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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


4. Chapter 4

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I sighed, as we pulled up into the vast estate. Shortly after Edward and I decided that we would actually attend Dartmouth, his parents bought us a house. Well, techniquely, it was more of a mansion. It had three floors, and lots of windows. There was a gorgeous terrace surround by an even more beautiful estate. The back entrance were made up of high arc french doors. Originally, I had thought they had went way to far, but one look at seeing their hopeful expressions, and I knew that I had to accept it without saying anything negitive.

Besides, it was gorgeous and I fell in love with it the minute we had reached the front door. Edward, being the perfect gentleman, decided to sweep me off my feet and carry me across threshold. The large front "parlor" as Alice called it, was decorated quite nicely. It was decorated in the victorian style, with high ceilings and doorways, being double doors. This room was quite expansive with light blue paint, outlined in gold. Acording to Alice, it would serve wonderfully as a ballroom. The more we saw of the house, the larger it seemed. Each individual room had it's own color scheme, and was quite large. One of the drawing rooms had two gorgeous french doors and led out into the back terrace.

But one of my favorite rooms was the dining room. It had a long ivory table, outlaid in gold, with a matching china cabinet The windows were quite tall, reaching from floor to ceiling, and allowed for much light. Eventually, we made it upstairs, and Alice showed us to the first pair of French Doors, the frames were black, and they had curtains, that were also black lace. Suprisingly, they were rather pretty. She swung them open, I gasped, as I slowly walked through. The bed that Edward had bought for his own room was there, except it had been modified into a canopy bed, with a satiny material covering the top. There was another pair of french doors, matching the ones we had just entered through, that led out onto an upper terrance. Off to the east side of the room was the master bath--garden bath--and a gigantic walk in closet, with all of our things, and then some. To be perfectly honest, I saw thousands of clothes, just for me. I glared at Alice as she grinned guiltily up at me.

After we had taken a few moments of standing in the gorgeous room, Alice quietly pulled us out. She took us three doors down and onto the opposite side of the hallway. These French doors, were black on the outside, but an ivory on the other. I gasped as I entered, it was instantly my favorite room in the entire house. Edward squeezed my shoulders, as I forgot to breathe. I was staring into a large nursery, complete with everything a baby would need. This room also went out onto a terrace, although I didn't know, if that was very practical. But it was a light lavender room with white trim, with a crib, and a bassinet, with matching furniture. The closet was also stuffed with clothes. I squeezed Alice, and she hugged me back, while Edward chuckled at our excitement.

"You, crazy crazy vampire." I said, "I love it." she grinned at me, shrugging.

"I knew you would." she replied. I rolled my eyes with laughter. "Come, on, the rest are about to show up." We quickly arrived downstairs, as Emmett and Rosealie burst through the door with Jasper, Esme, and Carlisle following behind. After welcoming them all, we ended up settling in one of the main parlors. Emmett and Jasper plopped down onto a couch, while Edward and I sat down on a chaise lounge.

"So, what is going to happen now?" I asked, confused, to as why they were all here exactly.

"Alice and Japser will be staying here with us permantly for some time," Edward informed me. I grinned at Alice, as she mouthed the word shopping. "Carlisle and Esme will head back to Forks, in a few days, because we're all at college, and Emmett and Rose will probably do their own thing." he explained smiling.

"You all are always welcome here." I said, looking at Rosealie and Emmett. Edward kissed the top of my head.

"Yes, and they already have their own room." He replied, smiling at me. "And tommorrow, we get our first day of college, or rather, your first day." he amended.

"Isn't it exciting?" Alice squealed, I shrugged, grinning. I didn't know, I had never really enjoyed being a new student. "Bella, think of it like this, everyone's new." Oh. That did help. I smiled, back at the sunshine in her eyes.

The next day, we took my Mustang Giugiaro Concept to Dartmouth. I had opted for one in black, and I absolutely loved it. I easily hit ninety, on the way to school, sadly, I only had one class with the Edwards, and another with Alice. When I had walked into my third class and last class for the day, I had opted for sitting in the back, in order to avoid being oogled by other students. Sadly, this did not deter a few. But to my ultimate surprise, two of my kind walked in. I couldn't tell by the smell, in fact I lacked the knowledge to pick it up, in the same way that I lacked a scent of my own. But the minute the two walked in, I knew from their ivory skin and flawless features.

Seconds before the proffesor walked in, the male looked up sharply at me and smirked, while his companion looked up in wide shock. For the entire class, while I took careful, and exact notes, my mind wandered into oblivion, questioning everything and what would happen with this new discovery. Were they vegetarian, or...I shuddered at the thought. After class, I took a moment to gather my things, hoping I would appear as a normal, albino human. But there was no such luck, the other two did as well, but they were arguing. I made sure to concentrate on pulling my books, together, while listening in, knowing that the proffesor couldn't possble hear.

"Don't you dare!" The female hissed. "Not after everything has settled down. Vince, you cannot take her. She's just one human, wait a few years before blowing our cover again." the female growled in her throat warning the one known as Vince. He had ebony black hair, but I couldn't see either eyes. The girl looked as if she was his twin.

"Jackie, calm down." he replied, staring at me. "I can wait a few years. Besides, what's so wrong with a single human. She probably doesn't even live around here." he murmured. I smirked at his naivity. I waited until the teacher left, before straightening up and walking past the two. I held my head high, as I surpassed the male, and slid out the door, all while walking increibly slowly. It took several minutes for me to actually make it to the door. How I ever moved at this speed, I would never know. Upon seeing Edward, I kissed him hello.

"We have a problem." I hissed, narrowing my eyes, as we all climbed into my car. "There is another coven." Edward growled at this, and I placed a hand reasuringly on his, before shifting to fifth. Within seconds we were at the house, and had piled out of the car.

"Bella, is there something that you're not telling us?" Edward asked, his eyes narrowing. I smiled, without happiness, I knew this could be a death sentence for me. "Bella?" he asked disapproval seeping through his tone.

"Well, I did hear them talking..." I murmured.

"Well..." I looked guiltily at him.

"They believe that I am still, human." They all gasped at this notion. "Well, I can see why. Jake, told me that I didn't have a vampire scent. That's probably why."

"So did you correct the situation?" Edward asked smoothly. I shook my chocolate curls. "And why haven't you?" He inquired curtly.

"Well, for one, I figured that it be far more of an advantage if I continued to let them believe that I was human, secondly, I figured that it would protect us, more." Alice snorted in laughter. All three of us, swivled and stared at her.

"Oh, well, Bella.." she sighed exasperatingly. But I knew that she was attempting to cover her slip. "Like we need to be protected." But she sent me a slight nod, and I immediately understood, she had seen something.

"You are not going back to that class!" Edward declared.

"What?" he stared blankly at all three of us, surprised that we had all answered simultaneously.

"Edward, I love you, but this college was your choice." I remarked.


"Well, darling, because I refuse to squander your money.."

"Our money." he grumbled,

"Fine, our money. Then I'm not going to drop an expensive class." His eyebrows soared upward in worry.

"Bells, it's not safe." he muttered, brushing a lock of hair out of my eyes.

"Edward." I whispered. "I'm not as fragile as you think. I can defend myself, as adequetly as you can. I'm one of the vamps after all." He grinned, and liffted me off my feet as he brought me to his height and kissed me. I wrapped my eyes around his neck and, and allowed my feet to curl under my knees. The next thing I realized was being lowered onto our bed. I sighed in pleasure as we continued kissing me.

The next morning I was scarfing breakfast, when Alice waltzed in. "You two had a pleasant evening I gather?" she asked coyly.

"Nice try Alice." I retorted, throwing her a glare at the insinuation. No matter how true it might be. I decided to a pair of skinny jeans and two layered tanks; a baby pink one poked out beneath an ebony colored one. I pulled on a pink fitted jacket over top to keep warm, and then grabbed my messenger bag. I walked over to the front door, to find that Alice had gotten dressed finally and flipped her pixie hair cut out. Since it was an overcast morning, she had decided on heels, a plaid skirt, with layered tees and a blazer.

"So where are the guys?" I asked, she simply shrugged.

"Being late as usual." she turned and hollered up the stairs. "We're leaving, if you want to ride with us, get down here this instant." Jasper appeared at the foot of the steps and announced that they were going to take Edward's volvo. We shrugged, and after Alice had kissed Jasper goodbye for the day, we hopped into my car and were on our way.

"So what classes do you have today?" she asked, intrigued.

"um..american lit, european history, and british lit." I grinned, at her bland expression. "Hey, can't help it if I want to write." I replied. "What are you taking?"

"I'm going to design school. I need to put my amazing talent for modern use. You know fabuolus wedding gowns. Sheik stuff like that." I laughed at her enthusiasm. On my way to English lit, I stopped to get a vitamin water, after remembering I couldn't have caffeine. I settled in the middle of the classroom, and right before, just like the last time, but instead only the girl walked in. She sent a sort of strangled look at me, before sitting directly in front of me. Great. Just Great. Thankfully though, she completely ignored me, and paid attention to notes. I had actually enjoyed the lecuture, and surprisingly, I didn't cringe at the assignment. Unfortunately, my British lit, was a nightmare. I arrived late for that one and teh only available seat was next to him. He flashed me a wide grin, one full of deciet and welcome. I didn't bother glancing at him, instead I turned my attention towards the discussion, and then stormed out after it was dismissed. I hurried over to the campus bookstore, and began looking for Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. and The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway.

"Hello." I jumped at the foreign voice. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." the smooth voice murmured.

"It's okay, no harm, no foul." I muttered back, pushing past him.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" He asked, staring at me. I ignored him, and walked out of the store with the two books. "Darling, don't be like that." he breathed. I huffed away, and to my dismay, he followed. I turned down an ally and I could feel him grin. I led him into the darkness, and then swivled around.

"WILL YOU STOP FOLLOWING ME?!" I yelled. He looked slightly surprised, but not nearly as he was going to be. He gave me a toothy grin and thin slammed me up against a wall.

"You're a spunky one aren't you?" he hissed, growling in pleasure at the back of his throat.

"Get away from me." I hissed, shoving him against the opposite wall. He slid down and then gave me that annoying smirk.

"My, my, quite strong for a human, now aren't you?" He pinned my wrists against the walls, and began leaning into my ear. "This will only hurt for a second." He whispered. I tried moving my hands, but I couldn't. They were immovable. I concentrated as hard as I could. He seemed to move backwards a bit, as I screamed in my head. But he mearly laughed and lowered his face to my neck.

"LET ME GO!!!!" I screeched. I had no idea what or how, but Vince was thrown backwards, and hit the second story wall. I stood there seething, as he slowly stirred, I glanced up, there was an indent in the old brick structure.

"How did you do that?" He hissed. "You're just a ---"

"Human?" I spit at his feet. "Try again. Oh, and if you ever try a stunt like this again with me, you'll be in a lot more pain." I hissed, staring him down as he slowly regained his footing.

"This is even more interesting than before. Tell me, how do you have no scent?" he mused.

"Figure it out on your own." I turned and began to walk away, but his arm shot out and grabbed my shoulder spinning me around. I shoved him by his own shoulders, and some sort of electrical current shot into my hands, as they collided with his wide shoulders, throwing him sailing backwards. I immediately disappeared. I was running faster than anyone could possibly see me, and eventually reached my car. I threw it into gear and hit the gas. I arrived at my house and threw myself in the door. Alice looked up as I burst throught the door, looking quite smug. While, Edward looked terrified.

"What?" he asked frantically, at my shaking state. "Bella?"

"I....I....air..." I gasped frantically.

"She just destroyed a vamp." Alice said, smirking. I nodded rapidly. "Oh, and her powers are developing." she sang out. I just nodded, I believe I was in shock.

"Bella, talk to me...bella" Edward murmured putting his arms around my shoulder's and rubbing circles on my back.

"I........couldn't free my hands....and I sent him flying." I looked up at him, and he looked shocked.

"But I thought they were through your hands." He asked, looking at Alice. She shrugged, and shook her head.

"To an extent, it seems stronger, but then again, she was able to throw him into a second story wall, without moving her hands in teh slightest. I beleive it's more mind control. When she went to hit him, I think she channled it through her hands and it gave her even more power. I'm not sure, but it is all very confusing." I clutched at Edward's sides, pulling him closer, as if I needed him to live.

"Bella, what did he want?" he asked.

"I think he was going to turn me.....or kill me." I muttered. Edward snapped his teeth at the mention. He began shaking in anger. "I'm fine. He won't try it again." I murmured, resting my head against his shoulder. "Call Carlisle, he'll know what to do." I advised. Alice had her phone out within seconds.

"They're catching the next flight out." she informed us.

Esme and Carlisle had arrived the following morning. I awoke and walked downstairs and, found all seven of them sitting in the front parlor.

"I think the best idea would be to invite their coven over and find out where they stand." Carlisle had advised and Alice immeiately gased in excitement. "Yes Alice?"

"I believe that we could hold a dance. Sort of like a ball." She said, Esme nodded in agreement, while I groaned into Edward's shoulder.

"That could work, yes." Seeing my look of pain, he added. "Bella, because, most of us are not as new as you at being a vampire, we tend to be a little old fashion." he smiled at my embarrasment. After this was decided, Alice dashed off to create invitations. It was decided that it would be completely formal, something that I was not exactly comfortable with. My classes were a bit more bearable since my confrontation with Vince. I figured that Alice had mentioned the fact I was going to be at the ball, because Vince would occasionally shoot me a glance.

When the big event arrived, Alice shoved Edward out of our room and began to get me ready. She pulled out a gorgeous dress; It was a sweetheart cut, with a pale pink bodice, outlined in white lace. It flowered out into draped, ivory, silk, overtop of a skirt that matched the bodice. The White silk was pinned up by a large rose, revealing the underskirt.

"Alice I love it!" I squealed. Normally, I abhored dressing up, but when they fit my personality like these, I didn't mind. She decided to pull my hair off my shoulders, by curling them underneath. She curled my bangs and let a few long tendrils frame my face. After I was ready, Alice disappeared herself. When I went to her room, to check on her, she looked amazing. Alice was also wearing a sweetheart neckline, but this dress was a ruby silk. It had a silver embroidered waist, and it draped in the front, until sepertated by silver floral embroidery, and then split, open to reveal white lace.

"Wow, you look gorgeous!" I squealed. Her hair was flipped up, with a diamond band holding it in place. "Love the tiara." she grinned, and then gave a little twirl. We linked arms and decended down the stairs.

"Don't worry so much, no one's going to outshine us." she whispered. I took a deep breath as eyes turned towards us and gaped.

"Bella, you look spectacular." Edward whispered, as he took my hand. I smiled sweetly and reached up to kiss his cheek.

"You don't look so bad yourself." I murmured back. I turned as Rosealie and Emmett walked in from the kitchen, and nodded in my direction. She looked beautiful in her strapless black silk dress, with her hair flowing into curls.

"Are you ready for this?" Emmett asked. I shook my head, while squeezing Edward's hand. Emmett grinned at me and slid his arm around Rosealie. Alice called me over to her and towed me upstairs with her.

"Bella, I need help really fast." I nodded following her without question. She led me up to her room, and then groaned. "I forgot Rose. Hold on." I paused uncertaintly. But they were both back in a second. "Okay, I need to warn you two now." Rosealie and I exchanged a glance. "I just had a horrible vision. Saria has joined that coven." I started at this.

"I thought she was gone! Why must she be here of all places?" I hissed. Rosealie nodded with me in agreement.

"She's a mindless, flagrant girl who needs a good beating." she growled. I smirked at Rosealie in agreement. But a resounding boom shook the house. "They're here."

"Shall we?" Alice beckoned towards her door, and we began to make our way down the hallway. When we reached the end of the corridor, she had me lead, and her and Rosealie flanked either side of me. We decended the grand staircase and my eyes surveyed the newcomers before locking with Edward's. I spotted her out of the corner of my eye. She looked spectacular of course, in a strapless gown of a deep fusia, choking her bodice before flowing outwards in ruffles. Her hair was caught up at the crown of her head and flowed like tentacles in long curls.

Everyone stared as we glided down the stairs. When we reached the floor, everyone turned towards Carlisle. He began making introductions;

"Good evening. May I say that this is a great honor to have our to covens join for an evening of pleasure. I am Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme, and our children, Alice, Jasper," he said motioning towards the two, even though they were halfway across the room, "and these are Emmett, Edward, Rosealie and Bella." He finished smiling at the strangers in front of us.

"And we thank you for the invitation." a voice called out. We saw one of the elder males speaking. "I am Alexander Brahn. This is Mariella," he pointed out a gorgeous lady, close to him in age, with platnium blonde hair. "Vince," I pointedly glared at him, all I got back was a toothy grin. "Jaqueline, Asher, and Saria." He finished. Jaqueline had worn a green-blue sweetheart cut dress that had a corset stiching in the back. Her hair was curled and wrapped around her head like a crown. Overall it was a stunning effect.

Before I could take a step, Vince was standing before me. I went to move politely out of his way, but he seemed to anticipate that move and blocked my path.

"So it's Bella is it?" he asked, a glint of mischeif in his eyes. I nodded, not daring to breathe. "Well, I'm sorry for my part in our little mishap, had I known, I simply would have befriended you." he said. I remained silent. "What, nothing to say in return?" he asked, sounding hurt.

"As a matter of fact, no." Surprise etched itself onto his face. I moved past him, only to freeze in anger. Saria had captured Edward's attention and was rapidly talking.

"Ah, you know her." Vince's voice murmured from behind. "They look lovely don't they?" he asked, completely oblivious to the pain he was inflicting. "Maybe, they won't be the only ones..." I glided away from him, and went over to Rosealie, who had been chatting with Emmett. Alice was busy with Jaqueline, and Emmett was talking with Asher.

"I'm going to kill her." I muttered, as I drew Rosealie into the dining room, but once in there, I got an even nastier shock. It was covered with goblets of blood. "Better yet, care to explain what this is?" she smiled at me, first time in ages it seemed.

"Bella, I want to kill her as well. But you need to restrain yourself, Edward would kill you! As for the blood, what did you expect them to drink? We're not all as special as you. Besides, it's grizzly. Emmett took out a few." I shuddered at the thought. "Bella, we don't know if they're vegetarians." she murmured, looking away from me.

"I don't think they are." I answered back. She looked up at me sharply. "I'll explain afterwards. In the meantime, is there away for us to get rid of Saria?" she shook her head in disappointment.

"Not without offending the other coven." I growled at the back of my throat, upon hearing this answer. "Come on, we need to head back to the parlor." We rejoined the group, and I noted that Saria hadn't given up Edward's attention for anything. Jaqueline meandered over to me, with Alice at her side.

"Hello, Bella is it?" I smiled, and nodded, "It's lovely to meet you. I believe that we have a few classes together?"

"Yes, what is your major?"

"Undecided, something to do with the english language. It seems I've mastered the rest." she chuckled, as Alice grinned. "I was wondering, did you know, on that first day of class." I immediately nodded.

"Of course, didn't you?" I asked, feigning a feeling of confusion.

"Why yes of course we did." I smiled sweetly, something wasn't quite right. Either she had no idea what Vince had attempted to do, or she was afraid of my powers, or something far greater.

For the rest of the evening, I did not have a moments peace. I was constantly followed by Vince, while Saria had latched on to Edward, only not in the same way as she had back in Forks, this one was much more controlled, it was as if she was a completly different person. Eventually, Carlisle had us file into the dining room, the smell of blood nauseated me, and I ducked into the kitchen for some fresh air, and to retrieve an empty goblet. I filled it with some coke that I had found in the fridge, before reentering the dining room. The only available seat was net to Vince. Edward shot me an apologetic look, before returning his gaze to Saria.

"So you're Bella..." a new voice murmured. I looked up, and saw Asher standing next to me.

"Hello, Asher is it?" He nodded and smiled. He had red hair and his eyes were quite remarkable. The innermost ring was a pure silver, the center was black and the outermost ring was gold. I couldn't help staring, they were gorgeous. "I don't mean to be rude, but why are your eyes like that?"

"It's a very odd story, you may find it very weird." I smirked.

"Trust me, I've seen weird." I said.

"Do you believe in werewolves?" He asked. I gasped, nearly dropping the goblet I was holding.

"Yes." I said slowly.

"Well, the vampire who turned me had a quarter of werewolf in him." That did it. The goblet slipped from my fingers. Thankfully he caught it before any could spill over the edges.

"How is that possible?" I asked. He shrugged.

"No one knows. Do you mind if I ask you a question?" he asked. I shook my head, grinning. "Why are you drinking soda? and why are your eyes not the natural state of the vamps?"

"I thought you had one question?" I asked cheekily. "Well, I don't have any thirst. Blood holds no appeal for me, in fact it makes me sick." I answered, His eyes narrowed quite a bit, his brow furrowing. "As for my eyes, I think they might be linked. But they tend to change color. Originally, when I had turned, they were a deep jade, but then Edward informed us that they were silver. Unsolved mystery."

"And I thought I was weird." he murmured. "By the way, you look simply ravishing this evening." I felt a faint blush appear on my cheeks, and I saw his eyes widen at that.

"Thank you." I'm glad someone thinks so. After everyone had finished in the dining room, we all meandered back into the parlor, where as Alice had promised me, a piano had been placed. The large expansive room had been rearranged, neatly, to allow for dancing. Someone I didn't recognize, began playing a gorgeous melody, and Carlisle and Esme, walked out onto the floor and began to dance.

"May I?" Asher asked. I looked up, in surprise.

"Um..well..." I looked over at Edward, and saw that he was already dancing with Saria. "Yes. I would love to." I said, taking his outstretched palm. He led me out to the middle of the floor, and placed his hand at my waist. I put my arm on his shoulder and we began to circualate around the floor. Asher and I talked throughout the dance, never pausing to have a moment of silence. He was nothing like Vince. Who had snagged Alice, while Jasper danced with Jaqueline. Eventually the song ended and everyone began clapping. Another immediately began and I looked around for Edward, but once again, Saria had snagged him. Before Asher could say anything, Vince appeared at his elbow.

"Bella, may I have this dance?" Without waiting for an answer, he pulled me to him and began twirling me around the floor. "I was watching you earlier, you're marvolous dancer you know?"

"Um..thanks." I replied, slightly confused. "You're not bad either." Vince made me quite uncomfortable. He kept bringing us closer together. "I know you may get this alot, but are you and Jaquleine siblings?" I asked curiously.

"Twins" he answered cheekily. I nodded, wishing that this dance was over already. "Don't you love how Saria and Ed seem to mesh?" he asked.

"Yeah sure." I said darkly. But he missed the tone in my voice, as the song came to a close. I escaped from him, and went over to where Jasper and Alice were standing.

"Hey Bells," she said. I smiled at both of them.

"Hey, Alice, can I borrow Jasper for the next dance?" She nodded, and Jasper took my hand when the gorgeous melody began to play. "I'm going to kill him." I hissed, low enough so that only he would hear.

"Bells, I know that it's frustrating. But..."

"But what? He does not have an excuse this time. I'm not some distant cousin." I snarled. Immediately all of my anger began to melt away. I looked at Jasper, knowingly, but he simply grinned.

"You know, Jake was right." I said grinning.

"About what?"

"That is annoying." He began chuckling. "Bells, it will get better. It's just crazy right now." He whispered.

"Jasper, our lives are always going to be crazy. He can't keep using that excuse."

"I know Bella...I know." I leaned my head against his shoulder.

"Jasper, you're an awesome brother. You know that right?"

"Of course I do. And you should know that you're the only one Edward will ever have eyes for. You've made this family so much more interesting since he met you." I grinned, even though inside I wanted to cry, thanks to Jasper's power.

Asher came over to claim the next dance, while Edward was still with Saria. This dance was just like the first, we did nothing but talk. He actually had me laughing quite a bit, with different tales of his life since turning into a vampire. The dancing continued until nearly four am, at which point, I began yawning, which surprised Asher. He thought I was sick or something.

"Oh, that's another weird thing about me. I sleep. Another thing, in which no one has an explanation for." I said laughing. After that dance, everyon began to disperse. After everyone had said goodbye, even the Cullen's began disapearing within a few moments of our guests' departure. Without waiting for a moment, I opened a pair of french doors and stepped out onto the terrace. The moon was a gorgeous crecent, and it lit the terrace rather well. I leaned forward against the railing, a few tears escaping from my eye lids.

"Why?" I whispered to myself. Letting the whisper be carried off by the wind. I jumped when I heard footsteps walk out behind me. I glanced behind me, without turning, and saw that it was Edward. I looked down at my hands, as he came up behind me.

"Bella?" He asked. I didn't bother answering. Silence is golden after all. "Darling what's bothering you?" My eyes narrowed.

"I beg your pardon?" I said icily. I felt him walking closer to me.

"You've been tense all evening. What are you upset about?" I was seething by now. How dare he! I turned around and saw him staring at me with confusing eyes.

"Hmmm.....well, let's see, where were you all evening?" I asked.

"At the party...." he answered, his eyes narrowing in confusion.

"Yes, I know that. Who were you with?" I asked, my tone full of acid.

"With the guests."

"No! You were with her. You were with Saria!" I yelled, spitting out the name. "You didn't even acknowledge me at all!" I was shaking with anger. "Edward you are driving me insane!"

"Bella, I don't understand why you are so upset."

"Oh you don't?!" I said sarcastically. "Well let me in lighten you my dear distant cousin." I emphaisized. I had reached the door in two steps.

"Bella! Don't be like this!" He said frustrated.

"Edward, I am tired, and I am done talking about this tonight." I said acidly. I turned to go, and felt his hand on my shoulder, spinning me around.

"We are going to talk about this." he said. "Now."

"WRONG." I hissed, and within a blink of an eye, he was unmoving. I turned and fled up the staircase, tears streaming down my face. I threw the doors to my room open and slammed them shut with my mind. I threw myself face first onto our bed and began openly sobbing. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, but my dreams were full of nightmares.

"What are you doing here?" A voice hissed. I glared at the one whom had destroyed my happines. "You don't belong here. This is my home." I narrowed my eyes at Saria. Daring her to throw me out.

"Wrong, this is my home, my family. So get out. You're not wanted here." I growled back. But then to my shock, he stepped behind her, placing his arms around her waist, resting them on her stomach. "Edward?" I asked, confused.

"Oh, Bella didn't you know?" Her voice uttered sweetly, purely for his benefit. "We got married, and we're expecting a baby." I shook my head, disbelief pouring out. My fingers, instantly curled around my ring...but it was gone. I stared at my left hand. Where was my wedding ring? "Looking for this?" she mocked, holding her left hand up.

I woke up screaming. It was around nine, my first class was at ten today. I pulled myself up, and walked downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen, everyone looked up.

"Bella, I didn't realize you liked that dress so much." Alice commented smirking.

"Huh?" I said, looking down. "Oh." I had slept in my ballgown. They all must have sensed my anxiety, because no one laughed at my oddity. I walked back upstairs and changed into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt over a cami. When I had finally gotten back to the kitchen I had heard everyone whispering. But when I walked in, they all stopped.

"What is going on?" I asked. No one spoke. About five minutes passed before anyone moved.

"Nothing important." was the only answer I recieved. I waited for anything.

"Fine." I said rather shortly. "I'll be at school." I muttered, pivoting and stalking out the door. I grabbed my messenger bag on my way out the front door. I hadn't even bothered about asking where Edward had run off to. No doubt to be with her. I pulled out of the drive way, heading towards campus. I grabbed a mineral water before class, and then ran in shortly. After my classes, I pulled my cell phone out and plugged my headphones in. Within seconds, my favorite band was blaring in my ears.

I had been walking towards a cafe, to grab a bite to eat, when someone tapped me on the shouler. Jumping, I sent them flying a few feet. Thankfully no one was around except for the two of us. The figure began picking itself up, and was rubbing his head. I pulled out one of my head phones, and heard him mutter,

"What was that for?"

"Asher?" I asked, my day brightening just a bit.