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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


6. Chapter 6

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"I'm sorry?" I asked, confused. He did not just say twins....right?

"Twins!!" he said with excitement. "Carlisle is almost sure of it."

"Wait...almost sure? What do you mean almost sure??!" I yelped. Edward looked confused. "You cannot spring information like that onto me, and then say that you are almost sure!! That's practically guessing!!" I was freaking out. I mean, what esle was there to do?

"Bella, it's a good thing." He murmured rocking me in his arms. But I was completely unconvinced. I mean, I was afraid to screw up one child, how in the world was I supposed to raise two simulataneously?? It'd be a miracle if they didn't try to kill me by the time they were five. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep, unknowingly being sung to. For once, the melody that Edward had written for me didn't even reach my ears, it just sort of knocked me out.

I awoke several hours later, on my bed. It was dark outside, so I assumed it was around ten. I walked downstairs, and heard several voices in the parlor. I was quite stunned, to see the Brahns sitting with the rest of my family. They all looked up as I peered inside, dazed as it was.

"Ah Bella!" Carlisle said coming over to give me a hug. "You remember the Brahns, right?" I nodded and gave a quick, confused to smile to all of them. Asher grinned at me, and Edward looked concerned, apparently worried that I was wobbling on my feet.

"Are you thirsty?" Someone asked. I nodded and went to walk out of the room, but before I had a chance, they had shoved a goblet under my nose. The scent of blood filled my nose, and I immediately uttered an "excuse me" before running from the room. I reached the bathroom, and instantly shoved my head into the toliet. AFter wards, I rinsed my mouth and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a lemonade vitamin water and dumped it into a glass, before walking back into the main hallway. On my way, I noticed, Edward was standing next to the bathroom door, and talking to it.

"Bella, are you okay?" he asked. "Bella please talk to me."

"I'm fine." I said. He jumped in surprise, and looked sheepishly at me. "So, since when do you talk to doors?" I asked.

"I see you still retain your sense of humor. Are you feeling any better?" he asked, putting his hands on my cheeks. I nodded and held up my drink. We walked back in and all of the Brahns eyed me warily.

"Please allow me to apologize for my son's behavior Isabella. Vince can always be a tad eager." I waved it away.

"Bella." I corrected automatically. "It's fine, you didn't know and he was just trying to help." They all stared at me, as if they didn't believe me. "I promise, I'll be fine."

"Bella, is the newest member of our family and has a rather unique gift. She has an adversion to blood. She would always get sick as a human." Carlisle explained. Alexander nodded in understanding, and Mariella smiled at me. Asher grinned at me, and I smiled back, while Jaqueline stared over at Vince, who was looking at me rather unbashful. Everyone began talking as Edward and I sat down on the couch together.

We were all having a blast when we heard the doorbell sound. I was about to get up and get it, but Edward insisted that he would. I immediately sat back down, figuring that he wanted me to rest for the babies. But then he returned with Saria.

"Sorry I'm late!" she squealed, as she entered. She immediately followed Edward as he came back to sit next to me. But before allowing him to sit down, she plopped herself onto the couch next to me, forcing Edward to sit on the other side of her. I caught Alice's eye and she moved her hands to her throat and rolled her eyes up and stuck her tounge out. I began laughing at the comical way to 'get rid of" Saria.

"So. Isabella how have you been?" Saria trilled.

"It's Bella." I automatically corrected, I returned the fake smile. "But not to bad."

"Oh, that's wonderful Isabella." my eyes narrowed as she sneered my full name. I shot a look at Edward, but he of course wasn't paying attention. Instead Asher was talking to him. I ended up attempting to tune her out as she continued to chatter onward. I began to zone out as the evening wore on, and I saw Alice duck out of the room. On a whim, I decided to follow her. She went straight into the kitchen and sank into a chair.

"Hey." I murmured. She looked up and waved me in. "Are you okay?" she grinned wryly at me.

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing?" I nodded,

"Probably." I said grinning. She smiled at the thought and she let out a laugh that sounded more like a musical note. "So, why'd you ditch the party? Better yet, why are we having a party?"

"Well, I didn't think I could stand hearing her voice for much longer. It's rather irritating, don't you think?" I burst into laughter, nodding my head in agreement. "I don't know how you were able to sit next to her." After a long fit of giggles, I finally was able to speak.

"Okay, okay, we need to go back in." Alice's eyes narrowed at this. "Now don't pout, you know that you can't kill her now....but maybe later." Upon hearing this, she instantly perked up. We found that the rest of the group had moved from the Parlor and back into the ballroom. Just as before, someone began playing the piano, and that's when I noticed that Carlisle was dancing with Mariella, and Esme was dancing with Alexander. I pounced on Edward, before Saria could.

"Edward, come on." I said, towing him onto the floor. For the duration of the dance, we couldn't stop staring at one another. Even with me being a vampire, he would constantly dazzle me. As the evening wore on, the sounds began to blend together, we hadn't let go of each other for about ten dances. Eventually though, she appeared at his elbow, and began to implore him to dance with her. I rolled my eyes, and generously allowed them to dance together, with the promise of one dance.

"Bella are you crazy?" Rose hissed, when I had appeared at her side.

"No. If I fight her on this, you know how Edward will react. He will think that I'm being narrowed minded. Besides, it's one dance. What could happen?" she grumbled continually at this. But after that song had ended, I could see perfectly well, what could happen. For some reason, they didn't stop dancing. At all. After awhile, Asher wandered over to our small group. They accepted him easily and within minutes, we were all laughing together. Rosealie drifted away with Jaqueline after a bit while Emmett and Vince began to argue about the stronger of the two, so they disappeared, supposedly to arm wrestle each other.

"Emmett, I will kill you if you destroy my house." I warned, but of course they just laughed at me. Pretty soon it was just, Alice, Jasper, Asher, and myself, but those two decided that they wanted to go off and dance, actually I think it was more Alice deciding and Jasper obeying.

"So, how've you been?" Asher asked. I shrugged. "That amazing huh?" I smiled and nodded.

"Training, that sort of thing. You know the works." he laughed, at my nonchalance. "So what have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, the works." he answered, mimicking me. I pulled a face, telling him to shut up. But he just grinned, rather cheekily. "Basically, ignoring Saria. Alot." Ah, my favorite topic.

"And here I thought that you two were sooo close." I responded, laughing.

"Yeah, right. She just gets somewhat overbearing at times. Like she has to control everything." I nodded,

"I know exactly what you mean." I answered softly, staring at her and Edward. "She drove me insane the entire time..." my voice trailed off, as I slid back into my memory.

"What time?" Asher asked confused, and then his eyes lit up. "Wait! You knew her from before? I knew it!!!" He trilled. I gulped, oh crap. Was I not supposed to say anything. "Well?" he asked, obviously expecting me to tell him that he was right.

"Um.." that was about all I was able to manage.

"Bella, come on you can tell me. I'm just curious." I looked at him, seeing the honesty in him. His eyes, continued to stun me, unlike the last time I had seen him, his inner ring of gold was a quite thick band, with the black outlining the outside, was an extremely fine line, and the silver had taken over his irises.

"Wow..." I breathed.

"What?" he asked, confused.

"Your eyes." I answered. After a moment or two, I was finally able to tear my gaze away from his, to look at Edward. He was busy dancing with Saria again. They were chattering rapidly, I watched for a moment, and when there was no change, my mind was made up. "Come on, let's talk on the terrace." he grinned, and I led him out into the hallway, and across to the opposite parlor, we crossed over to the french doors, and slid outside.

"Okay, now how exactly do you know Saria?" he asked, I took a deep breath, and lifted myself onto the railing.

"Shortly after I had realized that I had turned, I had gone to talk to Alice. Of course she was expecting me. That's when I found out that everyone had gone hunting. But what I didn't realize was that they'd been gone for three weeks. Much later, I found out that they weren't hunting, they were hiding."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because she was back." I responded, bitterly. "Sometime in the early 1900s Saria and Edward met. Apparently, she fell in love, but he didn't, at least not until a couple years ago. They disapeared, so that I wouldn't get hurt. Edward was afraid that she would try to attack me, if she knew."

"Knew what?" Asher asked softly.

"That we were engaged." I whispered back. I heard him sigh.

"Yea, I thought there was some history there." He murmured.

"I'm hoping that it's not just history." I said, touching my stomach. The motion went unnoticed by him though. "She showed up at the house. Alice and I were in her room, and Alice told me to stay, as she went downstairs to see who was making all the noise. Of course, I didnt' listen, as I never do. After i had crept downstairs, I saw her trying to attack Alice, but Alice was too fast for her. So she came after me. That's when we realized what I could do.

"After that, she left, I suppose she was in pain. Jasper appeared a few hours later, and he informed us as to what was going on. But of course, he wouldn't tell us where Edward was, so I took the keys to his bike, and started driving. Edward showed up a few minutes later and freaked out on me, about how dangerous those speeds were, yada yada. I had plastered foundation on so that I looked human.

"He wouldn't even tell me what was going on. So, we went back to the house and I ended up at the edge of the lake behind their house. I was about to tell him, when a shrill yell sounded from the house. He sprinted back, of course, after telling me to stay put. But with my new speed, I was there seconds behind him.

"She immediately calmed down, upon seeing him. Flinging herself into his arms." I added bitterly. "When she saw me, he explained that I was a distant cousin." I spit the phrase. "She kept planning their wedding......

After I had explained it all, I had to wipe a tear away from my eyes.

"I knew that I never like her. I don't understand what the others see in her." Asher said angrily. I gave a hollow smile. "I mean, I can understadn exactly why Jaqueline and Vince like her. She's coniving, just like they are. But Mariella and Alexander are much more civilized."

"I don't know what's going on lately. After that last ball, he became so angry with me, saying that I was angry for nothing." I paused. "Is there any special power that she has? I mean, she's been acting a lot different from the last time we saw her."

"I have no idea, she's been the same as always, at least ever since she joined us. I never have liked her. But, it wasn't my place to speak out." I nodded, not quite understanding what he meant.

"Everyone talks to each other in ours, but I'm rather new so I don't know exactly what decides." I replied.

We continued talking about Saria, until we both just switched topics. I had no idea as to what time it was, just that, for the first time that evening, I was actually enjoying myself. Within minutes, we were cracking up about the craziest things. At one point we were unable to stop laughing, simply because the other was laughing.

"So...what is your power?" I asked, coyly.

"Well.....it's a secret." he answered.

"Maybe you should share..I mean, I told you the goods on Saria." I muttered.

"Mine's rather wierd."

"Well, it'd half to be. It's you after all." I answered cheekily. His mouth dropped open, and he put his hands over his heart.

"Why, Isabella, I am hurt! How could you say such a thing?" he asked mockingly. I grinned inspite of the name.

"oh, come on, just tell me."

"Alright, alright. I can produce fire and ice." I immediately burst into speals of laughter.

"Very funny, you're quite good at coming up with super hero themes." I said, giggling. But then I looked at him, realizing that he was serious. "How?"

"No idea." he admitted. "I think that it has something to do with the whole halfbreed thing. You know how vampires are freezing, and wolves are like burning a hole in the ground?" I nodded, "i think that it has something to do with that."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah," he answered, looking up into the sky.

"Show me."


"Come on show me." I repeated. "What? You're not scared are you?" I asked.

"Fine. You asked for it." Instantly, a small spark apeared in his palm, growing into a flame, but unlike normal fire. It was a pure blue. Not the shade that signifies the intensity of the heat, but a deep shade of saphire.


"Original. Very very original Bella." He snorted. I looked up at him rolling my eyes.

"Okay, show me the ice." He closed his other fist for a few seconds and then unrolled his fingers, a small figurine, was nestled into the palm of his hand. I picked it up, gingerly, seeing that it was a ballerina.

"Now this is cool." I breathed looking at it intently.

"You think so?" I nodded vigoriously.

"Have you ever tried, mixing them?" I asked suddenly.

"and do what? Create steam?" he asked sarcastically.

"Ha, ha very funny. But seriously, you should try it." He looked up at me sharply, reading the challenge in my eyes.

Without a word, he lit his right hand, again, the beautiful saphire fire, appearing in a small flame, growing suddenly. The silver ice sparkled in his left palm. He stared intently at the two adn suddenly a flame shot forward toward his left hand, as a shard of ice went to meet it. They connected in between his palms, and immediately consumed each other, turning black.

We stared in wonder, and then suddenly, it exploded, throwing both of us flying. I landed halfway out in the yard, taking a moment to breathe again. I slowly picked myself up, walked back to the terrace.

"Asher?" I called, "Where are you?"

"I'm over here." he groaned. I saw him stand up in the bushes, and in seconds he was standing next to me.

"What was that?" he asked, obviously astounded by his new power.

"I don't know, but it was cool." I said. And then an idea hit me. "Wait here." I said, sprinting down to the basement. I was back in seconds, with about a hundred plates that Jasper had been training me with.

"Bella, what are you up to?" he asked, smirking.

"Okay, I have an idea, a way to test out both of our powers." I said grinning. I waited for him to freak out, and when he didn't, I continued. "I'm going to levitate these and throw them through the air, you need to try and blow them up by combining those two elements of yours."

"I don't know. Couldn't we get into a lot of trouble for this?" he asked suddenly wary.

"Isn't that half the point?" I asked cheekily. Without waiting for an answer, I stared at the plate, easily raising it a few feet off the ground. Then, without warning I flung it several hundred feet away, allowing it to rise dozens of feet in the air. Asher put both of his hands together, and pointed them towards where teh first plate had disappeared. A jet of black, shot out from his palms, and seconds later we heard an explosion of china.

We continued on these mini experiments, each growing closer, and louder with each time, as he learned how to control it better. Then we got the idea to try two at once. Unfortunately, they collided as he hit both of them simultaneously, a bit too close to us. The impact threw us backwards and we both hit the bricks, sliding down to the ground in a heap. Footsteps suddenly approached, and we grinned sheepishly at each other.

"That was cool." I whispered.

"yeah" he agreed.

"WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU TWO ARE DOING?" Several voices screeched, seconds before I blacked out.

"Owww." I groaned, clutching my face. Everything ached at the moment, especially my spine. I slowly opened my eyes, squinting first to see who was around me. When I realized that I was alone, I let them slide open, and I sat up.

I was in my room, the light streaming in through the windows, alone. I pulled myself out of bed and went to get a shower, and then I got dressed, in a pair of black sweat pants and two long tanks, a green one underneath a violet colored one. I towled dried my long chocolate curls, at super speed, which tends to work better than a blow dryer, and then walked downstairs.

Upon reaching the landing, I knew immediatlely that something was wrong. The air was filled with tension, and then it erupted. Yelling came from the dining room, two very angry voices, were arguing incoherently. I walked tentatively towards the doorway, almost afraid to peer inside.

Silence ensued, the second that I entered. I stared at the two parties, sitting, or rather standing across the room from one another, with the table acting as a wall between the two.

"Bella?" Edward asked, stepping forward. I sighed in relief, as I tripped into his arms. I didn't even realize how angry he was; the tension, and anxiety outlining his voice, as he swooped me up into his arms.

"What's going on?" I asked him, quietly, as I began realizing that everyone was staring at me, half, in defense of me, the other angry beyond belief. I noticed that Saria was standing in the corner shooting me death stares. I shuddered, burying my face into Edward's chest.

"Where's Asher?" I asked suddenly, lighting a powder keg without realizing it. Screaming erupted, I shook, terrefied in Edward's arms.

"HE OBVIOUSLY ATTACKED HER!!" Someone roared, but I was unable to identify her.


This screaming continued, while Edward's arm continued to hold me still. But finally, I just couldnt' take the screaming anymore.

"WILL EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP?!" I shreiked. To my surprise, they did, probably out of the shock of hearing me actually raise my voice. "Now. What is going on?" I growled, using ever ounce of venom to outline my voice.

"They think that you attacked Asher, when the jerk really attacked you!" Emmett yelled.

"WHAT?" I yelped. "That's not what happened!"

"It's not?" Everyone asked simultaneously.

"NO!" I yelled. "We were testing our powers."

"What do you mean, testing your powers?" Edward asked disapprovingly.

"Well, I would throw plates in the air, and he'd try to blow them up." I responded quietly.

But before, anyone could ask what I was talking about, another voice piped up, one full of acid.

"That is a lie." I stared at Saria, was she this rude, or was she just flat out idiotic? I was begining to think that it was the latter of the two. Everyone turned towards her, looing back and forth before between the two of us.

"Excuse me?" I hissed.

"Asher does not have the power to blow anything up like that." She stated, smugly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, how long have you been a member of their coven Saria? How exactly would you know what exactly his powers are?" I hissed, her face was quickly wiped clean.

"You are just trying to cover your tracks." she yelled, "you know you attacked him!"

"You are an idiot!" I yelled back. Several candles began to shake as my hands began to form fists. But it went unnoticed, by all as they stared at me. "You know nothing Saria, so shut up and let me explain!" She smirked, her cockiness spilling over.

"Oh, Isabella, angry are we? Maybe you shouldn't try to kill others when you don't actually have the guts to do it." she mocked. I snapped, everything around us began shaking, the chandelier, the goblets, even the table. The Brahns, all began staring in wonder around them, freaking out. But Edward immediately pinned my arms to my side, and began hissing in my ear.

"BELLA YOU HAVE TO CONTROL IT!! IF YOU DON'T THEY WILL KILL US." I paused, shutting my eyes, obviously confused. Gradually, the shaking stopped, as I allowed my anger to cool and my eyes finally opened. I saw several dinnerware pieces, shattered to pieces on the floor, but thankfully the chandelier held in place.

"What was that?" Alexander hissed.

"I'm sorry." I said immediately, all of the Brahns looking at me warily. "It won't happen again---"

"Like hell it won't!" Saria shreiked.

"Saria silence yourself at once!" Alexander commanded. She immediately became meek, and shut her mouth. "Bella, please continue your explaination.

"Okay, so last night, Asher and I went out onto the terrace, and we were talking, and then began discussing our powers. Well, I got an idea, so I went down to the basement to get the plates and we started having target practice." I took a breath, as everyone stared at me. Emmett seemed, a little amused, while Edward was obviously furious.

"So, you would throw plates into the air and he'd shoot them with fire?" Alexander asked.

"Um, not exactly." I mummbled.

"Well, I don't understand." Alexander responded.

"Asher, can produce fire and ice."

"But how would that blow something up?" Mariella asked,her voice, a resounding high note.

"We found out that if he mixes the two, he gets a black substances that explodes." I said.

"Why would he never have showed this to any of us, but to you?" Vince asked suspicously.

"Because, he didn't know himself." I whispered. A slow ripple of surprise passed through everyone. "So where is he?" I asked again. "He can verify this all."

"He's on the couch, in the parlor." Jaqueline answered stiffly. I would have gone to check on him, had Edward not been holding in his arms, to tightly for me to move.

"Well now that everything has been cleared up, why don't we all go and try to see if he's alright." Carlisle suggested. Alexander nodded and swept out of the room, with the entire coven following him. Everyone else stayed behind except Carlisle and Esme.

I attempted to follow, behind Esme, but instead found myself being hoisted into the air. In seconds, I found myself, with my back against the wall, and surrounded by Emmett, Rosealie, Edward, Jasper, and Alice.

"Now we're going to talk." Edward said in a deadly voice. "What exactly did you think that you were doing last night?" I gulped. Had I not just explained all of this?

"Bella do you know how much you risked by doing that?" Alice asked. "What if someone had seen you?"

"I'm sorry, but for one, no one else lives around here for miles and two, they would have thought we were using a gun." I answered,

"Emmett smirked, while Alice shook her head. "Bella, you still have to be careful." I nodded, glancing down.

"That still doesn't explain why you were with him to begin with." Edward growled. Rosealie, Alice and I all stared at him. "What?"

"Did you ever think that it was because you weren't?" Rosealie asked.

"I cannot be with Bella twenty-four seven, even if I wanted to." he answered, staring at the three of us. "Just because she gets lonely during a party, doesn't mean she should run off with another guy."

"Did you even talk to her all evening?" she yelled. I jumped, sure, I felt like that, but it was something else to hear that others noticed it as well. "What about the first meeting?"

"I always aware as to Bella's whereabouts." he answered angrily. "Bella, do you feel the same way?" he glared at me. I took a deep breath before plunging into the abyss that was awaiting for me.

"Edward, when exactly did you realize that I was not at the party?" I asked slowly.

"What kind of question is that?" he asked, trying to discover my strategy.

"Well, you didn't exactly tell me that we were having one to begin with." Rosealie and Alice began nodding immediately at this.

"what are you trying to say?" he asked, his voice strained.

"I think that you are falling for Saria." My voice had fallen several degrees. By this time, Alice and Rose were standing on either side of me, nodding. WHile the guys hadn't moved.

"That is absurd." he hissed.

"Is it?" I asked looking down at his chest, knowing that I couldn't meet his gaze. "Edward, you didn't even bother to tell me that we were having guests, in our own house." I added.

"It isn't the same thing Bella, I don't care for her like that." I felt like I'd been slapped.

"Are you saying that I do?" I hissed. "Feel for Asher like that?"

"Do you?" he asked severely.

"Of course not. How could you even think that?" I yelled, my hands shaking.

"Well, the whole you being alone with him on the terrace may agree with me!" He yelled back. We stared at each other, both of us shaking with anger.

"I'm carrying your baby and you want to accuse me of falling for someone else?" I screamed. "Your the one who's constantly gone. No, maybe not in person, "I said, not giving him the chance to say his unspoken statement, "but in your mind, always listening to her thoughts about how much she adores you aren't you.?" I hissed venomously.

"Bella I don't care for her like I do you!" He insisted, still very very angry. "She has no feelings for me other than friendship!" I screamed in frustration throwing my hands up.

"You don't believe that anymore than we do!" I yelled, gesturing to Rosealie and Alice.

"Bella, you need to calm down, just because you want to throw blame around--" he was trying to regain his calmness, but I cut him off.

"No. Don't you dare. We're done here." my voice had dropped to a hiss so low and full of malice that no human could have any hopes of hearing.

"Isabella, we aren't done talking about this." He said trying to capture my wrists. But I shrank back.

"You may not be, but I am. You will not interrogate me on something you yourself are guilty of!" When he tried to grab me again I threw my wrists towards him, freezing him instantly. I didn't even look at the others as I sprinted from the room. Once I safely out of sight, I released him. I dove for my car and upon closing the door, I shifted into first and hit the accelorator while easing up on the clutch. I was so angry, and upset, I did everything as if it were a second nature to me.

I drove onwards for about an hour or two, before finally pulling up to a stop. I had reached a forest, so I walked in, just to get away from civilization for a day or two. After meandering through for quite awhile, I came across a clearing that overlooked a vast forest.

This must be where they all come to hunt.

It was breathtaking really, one that I would love to share with Edward. I felt a pang at the thought. What on earth was going on with him lately. The more I began to think about the situation, the more I began to believe that she had to have some sort of mind control...or something to do with emotion. But if that was the case, why didn't she just use it in the first place, before we were married. If I could simply get her distracted, or something....

A loud snap suddenly sounded from behind me. I froze, suddenly terrified of what could be lurking in the trees beyond the meadow. My hands flew to my stomach instictively. I didn't move, didn't breathe, so intent on listening for any other noises. Seconds later, another branch snapped, and suddenly something flew at me. I threw out my wrists to try and freeze whatever was hurtiling itself towards me. In seconds, the wind had stopped, so I slowly turned around. I was astounded to see that it had actually work. I smiled and did a small dance for my triumph.

I had no clue as to whom this person was or as to why they were going to try and attack me. I knew that I wanted to interrogate them, but I had no plan on releasing them and allow them the opportunity to try again. After deliberating about it for a moment or two, I finally decided that I would try unfreezing their upper body, after I had stood them rightside up. It took me a few moments to figure out the best course of action, but eventually I did, and then I let a few fingers of mine twitch.

"WHAT THE?!" The voice screamed. He immediately began to try to move, freaking out even further when he realized that he couldn't. I let him wallow in his despair, before moving back into his line of sight.

"Hi. Do you mind telling me what exactly you were trying to do?" I asked mildly. The stranger stared at me in wonder, and began sputtering.

"What did you do to me witch?" he asked spitting at my feet. I began giggling in reply. "What's wrong with you?" he shrieked.

"I'm not a witch. But you might want to answer the question before you do something that you regret." I warned.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." he answered bitterly.

"Try me." I said.

"Okay, you smell pretty amazing. I"m not going to lie, and I kinda was planning to um..I'm a vampire." he blurted out. I immediately erupted into laughter. He stared disbelieving at me. "You're not scared?" he asked dumbfounded. I shook my head, no, attempting to regain control. "You don't believe me do you?" he asked.

"Of course I believe you. I am as well after all." I said, as his mouth dropped open. "I'm just very special, that's possibly why I still smell as if I'm human." I explained, shrugging.

"But..how?" He asked, disbelief underlying his words.

"Long story, one that I don't have time to tell you at the moment." I heard more branches snapping, and froze. "Did you bring friends?" I asked suspicously.

"No, I believe those belong to you." he answered. Sure enough Alice appeared seconds later, her mouth dropped to the ground, as her eyes bulged at what she saw.

"Bella what did you do?" she hissed.

"He attacked me, I was interrogating him...he kinda can't walk at the moment." I said shrugging, with a sheepish grin.

"Wow, your powers are growing." she said muttering. "So what's your name?" she asked sweetly.

"Rafael. Rafael Montgomery." he answered, returning her smile.

"So...Rafael, is there a particular reason why you tried to kill my good friend Bella here?" she asked, chattering away.

"She smells pretty spectacular." he admitted. Alice began giggling immediately.

"You're not the first to agree." she said, throwing a glance my way. I gave a small smile and placed my hand on my stomach, instantly feeling a fresh tap. I grinned, and motioned for Alice to come over. She placed her hand over my stomach, and we began feeling a small series of taps.

"She's kicking." she whispered, stunned.

"For once not dropping kicking like crazy." I muttered, before realizing what she said. "Wait! You said she. I'm having a girl!" I squealed, hugging her quickly.

"And a boy." she said coyly. I squealed with delight and we both began jumping up and down.

"WAIT!!" We both jumped in surprise. "You're PREGNANT?" we both looked sheepishly over at Rafael. "How is that possible?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"It's a really really long story." I said grinning, rubbing my hands over my stomach.

"Well as you can see, I have time." he said cheekily. I began snorting, as I shot a look at Alice.

"We could explain, do you think you could like summon some chairs here or something?" she asked. I stared at her, and shrugged.

"I could try." I said. I started thinking about chairs, as I looked up at the green canopy around me, suddenly the trees began to shake and my stomach felt really weird. Alice stared at me in wonder and a bit of fear as, the world around us began to go crazy. Within minutes, two chairs were sitting in front of us. But these were made out of tree limbs.

"Bella what did you just do?" Alice asked.

"Dude that was freakin awesome!!!" Rafael yelled.

"Alice, I'm pretty sure that, all that wasn't me." I whispered staring at her.

"You mean...no....seriously?" she yelled. I nodded, and looked at my stomach. "Edward is going to flip!" I shrugged. "Oh...right..." she said looking back at me.

"I don't know, that was pretty sweet wasnt' it." I said grinning. Alice smirked right back and nodded. "These two little monsters are going to be a handful arent' they?"

"Most likely." I grinned and then remembered our little prisioner.

"So why are you roaming around here?" I asked curiously.

"Umm...I don't really know. Kinda lost." He answered.

"Okay...so where are you from?" Alice asked.

"Greece." wow. long ways I thought.

"So I take it you're not a vegetarian." Alice inquired. "Seeing as you tried to mutilate Bella here."

"Well, actually, I have been going with just animals, but she just smelled so good...I kinda lost control." he admitted. "I'm really sorry about that." He added, looking up at me.

"Don't worry about it, you're the second guy this month. You've just been a bit nicer about it." I said grinning. "Is it okay?" I asked Alice. She nodded instantly knowing what I was refering to. "Okay, Rafael, I'm going to unfreeze you, if you try to attack us, I'll simply freeze you again, and then kill you. Got that?" I asked. He nodded grinning at me.

Seconds later he was laying in a heap on the ground. Note to self, don't move people around, from air to standing position, while they are frozen, the blood doesn't like it. After he stood up, I walked up to him, and saw the golden eyes.

"He's clean." I said. Alice began chuckling as she motioned for us to follow her. We all hopped in my car and began heading back towards the house.

"You do realize Edward's not going to be happy at the moment." she said laughing.

"What's your point?" I asked cheekily.