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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


5. Chapter 5

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"Hey Bella." He said, still rubbing his head. I winced along with him.

"I'm really sorry about that." I muttered looking embarrassed. He simply grinned at me.

"It's okay. I mean, you're powers are pretty cool. You can throw people?" He guessed.

"I can move people, things, etc. I'm not sure if it's a mind thing, or a something to do with my hands. It's still developing as of right now. Oh, and I can freeze things." His eyes danced at the mention of that.

"Seriously?" He asked. "That's awesome!" I grinned back.

"So, do you have anything special?" I asked curiously. But he shook his head.

"Nothing that I know of. But then again, I am a half breed." I smiled at the term.

"That's pretty cool. You're one of a kind." I smirked, as I walked into the cafe and ordered some food.

"So are you obviously." Asher agreed, pointing at my food. I grinned sheepishly and shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm weird. Can you blame me?" I asked. He shook his head. "So what are you up to today?" I asked.

"Nothing really. My classes are over. You?"

"Urg. Sadly mine as well." I muttered. "I'm avoiding home as much as possible. But apparently that isn't going to be possible."

"Who are you avoiding?" he asked curiously.

"Edward" I muttered looking at the ground.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Not really. It's really depressing. But thanks." He smiled at me and nodded.

"Anytime Bella."

"Um, Asher, I do have a question."


"Are you a vegetarian?" He began laughing crazily. "What?" I asked confused.

"That's an oddity in itself."

"What do you mean?" I was so confused.

"Well, I am, but not all of my coven is." oh.

"Isn't that weird?"

"A bit. But somehow it all works out." I nodded, still not quite understanding. "Vince isn't, he gets us into trouble occasionally." I cracked up. "Okay, now I'm confused."

"I know he's not a vegetarian." I said.

"How could you possibly know that after one evening?" he asked surprised.

"Because, I have met him and Jaqueline before, and because he tried to either kill me or turn me. Still not sure which." Asher's eyes had narrowed greatly.

"He didn't..." I nodded, at which his hands curled into fists. I patted his shoulder.

"I'm fine. In the end I believe he was in more pain. You see, first, he was thrown upwards hitting a second story brick wall, and then my powers seemed to grow or something....but he was thrown back, like he had been electrocuted. It had felt like I had used electric currents or something...." my voice trailed off as I became more thoughtful.

"You are my new hero. Vince gets on my nerves so much." I laughed at his enthusiam for my beating his brother. My cell phone suddenly went off. Glancing at it, I saw that it was Alice.

"I'm sorry, I have to take it." he nodded as I pulled it out and swivled it open. "Alice? What's going on?"

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'm eating" I answere innocently. '

"Bella don't you dare lie to me!" she yelled.

"Alice what are you talking about?" I asked confused.

"I saw you two!" Oh. She was talking about Asher.

"Yeah, Asher's here. So what?"

"What do you mean so what?" I narrowed my eyes. Nothing of this conversation made any sense.

"Alice, is there something you want?" I asked finally.

"Come home now."


"Because." she said stubbornly.

"Alice, I'm not going to unless you actually give me a reason." She sighed, either out of exasperation or anger...or a combination of the two.

"Fine. We need your help with Edward."

"Fine. I"ll coming." I snapped the phone closed, and smiled apologetically. "I'm really sorry, Asher, but I'm needed at home."

"Do you need a ride?"

"No, I've got my car. But thanks. I"ll see you around." I waved, as I walked off, back to my car. I arrived home in minutes, and slammed my car door shut.

"Hello?" I called upon entering the mansion. No one was there. "Alice? Edward?Hello?" I walked in further, dropping my bag on the floor. As I approached the south parlor, I heard hushed voices. This time, instead of making myself known, I took a second a listened.

"What is going on with these two? I can't believe she did this." Someone murmured.

Rosealie hissed. "Are you all insane? Don't you dare blame her!"

"Hey, it's Edward's fault! He's the one who keeps flirting with Saria." Emmett agreed.

"I don't care what happened, it doesn't give Bella the right to start kissing that other guy." My mouth dropped open. What guy? "I'm going to kill her when she gets here." I flattened myself against the wall, covering my mouth with my hand to keep from moaning aloud.

I didn't want to hear anymore. I stole quietly upstairs, and entered my room. I walked into my closet and sat in the back. What was going on? How was this happening? My perfect life was falling to pieces around me. I crawled behind the many clothes that had been stowed in there. I buried my face into my knees and cried. I didn't even hear the door to my room opening. But when I picked up on the footsteps, I pressed myself against the wall even further, my hands going protectively towards my stomach.

"Bella?" I tightened up even furthur. "Bella it's me." I heard Rosealie whisper. "I'm on your side. Don't worry." I waited for a moment, before slowly crawling out of my hiding place. "Okay, now what happenned?" she asked softly.

"Last night, I was out on the terrace and he followed me. I was so angry, and hurt, that I didn't want to talk. But he insisted. He started asking me what was wrong, I exploded, and he did as well. He told me that I was imagining things. After a few moments of arguing, I went to leave, and he stopped me saying that we weren't finished talking. I was soooo angry that I froze him." My voice faltered as I wiped away my tears.

"Okay, where were you today?"

"School." I whispered. "After class I went to get some food, I ran into Asher. We talked that's it." Rosealie nodded. "What is going on?" I asked.

"Alice had a vision that you were kissing some guy." My mouth dropped open, this didn't make anysense. "and it didn't help that we couldn't find Edward."

"What? Where is he?" I hissed, fearing the worst.

"We found him, don't worry, but we do have a slight problem. He's frozen on the porch." My jaw dropped.

"What? Shouldn't that have worn off by now?" I asked incredulously.

"Apparently, you are much stronger than you appear." she replied smiling at me. "But I need you to go unfreeze him, don't worry, they've all left."

'You're sure?" I asked, and she nodded. So I slowly stood up, and followed her downstairs. I walked out onto the terrace, jumping when I saw the anger in his frozen face. I looked at Rosealie, who smiled and nodded.

....Okay, How do I unfreeze Edward. Um..release him?....

I jumped back when I saw him move. Whoa. So apparently it wasn't my hands after all. I could simply think it. I decided to try it with more assertion.


"Bella, we're not done talking about this!" He yelled. Rosealie even flinched at the volume of his tone. He appeared slightly dazed as he took in Rosealie and myself, as we stared up at him. "Wait...what's going on?" he asked rubbing his eyes. "Why are you dressed differently...why is it sunny?"

Rosealie and I exchanged a glance. "It seems Bella's powers have grown." she explained. "You've kind of been...."

"Frozen?" he finished. We both nodded. "Bella care to explain?" he asked.

"You were being a jerk." I whispered.

"Bella, just because you're angry at me, doesn't mean you can use your powers against me." he lectured.

"Edward get over yourself." Rosealie hissed. Edward and I both stared at her in surprise. "You ignored her the entire party, and wouldn't leave Saria's side. Don't you dare try to pin this on her and since when does that ever apply to you? You're always listening in on the rest of us."

"I cannot help that, it's not like I can turn it on off." He retorted. "Besides, Saria is not going to interfere with us. She is just a friend." Rosealie and I both began yelling simultaneously.



He glared at the two of us. "Bella, she has explained herself. She is in a relationship with a guy."

"Which guy?" I asked pointedly. His face fell.

"Um...that guy." he answered.

"I cannot believe you actually believe that statement you just uttered." Rosealie yelled. "Bella you don't buy that do you?" she shrieked.

"No I don't." I agreed. I stared intently into his eyes, something was wrong. Definitely wrong. "OUCH!" I yelled. Both of them jumped.

"What?" Edward asked tiredly.

"I think something just kicked me. Not a normal cricket running across my stomach, I mean, like dropped kicked me." My hands had flown to my stomach, and began rubbing circles across it.

"Well, Carlisle did say that this wasn't going to be a normal pregnancy." Rosealie reminded me. "Edward, maybe you should take her upstairs."

"It's fine...don't" But of course, no one listened. Edward scooped me up into his arms, and raced upstairs. After he gently set me on the bed, he walked over to the french doors and peered out.

"Bella?" I looked up and saw him glancing over at me. "I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on lately." The look in his eyes scared me. I sat up and waited. He walked over to me and sat down. "I love you and only you. Forever and Eternity." I grinned and rolled up onto my knees. I stared into his eyes, reading his confusion, and apolgeticness. I wrapped my arms securly around his neck, and felt his settl on my waist. I grinned at him.

"Edward, you are mine and I don't share." I murmured, before kissing him. All the tension added to it, and intensified it. I ran my fingers through his hair, as he leaned into me. Being a vampire had given me great benifits, like not needing to breathe.

"BELLA!" Alice screeched bursting through the door. Edward and I reluctantly looked over at her. "Oh. Sorry." she said, apologetically, as she backed out the door. I grinned at Edward as he pulled me closer.

"You need to rest." he murmured into my ear. I shook my head and kissed him again.

"What if I don't want to?" I asked, smirking.

"Welll then..." he answered, kissing me again. I burst into laughter, as he began tickling me.

"Edward.." I gasped between giggles, "you need to change out of that tux, before you destroy it." He jumped up, finally allowing me to breathe.

"Okay..." He came back in a pair of jeans, without a shirt. Wow. Rock hard abs, what more could a girl want? "What?" he asked wairily.

"Nothing.." I said giggling. I crawled to the edge of the bed, and then rolled back onto my knees. He walked towards me, staring intently into my eyes.

"Did you know your eyes have jumped color again?" he murmured, nibbling on my ear. "Earlier, they were the deepest shade of midnight blue I had ever seen."

"And now?"

"Pure violet." I grinned.


"No idea." I looked at him, and then launched myself into his arms. He caught me quite easily, and twirled me around, while crashing his lips to my own.

Eventually, we meandered downstairs. Edward had decided that I was to tired to walk. But I wasn't going to let him carry me, so I ended up riding piggyback style. It was actually a lot of fun, as he bounded down the stairs. We heard voices in the kitchen, so we headed towards it. Everyone stopped when we walked in, and Edward finally let me down.

"Wow, they finally emerged from the lair!" Emmett joked. I shot him a glare, and he returned it with a hurt look. "Not my fault you're so loud." I felt my face flame up, and I looked at Edward, who just grinned cheekily.

"You have no room to talk." he replied pointedly.

"I'll kill you!" Rosealie yelled, launching herself from her seat, but was stopped short when Emmett's arm encircled her waist. "Let me go." she snarled, but Emmett continued to restrain her without fail.

"Where's Alice?" I asked, realizing that she was missing.

"Um, you may want to avoid her for awhile." Jasper said. "She's not that happiest with you."

"Why?" I asked confused.

"Visions." They all replied.

"Like that's my fault?" I yelped.

"Yeah, that's what we said." Jasper answered. Rosealie and Emmett nodded as well. "Carlisle said that we all have to be patient."

"You mean so that she can kill me?" I squeaked.

"You can just freeze her you know."

"SHE HAS VISIONS!" I yelped. "How am I supposed to protect myself against that. Why should I even half too?" I was panicking by now. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist, and began humming my lullaby in my ear to calm me.

I really wish I had a coke. I'm so thirsty.

I blinked at the random thought. But suddenly we all jumped as something rattled in the fridge. Whoa.

"What was that?" Jasper asked. But we all shrugged.

Okay, that was too weird....nah...it couldn't....could it? Worth a shot. Okay...okay..you can do this Bella..........Fridge: open the fridge...okay...Open! Coke!

Instantly the fridge door swung open, hitting Emmett in the process, and a twelve ounce coke flew towards me. But it began falling seconds before it reached my outstreached hand. Thankfully I was able to catch it before it hit the ground though.

"What was that?" Jasper asked. I looked up in surprise. They were all staring at me gaping.

"What?" I asked.

"How did you do that?" Emmett asked.

"Um...I thought about it." I answered, confused.

"like how, we thought your powers through your hands." I shook my head.

"um, I found out that I control it in my mind, but I can channel it in my hands if I want to." I explained.

"How did you find this out?" Edward asked.

"Well...when Vince attacked me." I mumbled. Edward growled in response, and tightened his hold around my waist. Jasper's eyes narrowed and Emmett cracked his neck. "I threw him into a second story wall, when my hands were pinned and then i shoed him backwards about two hundred feet, and it seemed like I electrocuted him or something." At this, they all perked up, and Rosealie cracked a smile. "So, I figured taht I could make a coke float over to me."

"So when it rattled..." Emmett asked.

"That was me, thinking about drinking a coke." I replied laughing. But all at once, the atmosphere changed. Edward's arm tightened even further around my waist and he added the other to strenghthen the hold. My eyes flew to the door instantly, knowing that he heard something. I could feel everyone turnning extremely calm, everyone but Edward.

"What is going on here." Alice's voice growled.

"Didn't we already discuss this?" She growled, obviously refering to me. Jasper slowly stood up, and I could feel the calm flow into the room. Edward, however, was becoming more tense, which was rather weird.

"I--" I was about to apologize, when Edward suddenly growled.

"Don't." I froze, and looked up into his eyes. He was staring at Alice, with a mizture of unhappiness, and confusion.

"Edward, she froze you for almost a whole day!! Not to --" but I cut both of them off.

"Alice!" I yelled. Forcing everyone's attention to me. "How do you know that it was my choice? You know that you're visions are based on an individual choice! So why are you so sure that it was mine?" She took a double take, like the idea had not occured to her in the least. Jasper's face broke out into a relieved smile and immediately began nodding.

"I see your point." she said rather calmly. I figured that it was just Jasper working his magic, but then she began walking towards me slowly. Edward tensed up even further, although I wasn't sure how much more of a rope that he had. But she held her hands up, as if in surrender.

"I'm sorry Bella, I don't know what's come over me." She blurted out. I nodded, and then tried to step forward, but of course, Edward was much less willing to leave it at that. I untwined myself, taking about ten minutes to do so, and hugged her. Afterwards, the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" Rosealie asked. I merely shrugged as we went to answer it. The rest of the group stayed behind, obviously intent on scolding Alice.

"Why hello!" The familar voice trilled, one that was most unwelcome. "I thought that I might drop by and see how you all were doing today." Rosealie and I exchanged a glance.

"Well, now's not really a good time." Rosealie answered, in an equally false happy voice. "You see, a bit of a family emergency. Besides, Edward is out hunting at the moment." I could see that what little color Saria had, was completely draining from her face.

"Oh, is that so?" she murmured.

"Yes, and well, we really would love to invite you in, but well, as I said there's a bit of a family emergency, so maybe another time." With that final note, Rosealie had firmly shut the door in her face.

"Have I told you how awesome you are?" I asked. She shook her gorgeous blonde hair and began laughing at me as we went to rejoin the others.

"Who was that?" Alice asked, staring at us.

"Telemarketar" Rosealie replied, while I nodded. Emmette and Edward both stared at us suspiciously, and Jasper just gave us an amused glance.

"You do realize...." Emmett began, but dropped off when Rosealie shot him a look.

I grinned up at Alice, who was attempting not to snicker. However, it wasn't working out to well for her.

"I think we should test Bella's abilities." Alice said. Edward straightened up immediately, shaking his head. "Well, with the other coven hanging around, she'll need to be able to control it the best she can. Can't have her blowing someone up or something."

"I don't know..." I jumped up and walked straight up to Edward. "Yes?" he asked politely.

"Oh remembering that I'm still in here?" I asked cheekily. He narrowed his eyes at me and I simply grinned. "Listen, we're married. That means you have to listen to me or you will never kiss me again!" His eyes froze and his mouth dropped open. Behind me, I could hear the others struggling to control their laughter.

"You wouldn't." he muttered.

"Try me." I grinned and stared up at me.

"Like you could stop me." He growled, playfully.

"I bet I could." I said darkly, I tried to back away, but his arms ensnared me, so that I was trapped. He pulled me in closer, "What were you saying?" He asked. I grinned at him, leaning away. Seconds before he could plant one on me, I froze him. It took me a second to wriggle out of his grasp, but after I was firmly behind Rosealie and Alice, I let him go.

"Now what were you saying?" I called as he kissed the air. Everyone erupted into laughter as he began searching for me.

"You don't play fair." He complained, smiling.

"I'm sorry, was that ever a rule?" I asked, feigning surprise and remorse. "Okay, now, wha were you saying about training?" I asked innocently.

"Fine, we'll try it." he grumbled.

"Okay, on to the basement." Jasper sai. Everyone filed downstairs, I imagined that they just wanted to watch. "Bella, we're going to start by throwing objects at you. We would like you to freeze them." I nodded, while Edward made a hissing sound.

"I'm ready." Jasper picked up a plate and spun it into the air towards me. I concentrated on it as best I could...but I had to duck out of the way.

"Come on! Focus! I screamed in my head.

As the second plate began hurtling itself towards me, I stared and flung my wrists out as if to shield myself. It instantly froze in the air. I grinned as Jasper picked up another one. I allowed this one to get closer, before freezing it as well.

"Okay, very well done. Now we're going to try two." I nodded and waited for them to be flung into the air. My first instinct was to try and freeze both. But I only got one. The second nearly hit Edward in the face.

"Sorry!" I yelped, ducking once again. Edward waved it off, but I still felt bad. We continued this until I was finally able to freeze both simulatneously as well as individually. We continued working at this, until well into the night. Eventually Edward insisted on me getting some sleep before school the next day. I let him carry me, without grumbling for once, becuause of how exhausted I was. I was out, before I hit the sheets. I do remember snuggling into Edward's arms, and him singing my lullaby.

The next day after classes we headed back down to the basement and started training again. This time, I concentrated on moving the objects instead of freezing them. I figured out that the moving objects, was controlled by my mind, and activated through my thoughts. It took less time for me to master this feat, but after that, Jasper had me try and control it from behind, when something could sneak up on me. That did not go nearly as well. One of the plates crashed against the wall, another, hit me in the back, but the third, was smashed behind Jasper's head. I was quite angry, and upset that I missed the first two. This particular feat would probably take a bit longer for me to control.

Following that bit, Jasper decided to try and attack me up close. I found that the same electrical shock flowed through my fingers, when I shoved him away. He was thrown back into the wall, groaning as he picked himself up. Emmett decided to give it a go after that. About five minutes later he had smashed into Jasper and Edward, pinning them against the wall. Rosealie and Alice cracked up for about ten minutes, while the guys picked themselves up. Eventually they deemed me worthy enough for the time being. I was quite proud of myself, and was walkng back up the stairs, when I yelped in surprise. I fell backwards, into Edward's arms. They sprinted to the couch setting me down, as I yelped in pain.

"What's going on?" Edward asked frantically. He brushed my hair out of my eyes and squeezed my hands.

"It's kicking me!!" I screamed, it hurt so much. "I'm not a freaking soccer ball!" I yelled at my stomach. Two seconds later, the baby stopped moving. I collapsed on the couch and clutched at Edward's face.

"Maybe we should call Carlisle." Jasper suggested quietly. Edward nodded in agreement.

"Yes, you're way over due for a check up." Edward murmured in my ear. I nodded before collapsing in his arms. I was exhuasted, the baby obviously was going to have superstrength or something. I mean, it had an amazingly powerful dropkick.

When I woke up, I was hooked up to a few machines. Edward was holding me, as Carlisle monitered the machines.

"Ah. Bella!" Carlisle said, obviously delighted to see me. "I have great news!"

"Is the baby okay?" I asked breathlessly.

"Why yes, their quite peachy." I nodded, my baby was okay and with that I drifted off to sleep.

Wait...did he just say....their?....nah.....

I woke up in mine and Edward's room. After I lazily rolled out of bed, I opened the french doors and walked out onto the terrace. It was a gorgeous day and the expansive lawns were inviting. I noticed a swing nestled into the corner of the balcony, so I decided to go and sit on it. I made sure to grab a book, and a pillow, before settling in. Soon enough I was thristy, so I decided to try a little experiment.

I need a coke.

It took about five minutes. It floated out one of the kitchen windows and zoomed right towards me. This time I was actually able to catch it, rather than dive for it. This power was pretty sweet. I mean, I wouldn't have to walk nearly as much anymore. The thought made me smile, I continued to relax and read, until I heard a large bang in the room. I sat up and waited.

"Bella?!" I sighed, it was only Edward. He sounded extremely tense. "Bella!"

"I'm out here." I answered. He was instantly by my side. "What?" I asked, freaked out by his behavior. "What's going on?"

"Nothing. I just thought you were upset about the news." he explained, shifting me, so that he could sit behind me on the swing and hold me.

"What news?" I asked. He grinned and started laughing. "Edward, what are you finding so amusing?" I asked.

"You. I mean, 'what news'" he said, chortling. After staring at my confused expression, he finally got it. "You're serious?" I nodded. "Bella, don't you remember what Carlisle said?" I shook my head. "We're having twins!" He said grinning broadly.