mine, while wrapping my arms around his neck. His ensnared my waist, while respounding passionately to my kss. But sadly, we heard a loud "ahem". We broke apart reluctantly and looked over at Alice. I sighed, "Oh, alright then. Remember who you're engaged to." I murmered kissing his jaw again. After I reached the hallway in about a second, I remembered the glitch. "Edward, you might want to go outside and pretend to come in for the first time." I yelled.


"Because she's going to be awfully suspicious that you're here."

"Oh." The minute he was out the door, I resumed my place in front of him and released her.

"Yes! The man is a genius!" Saria gushed. "His floral arangements are completely unique and so gorgeous." About two seconds later, Edward entered the house for the first time that day. "Darling!" she cooed, brushing past me and plastering herself onto him. I suppressed the low growl from entering my throat and walked back towards Alice.

The happy couple spoke in low murmurs before the sound grew louder. "What is that supposed to mean?" Saria had yelped. A few moments later, the front door had slammed and Edward walked back into the kitchen.

"Where'd your fiancee go?" Alice asked innocently. He shot her a look and growled. "Calm down. I was just kidding." He walked over to where I had resumed sitting on the counter and placed his hands on the counter, trapping me. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck again and leaned into his kiss. Seconds later, he had moved his hands to my waist and had lifted me off of the counter. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding myself in the air, while he carried me upstairs.