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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


7. Chapter 7

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I pulled into the driveway and cut the engine, sliding out of the car. The three of us walked up to the front door and entered the house. We walked into the family room and found Emmett sprawled on the couch, using Rosalie as a pillow. Jasper was sitting in the lazy boy, reading a book. All of them looked up as we entered, not seeing Rafael behind us.

“I take it they left?” I asked, looking at the three of them. Emmett nodded without bothering to

look up from the television. “Where’s Edward?” I asked softly. At this, none of them moved. Finally Emmett glanced over at me, opening his mouth to speak.

“You mean, he’s not with you two?” Emmett asked surprised. I shook my head. “Oh…that could be…yeah, I thought he was with you.” He finished, silencing after getting a look from Rosalie.

“He’s with her isn’t he?” I whispered, looking down at my feet. Alice slipped an arm around my waist, glaring at Emmett. Rose hit him lightly on the head.

“What was that for?” he asked. After a moment or two, realization dawned on him. “I’m sorry Bella.” I heard him say, before sprinting from the room. I hated what was going on, what I didn’t understand. Nothing made sense anymore. I ended up in the nursery, it was just as beautiful as the first time I had seen it. Although pretty soon we would have to add an extra crib. I meandered over to the thousands of stuffed animals that Alice had collected for the twins. I picked up a yellowish orange bear, and sat down in the rocking chair. The light streamed in from the French doors and windows, illuminating the room beautifully. I began humming a familiar song as I rocked myself in the chair, while holding the bear and cradling my stomach. I was exhausted from it all, the lies, the accusations, and of course the running.

I awoke hours later, the sun had long set, and I could have sworn that I had heard a noise of some sort. As my eyes adjusted, I realized that I was no longer in the nursery. I was in Edward’s and my room. I peered about the room, until I noticed him standing in the corner. I sighed and attempted to roll onto my feet, he was instantly by my side, trying to keep me from standing.

“Edward, what is going on?” I asked tiredly. I gave up on trying to push past him, so I simply sat up, Indian style. He sat down next to me, and entwining his hand with mine.

“I don’t know. It’s like something has come over me. Some sort of bubble wrap that refuses to allow me near you, or even think straight.” I stared at him in wonder. He had to be making this up, right? “Then nearly everything makes me mad.” He ran his free hand through his hair. “It’s scaring me Bella.” He whispered, staring at me. I put my palm against his face, and he leaned into it.

“Edward, I love you and always will. Nothing will ever change that.” I whispered, back. Within seconds, he had pulled me into his arms, and had kissed me.

“You are the only one for me. Forever.” He whispered in my ear. I smiled as I kissed him back, running my fingers through his hair.

The next morning was pure bliss. Edward hadn't let me out of his sight for more than a few seconds at a time, and most of the time, I had spent with his arms wrapped around my waist, whispering into my ear. Alice and Rosalie kept staring at us in wonder, and eventually went off to find Jasper and Emmett. I wandered into the kitchen, with Edward, attached at my hip. I sat on the counter and he put his arms on either side of me, leaning in for a kiss. While I had him nice and distracted, I opened the fridge, and allowed a coke to float over to me, followed by a bowl of cereal and a half gallon of vitamin d milk.

He nearly jumped when they landed with a thud next to me on the counter, as the fridge door swung shut. He began chuckling as he opened the milk for me and poured it into the bowl. But before he allowed me to put the milk back, he pulled it out of my reach and walked it over to the fridge.

"You don't need to be overexerting yourself." he murmured, stroking my cheek. "You need your strength for our boys." I rolled my eyes, and began chuckling. "What?" he asked.

"Boys. It's so adorable how you naturally assume that we're having two boys." I said giggling. "I wouldn't write two adorable little girls off, or even one of each." I said taking a bite of my cereal.

"You've been talking to Alice haven't you?" he whispered, suddenly ultra excited. He was practically jumping up and down. I nodded. "Well??" he asked impatiently.

"Well.....you know, I don't believe I should tell you. I mean, maybe you should just wait until they're here." I hedged. He shook his head unhappily.

"I'll just ask Alice." He said, moving towards the door. I watched him leave the room, and quickly choked down my cereal. By the time he was back, I had brushed my teeth, and was back to sitting on my usual spot in the counter. He was grumbling unhappily to himself.

"Wel aren't you excited?" I asked. He gave me a dark look, one of annoyance. Kind of like a five year old on Christmas Eve. "What?" I asked innocently.

"She wouldn't tell me." He grumbled, setting his hands on my stomach. The twins immediately began tapping against them. He jumped in suprise, and grinned. "They're so going to be boys." He said.

"So, wait, can't you read her mind?" I asked, cheekily.

"She was reading Moby Dick backwards." He answered, "I couldn't stay in the same room for more than ten seconds. I had to keep walking in and out of the room." I began giggling, surprised that she'd actually taken my advice. "You told her?" he guessed, unhappily. "Why?" he whined.

"Well....I don't think that Ellisia (ill e si a) and Damien would be very happy if their aunt told their father before mom could." I answered. It took a moment or two to sink in, but when it hit him, he pulled me into his arms, swinging me around the kitchen. Pretty soon, I couldn't see anything, as he began kissing me roughly. Eventually he sat me back down onto the counter and my arms wove around his neck, playing with his hair.

"Wait, you named them already?" he asked.

"Did you have something else in mind?" I asked.

"No. They're perfect." he answered, kissing me again.

"I figured, you'd love them." I answered, he put his hand behind my neck, so that he could kiss me without me breaking away to talk. Not having to breathe was quite helpful with kissing nowadays. But all too soon, we heard a loud "ahem" from the doorway. Edward, spun around, protectively, upon detecting the new scent. He formed into a crouch, as Rafael, leaned against the door frame.

But I put my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. He slowly stood up, in front of me, still not trusting this new stranger to me.

"Edward, this is Rafael. He's from Greece. Rafael, meet my husband Edward." I smiled as Edward relaxed a tiny bit more, as Rafael sauntered foward.

"Pleasure to meet you." He said to Edward, reaching out for his hand. Edward shook it, as he grinned and politely said hello. Within seconds, the loud brass knocker on the front doors sounded. Who could that be? I wondered. Before Edward could stop me, I had sprinted to the door, Edward and Rafael behind me. I yanked it open to see Saria....again.

But this time, I heard a sharp intake of breath, Edward had quickly dodged out of her sight, but I realized that she wasn't staring at Edward, but at Rafael, and he was staring at her. As if they were the only two in the world, let alone the room.

Edward shot me a look, one of confusion, I returned it with a shrug. He peered out from where he had been hiding behind one of the pillars. After a moment or two of complete silence, I finally just let her in. At first she didn't hear me, but then finally, she was able to draw her attention from Rafael to actually say hello to me. Edward, cautiously stepped behind me, sliding an arm around my waist, as we stared at the two. They didn't even seem to notice that they weren't alone.

"Saria, this is Rafael, Rafael, this is Saria." I quickly said, they murmured hellos to each other, not breaking their gaze. "Why don't you two go talk privately on the terrace." I suggested, they both nodded mutely, as I nudged them into the right direction. They slid out the back door, and I watched as they sat down on the ivory, wicker love seat.

"That was weird." I hissed to Edward. But to my surprise, I didn't hear his confirmation.

"Not really. That's pretty much what happened to me, when we first met. Well, after I had begun to watch you sleep." he quickly amended grinning at the memory.

"I was going to say...weren't you trying not to kill me, that first meeting?" I asked. He chuckled and drew me closer to him.

"I'm quite glad that I restrained myself." He murmured, kissing my jaw. I sighed in happiness, and then noticed that Alice was in the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt you two love birds, but why is Saria here...again I might add." she asked dryly. "And where did she go?" she asked confused, as she realized that we weren't showing off for her.

"Out on the terrace with Rafael." I replied.

"Oh, do I need to go save him?" she asked. I shook my head, but Edward beat me to the punch.

"I don't think that he would appreciate that very much." Alice stared at him in confusion, and then a blank look appeared on her face.

"OH...." she murmured. "Wow. That's pretty sweet."

"What?" I asked, curiously.

"I don't think you two will need to worry about her anymore." Alice said grinning. She said, before going over to the window and peering out. Edward was grinning and it was contagious. Jasper walked in and grinned as well.

"Okay what'd you three do?" he asked teasingly. Alice motioned towards the window, and then said. "Oh."

"You all three can get that from just looking at them?" I asked incredulously.



"Feelings" They all said simultaneously. After a moment, they all began chuckling.

"Okay where is she!" Rose yelled, "Don't even try to lie to me Bella, I can smell her and if he's with her I will kill him for you!" She stopped, upon entering the kitchen, and seeing Edward with his arms around me. Emmett had ran in behind her, obviously trying to prevent her from doing something.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Apparently Rose is going to kill me." Edward said calmly. "Oh, and Saria seems to have found her soul mate." Rosalie's mouth plummeted.

"No. You've got to be kidding." she said, understanding what he meant instantly. "That's awesome. You guys are saved!"

"I know!" I yelled, hugging Edward tightly. Everyone began cracking up, at my enthusiasm. I felt so blissfully happy, everything was absolutely perfect. We all jumped when the small plant in the corner of the room exploded into bloom. It suddenly grew several feet and produced several lemons.

"What was that?" Edward asked, staring at me. Alice and I exchanged a glance before erupting into laughter. "What did you two do?" he asked, staring at us.

"Don't look at me. My powers are nothing like that." Alice said giggling. She looked pointedly at me.

"Neither are mine!" I yelped, trying to control my laughter.

"Close enough." she replied rolling her eyes.

"Not really." we stared each other down, as the rest of the room watched us, confused.

"Will one of you just explain?" Edward asked suddenly. We both grinned up at him and shook our heads. "Please."

"WEll...I can honestly say that it was not Bella or myself." Alice said teasingly.

"So then who was it?" Jasper asked, still staring at the tree. Alice nodded towards me.

"You just said that it wasn't Bella." Emmett said. As Rosalie let out a knowing, 'oh'. She grinned at us, "Wait what?" Emmett asked.

Edward scrutinized me and Alice. "It wasn't, no...was it?" he asked.

"Um..Edward, you didn't ask anything." I said cheekily. He glared at me in mock fury, as I grinned up at him. "What exactly are you asking?" I murmured

"Did the twins do that?" He asked slowly. I peered over at Alice grinning. "Well?" I nodded, and he let out a yelp of glee, and began swinging me around the kitchen. I let out a belt of laughter as he spun around the room.

"How?" he asked. I shrugged, looking at Alice who did the same.

"You guys have to remember that this is far from a normal pregnancy. I mean, she hasn't even been getting big yet, and Bella's having twins. Carlisle said that this would be very weird to go through." Rose reminded us all. "By the way when was the last time that he did an ultrasound?"

"Last month I think."

"We'll have to call Carlisle to come give you a check up." Edward murmured, I nodded, as he pulled me close and kissed the top of my forehead. "He'll be interested to learn about the tree."

"and the chairs." Alice added.

"Chairs?" Emmett asked.

"Um, they kinda created these two chairs, out of tree branches. It was rather cool. That's when I originally thought it was Bella. But she thought it was me and we both knew it wasn't Rafael."

"Wait, how did you know that it wasn't him?" Jasper asked. "You don't know what his powers are." Alice and I exchanged another grin.

"Um..he was kind of frozen..." everyone's eyes bulged. Well, all but Alice.

"I'm sorry?" Edward said, staring at me.

"Well, we were interrogating him." I answered, shrugging.

"Why?" Emmett asked chuckling.

"Cause, I was sick of being attacked." I said simply,

"What?" Edward screeched. "I'm going to kill him" He tried to dive out of the room, and everyone lept at him. Well except Alice and me. He managed to throw Jasper off, as Emmett tripped him to the ground. After he had shoved them all away I simply rolled my eyes, looking over at Alice. She grinned and nodded her head. So I simply shot my wrist out, instantly freezing his legs.

"What the crap?!" he yelped. He looked up at me. "Bella why can't I move?" he asked angrily.

"How are you doing this?" Rose whispered, grinning.

"Well, we figured out that I could unfreeze their faces, so that they could talk, so we kinda tested it on Rafael." I answered. Emmett and Jasper began chuckling as Edward glared at us.

"Bella release me NOW!" He hissed angrily. I smirked and shook my head. "Isabella Cullen!"

"Honey, you're in no position to make threats." I said giggling. He glared at me, and began trying to rip his legs free of the invisible mold. "I'm doing this for your own good."

"He tried to kill you! Bella, as your husband, I'm perfectly in the right, in trying to kill him!" Alice erupted into giggles, and recieved a seething look from Edward.

"He didn't mean to. It's really my fault. Or rather your fault." I said, knowing that he'd freak.

"My fault how is this my fault?" he screeched.

"Well, if you had changed me normally I wouldn't keep getting mistaken for a human." I said jokingly. Unfortunatly while the rest of the group laughed, I simply got glared at.

"Still doesn't give anyone the right..." I paused at that.

"Wait. Why are you just now getting mad. What about Vince?" I asked curiously, failing to see Alice waving her hands behind Edward's back.

"What?" he asked. "What does Vince have to do with anything?"

"Um...he was the first to attack me." I said, confused as to why he didnt' remember.

"HE DID WHAT???" Edward screamed. I faltered, um....didn't he already learn about this.

"Bella, what does it mean, when someone is doing this behind someone else's back?" Alice asked, waving her hands frantically. I shrugged.

"I thought you were doing some sort of crazy dance....or something." I replied, cheekily.

"Very funny." Edward growled. "Now let me go, so I can go kill some vamps." I shook my head.

"Um...no. You need to cool your heels. No pun intended. Anyone else want to go swimming?" I asked, I kept forgetting that we had an inground pool in the backyard. It was really sweet actually. We all filed out of the kitchen to go put our bathing suits on. Edward was lefting cursing to himself, as he continued to try and get free.

After a couple of hours in the pool, I finally got out, and after getting dressed back into some amazingly comfortable sweats, and a crew neck with a cami, I went back to check on Edward. By now, he was somehow sitting on a chair that someone had scooted over for him. He eyed me with interest and scrutinized my every move.

"Edward. If I let you go, will you please promise that you won't go try and kill Rafael or Vince?" I asked quietly. "Rafael is a guest here, and if you go after Vince, he'll simply start a war between the covens." He looked at me sharply, after a moment or two, he slowly nodded his head. I let him go, and he walked towards me, slowly.

"Bella, what if he had hurt you?" he whispered, enveloping me in a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around his rock hard frame. "I couldn't bear to lose you, let alone the twins." I smiled, placing my face against his chest.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore." I murmured softly. "I'm just as invinsible as the rest of you, maybe even more so, since I've got these two with me. They seem to have a knack for growing things." I looked up at him, feeling his worry, and apprehension. "Remember, I will always need you, it's just now, your job is a lot easier, since, I'm much less breakable." I stood on the balls of my feet, as high as I possible could, and kissed his cheek.

"Come on, we need to go see Carlise about another ultra sound." I towed him out of the room, and into the west wing of the house, to the small room, where Carlisle had been storing the medical devices, in order to monitor the twins from time to time.

"Bella, Edward, the twins are perfectly healthy, well as healthy as one of us can be. But you must remember, that we have no previous history of ever having baby vampires. For all we know, you could change back into a human, after they're born." He said, calmly. I felt myself trembling. I didn't want to go back, I loved my new life. "But, I highly doubt that would occur, the transformation is highly difficult, to perform, so it's impossible to go back." I sighed in relief.

"But, it may be possible for any number of things, to happen. For instance, both babies could be born vampires, or one could be human, one could be a vampire, each could be half human, half vampire, or you could have two beautiful human babies." I looked at Edward, and grabbed his hand. "Whatever happens, though, they will be truly special."

"Carlisle, I don't think they'll be human." I said, shaking my head.

"Interesting theory, do you have a specific reason?" he asked, excitedly. I nodded my head yes.

"Um...well, they kind of seem to be able to control nature." I answered, reluctantly. "Alice and I were sort of interrogating another vampire, and we were like, wishing that we had a few chairs, well, out of nowhere, two chairs, kinda appeared. They were made out of branches."

"Wow. But how do you know it wasn't the other vampire?" Carlisle asked gently.

"Because I could feel them moving. It was coming from me, but it wasn't me." I said, a hand moving to my stomach.

"I'll have to look that one up. I don't believe that we've ever had a vampire who could control nature, to make chairs. Very very interesting..." he smiled at us, as we walked back outside into the hallway.

I followed Edward down the hallway, before he tugged me into a room. This one, I had not been in yet. It was a game room, with various things. Pool table, fooseball, darts, etc.

"They really thought of everything didn't they?" I breathed, Edward chuckled, but all at once, I found myself being lifted onto the pool table. My legs dangled over the side, as Edward's hands locked me in, when he placed them on either side of me. He began kissing my jaw, just like he used to, when I was still an ordinary human.

"Edward," I breathed.


"Do I still smell intoxicating to you?" I asked. He didn't answer at first, instead, he grabbed me by the neck and began kissing me.

"Of course." he answered, as if I was being paranoiod. Without waiting for a response, he began kissing me once, more, unlike when we lived in Forks, Edward rarely worried about being careful whenever he kissed me. I loved when he kissed me, and I hated whenever we were interrupted, which Emmett had a knack for doing.

"Can't you two, ever get a room." Speaking of which.

"We did" I growled, against Edward's lips. He turned around, and my arms slid around his neck, as I leaned my chin onto his shoulder, and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Well, now you have to share. Jasper has challenged me to fooseball. Don't worry, Bells, it's made from titanium." Emmett added, when I opened my mouth, to ask about if they were able to break it or not. "Besides, Edward has fixed enough to know how to do it correctly." Edward growled at this, but calmed down as I began kissing him on the cheek.

"I've got winner." Rose called, as she walked into the room. "So Jasper get ready."

"Hey!" Emmett yelped. Edward and I started laughing, at his hurt expression. Alice soon walked in, and announced that Saria and Rafael hadn't left the terrance. The afternoon was spent filled with several competitions, and I soon found myself yawning, after I had just beat Emmett at arm wrestling, eight times in a row. I thought about making a bet, but I didn't want to make him cry.

Edward began steering me up the back staircase, after noticing that I was begining to fall asleep. I crawled into bed, and wormed my way into his arms. Even with my hesitation about getting married, I was glad that I did. I normally didn't think about it anyways, but it was comforting to know that he was mine, not just forever as a couple, but we were binded to each other, in such a permanant way, in permanant mutiple ways. I sighed contently as I passed out in his arms, reassured that we would be perfectly fine from now on.

The next morning, we had school. The weekend had seemed like it had taken eternity to end. It had been emotionally draining, one minute I had been estactic, the next, infuriated. I was kissed awake by Edward, and immediately grabbed his neck and pulled him to me.

"Bella, love, we have to get ready for school." He murmured, against my cheek. I rolled out of bed, and somehow managed to drag myself over to my closet to rumage through my clothing. I found a pair jeans with strategicaly placed holes, and a light turquoise crew neck that went perfectly under a white halter top vest, that had the same blue, along with lighter blue and brown pinstripes. I double wrapped a cereaulan blue necklace that matched, and ran a brush through my thick layers. My sideways bangs curled aroun to frame my face, as my ringlets draped down my back.

Edward was wearing a simple pair of jeans and a thin shirt, that showed off his abs. We walked hand in hand down to the kitchen, so that I could eat breakfast, before leaving. He walked me to my third and final class, kissing me long and deeply; more than usual. Turning around, I instantly knew why. Vince and Jacquline were seated inside the classroom; Vicnce was eyeing us, as Jacquline examined her cuticles.

Class was simple enough. I took detailed notes, and wrote down the exam dates, before allowing my mind to wander over to where Edward would be. After class, I was on my way to meet Edward, Alice, and Jasper, when I was ambushed. Before I knew what was going on, I was being shoved into an empty classroom. I threw my wrists out in front of me, to break my fall, but thankfully, my attacker caught me and righted me on my feet. I staggered away from him, gasping in fright. I hadn't gotten a glimpse of his face until I was halfway across the room.

But when I did, I immediately felt relieved, followed by confusion. Asher. Wait. Why did he shove me into a class room, if it was him? He could have just asked to talk to me.

"What's going on?" I asked, tiredly, yawning to boot.

"Bella, I had to talk to you." He murmured, crossing over to me.

"It's called a phone." I retorted, with a grin. "Why didn't you just call me to talk? It's not that hard you know." I teased.

"Well, I wanted to see you." he added momentarily.

"So you shoved me into an empty classroom?" I asked skeptically. "Asher what is going on?" But before I could do anything, he had grabbed me and crashed his lips on mine. I froze, freaking out. I tried to push him away, but realized that he was to strong, possibly from him being mixed of both wolf and vampire. Eventually I threw him off of me, mentally shoving my weight against him. He hit the wall, with a grin.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" I hissed, appalled. So Alice's vision did come true, I knew that I should have asked about that. I mean, a little warning would have been nice.

"Bella, come on, you had to have felt what was between us." he said grinning. I immediately began shaking my head.

"Asher, I am married! You cannot go around kissing people! Especially married people!" I yelled, only getting angrier, due to his unruly grin, that wouldn't go away.

"You need to leave him." Asher said calmly. "He treats you like crap. Bella, don't even try to disregard that." he said, when I rolled my eyes. "Remember, Saria, his little girlfriend?"

"Shut up. You don't know anything I hissed. For one thing, Saria isn't a problem anymore." I babbled, tears behind my eyes.

"Aww, did you kill her without me Bella?" he whined, suddenly reminding me of Jake.

"No. She found her soulmate. You know how Edward's mine." I said. But he didn't seem to hear me.

"If you and Edward were soulmates, he never would have let you get near me." he said hoarsly. "You're so called husband would never have even noticed Saria."

"Listen, Asher, there's no us." I said, motioning between the two of us. "I will completely forget this idiotic conversation ever happened, okay?" I made a move for the door, but instead found myself being slammed against a wall.

"No. Not okay. Bella, I know you feel the same way for me. Just admit it to yourself." he breathed, leaning in. This entire senario felt oddly familar.

"NO!" I yelled. I threw everything; my anger at Asher, my love for Edward; my entire emotional being, into pushing him away. It worked, by throwing him into another brick wall. But that wasn't all that happenend; an intense wind had kicked up in the room, as if someone had turned on a high powered fan. What ever it was, happened simulatneously as Asher was thrown into the air. I sprinted out of the room, not bothering to wait and make sure he was okay.

I was so angry, that I didn't even realize how dark the sky had gotten. I reached the car sobbing in anger, and threw myself in. The other three were there in seconds, and I didn't say a word, as I accelorated out of the parking lot. I easily hit two hundred, scaring even Edward. But I refused to say anything. I pulled up to the house with a screeching halt, allowing Jasper and Alice time to climb out of the car. I didn't move, and neither did Edward. I immediatly threw the car into reverse, hitting the same speed. We drove in silence. Eventually I pulled up to a stop and we went into the woods. I showed him the clearing in which Rafael attacked me that day.

I collapsed into his arms, finally allowing myself to feel safe. I was so exhausted, from being repeatedly attacked, from vampires, from infatuation and love. It was all so drainingly annoying.

"Bella, what happened what's wrong?" Edward murmured, pulling me into his arms. I looked up at him, seeing his fear, and worry.

"Remember Alice's vision?" I asked glumly as he nodded sharply. "It came true."

"You kissed someone?" he asked horrified.

"NO!" I hissed. "He kissed me." I was so angry at Asher, one of my friends. What was wrong with him?

"Who?" he asked, quietly. I looked at him qustionably. "I won't kill him as of right now." he promised. I nearly choked.

"It doesn't matter, I might alreadly have." I answered, giving a hollow laugh. Edward, appeared to be holding back a grin.

"What happened?"

"Well, he seems to have deluded himself into thinking that I would leave you and go away with him, and that you were a jerk, because you were playing with Saria." At my words, Edward had stiffened immensly. "But I think that the twins are growing."

"Why?" he asked suddenly ammused. "More plant like chairs?" I grinned inspite of my stress.

"No. Actually, when I threw him off, some sort of extremely powerful wind, like one that would accompany a tornado, showed up out of nowhere, but what scares me, is that I know it wasnt' me or Asher." Edward, opened his mouth to reply, but I beat him to it. "I"m not crazy. I didn't imagine it."

"Bella, love, that was not what I was going to say. I was about to point out, that, your theory would explain, why the sky nearly went black today."

"It did what?" I hissed in suprise. Edward began chuckling, as he pulled me closer to him.

"You three are going to be such a handful aren't you?" he whispered. Kissing me on my nose.

"What do you mean three?" I asked. "They're the ones, with the crazy powers."

"Says the girl who has a knack for trouble, and is not normal, by a long shot." He stopped me from retorting, by kissing me, deeply. He had moved to my jaw, when I felt him suddenly shift into a defensive position, shoving me away from him as a scream of "No!!" had sounded. I fell against the ground, immediately, rolling onto my feet, to see what in the world was going on.

Edward had thrown off an ivory colored wolf, who landed on its feet, several feet away. Before they could attack each other again, I froze them both. I walked over to I was between the two, but out of the line of fire. I released the wolf's head, and waited for a moment, before speaking, so as to make sure that it had worked.

"Listen, he's not going anywhere." I said. It was obviously freaking out. "I will let you go, in order to change back, and speak on your own. I hate going through translations and getting the extra edited version. Don't try anything funny." I warned. I waited until it had nodded yes, before releasing it. It turned out to be a she. I waited for her to get dressed, adverting my eyes, before freezing her legs again.

"What do you think you're doing?" She yelled. "I did what you asked."

"Calm down. I'm going to do the same thing to him." I explained, as I released Edward. Instantly a growl, sounded, and died away, as he realized what was going on.

"Bella, why did you freeze me?" he complained, angry.

"Even playing field. You're both frozen from the waist down, so there will be no screaming, or yelling, or anything else, that is not civil." I looked at both of them, recieving, angry looks from both of them. "So what's your name?" I asked the girl.

"Adrianna" she answered, glaring at Edward.

"Pretty name." I replied. It fit her appearnce to a tee. Her platinum blonde hair, hit her shoulders in curly layers, with sideways bangs. Adrianna's eyes, were a deep silver, full of unhappiness at the current circumstances.

"I'm Bella, and this is Edward." Neither looked very excited over the introductions. "Do you mind explaining, why you were trying to kill us?" I asked cheerfuly.

"I was trying to save you." she retorted angrily. "Bella, I know he may seem sweet and endearing, but he's a predator, and if given the chance, which he had, he'll try to rip your throat out." I had to choke back a smile. "I know, that you won't believe this, but he's what you humans call a vampire."

"Oh, I know, and you're a werewolf. Although, I didn't know that they existed outside of the Quilletite Indians." At my easy explanation, she looked shocked, it made sense, I mean, I wasn't exactly the most ordinary human, before I changed.

"So you would risk your neck to hang out with a bloodsucker?" she spat at Edward's feet.

"Yep. In fact, we're married, and he's a vegetarian." I added.

"What?" she yelped. "First off you're insane, and secondly, a vamp who's vegetarian?"

"Yes, we don't want to be monsters." Edward snapped. "My family feeds off of animals. Just like you humans do."

"So? That doesn't make you safe. You could still kill her, easily." Adrianna pointed out.

"Well, that was a risk, but it isn't anymore." I said cheerfully. Her eyes narrowed, considerably.

"You let him change you?" she guessed, disapproval, lining her voice.

"Um..there wasn't really any permission about it. Although I had wanted him to, but let's just say that I'm not a normal vampire." Edward grinned over at me, I let him go, and he pulled me into his arms, kissing me on the forhead.

"How so?" she asked suspiciously.

"Um...no thirst, for one," I replied. Her jaw dropped and she spent about a minute mouthing wordlessly.

"That's not possible." she finally managed to get out.

"That's what everyone else said." I informed her grinning. "Do you live around here?" I asked.

"Yes," was Adrianna answered, sharing my grin.

"Well, would you like to come have dinner with me? Yes, I eat food." I added, laughing before she could ask.

"Do you really think that's a good idea?" She asked hesitatantly.

"Yes, don't worry, I can take care of my family." I said, unfreezing her.

"Okay. I would like that." We smiled at each other, as the three of us headed to my car. Edward sat in the back, as I drove back to house.

"So, do you have a pack?" I asked causually. She seemed to freeze at the quesiton. Not out of fear, but out of surprise.

"How -"

"Do I know about packs?" I supplied, when she nodded, Edward and I exchanged a glance. "Long story short, we know one, and teamed up with them once."

"Oh. I didn't know that could happen. But no, I don't have a pack." she answered softly. We pulled up to a stop, in front of my house, next to a car, that I didn't recognize.

"Edward, who's car is that?" I asked. But he shook his head, while Adrianna stared at it curiously. We walked inside, and of course, the group was sitting in the kitchen. It was rather odd, seeing as I was the only one in the house who ever ate food.

"I just really need to talk to her. I kinda was a jerk to her today, and I want to apologize." I froze outside the door, and nearly took a step backwards. What was Asher doing here?? Edward, stiffened, as well, and I turned and threw my arms around his neck.

"I love you" I whispered, against his lips. "And if we have to kill him, I get to hit him first." Edward began chuckling, and had to allow Adrianna and I to enter without him at first, while he attempted to regain control of his voice.

Asher, immediately turned around, as we walked in, "Bella! I really need to talk to you" he said, until his eyes fell onto Adrianna. They were staring at each other, Asher, looked extremely happy, while Adrianna, looked utterly horrified.

"Adri?" he hushed in an excited whisper, but, she wasn't looking at him, instead she was staring at me, her eyes, trying to tell me something. So I immediately froze everyone, but us, it would be easier to talk this way anyways.

"Thank you! But you didn't tell me that he would be here!" she hissed. I blinked, how exactly was this my fault?

"Um...I didn't know that you knew him." I managed to get out. "What's the problem, exactly?"

"I don't have time to tell you. But is there anywhere you can hide me?" she asked frantically. I nodded immediately.

"Pick any room you like, it would probably work best if you just go up stairs, that way you're further away. I'll come looking for you, after I get rid of him." she nodded and then started sprinting. I waited until I heard several doors open and slam shut, before releasing everyone.

"Adri, how is this--" but Asher ended as he realized that I was the only one standing in front of him. "Bella, where is she at?" he hissed. I looked at him feigning confusion.

"Asher, who are you talking about. I just walked in, and you said, that you wanted to talk to me, who is Adri?" He stared at me equally confused, not wanting to let the subject go.

"Um...nevermind..." he said finally. "Can we talk?" I nodded as I motioned for him to follow me out into the hallway, in which Edward was still giggling, and upon seeing my pained expression, started giggling even harder.

"Asher, what do you want?" I asked, when we were finally alone.

"I'm sorry," he said abrubtly.

"It's okay." I said.

"I kinda went about it the wrong way. I should have thought it through better and it just didn't happen like I planned."

"Wait! Are you apologizing for the act itself or for how it went down?" I asked sharply.

"Um..the latter." he replied grinning. I'd love to introduce him to Jake at the moment.

"YOU'RE UNBELIEVEABLE!" I yelled. But he just grinned. "Asher, I really think that you need to go home. Now." I said firmly. But he didn't budge, so I moved him. Not with my hands, because he was soo much stronger than I was, so I simply levitatted him, opened the door, and threw him out.

"Wow, your powers are growing." Alice said from behind me. I turned to look at her grinning. "What'd he do this time?" she asked

"remember your vision?" she nodded. "A little warning would have been nice." I said sourly.

"Ooh. Sorry Bells, but remember, I thought that you had made the decision. My bad." I glowered at her. "But why do I smell wolf?"

"There's one upstairs." I replied grinning. "Come on, help me find her, Asher kind of freaked her out."

"She's in the nursery." Alice informed me.

"Can you see her?" I asked dazed.

"No, I can smell her. It's a wonder Asher didn't."

"Oh." obvious answer. I slowly opened the door to the nursery, and peered inside. Adrianna was curled up in the corner behind the crib.

"Is he gone?" she squeaked, losing all bravado. I nodded slowly, and she began to creep out of her hiding place.

"Why did you freak out when you saw him?" I asked, calmly, trying not to scare her again.

"It's a long story. But I'll tell you if you share as well." I thought about it, and then agreed.

"I have no Asher for a very long time. We met in Greece, while my family was on vacation. It was before all of the drama with me being a wolf." she added as an after thought.

"We'd go there for about three months, once a year. He was charming, and sweet, and he was mine." I smiled, at the last part, reminding myself of Edward and me.

"I hated leaving each summer, I always cried on the way home, dying for the car to turn around and leave me behind. My parents always suspected that there was a guy that I was leaving each year in Greece, but they never voiced that idea, and I never told them.

"It was the summer I turned seventeen. I had gone out with Asher, like I had done everytime. Nothing had changed, until I got home. My mother had been freaking out, more lately. She'd all of a sudden, become like a warden, with me. Afraid that someone would try to harm me, and when she realized that all these years, I'd been with a guy, and not a group of friends, she went crazy at me.

"I got so angry, that I changed. I have no idea how though. I hadn't gotten any other indicator, and the weirdest part is that I'm not part of a pack. But thankfully, I got myself out of there, before I hurt anyone.

"I was gone for a week, before I calmed down enough to change. But it was too late. My entire family was dead, even my little brother and sister. Asher, freaked out, obviously thinking that I had done it. He never voiced the opinon either, but he started acting odd during the next couple of days eventually disappearing all together. We never told each other what was so special about us. I never had confirmation that he was in fact a vampire, not until much later, he was like you. Lack of smell."

"I am so sorry." I murmured; she looked at me expectantly, so I nodded. "Edward and I fell in love during my junior year, both of us seventeen. Unfortunately, Edward has always been way overprotective and well, he decided that for my safety, to leave." My voice broke as I uttered these words.

"And they did, after a certain incident, that occured on my eighteenth birthday. But the seperation nearly killed both of us. I completely stopped living, I supose it could be compared to a catatonic state. But my best friend, Jake brought me back. But then again, he was quite special too.

"Another vampire?" Adrianna guessed.

"Nope. Werewolf." I said grinning. "There's an entire pack up there. Only one female in the whole bunch. But anyways, Jake had promised to take me cliff diving, and couldn't because of this other vampire who was trying to kill me. Well, Alice saw me falling to my death, because she can't see wolves, and so after a mix-up, Alice and I went to Italy in order to save Edward.

"After that had all occured, we, all three of us, went home. Jake wasn't too pleased, apparently, he fell in love with me."

"How did you choose?" Adrianna wanted to know.

"I fell for both of them, but what I feel for Edward is so strong, that it's absence nearly destroyed me. So I knew. We were engaged, when I finally talked him in to it." I said, Adrianna, nodding, knowing what I meant.

"Well, the plan was to change me after we got here, and then keep me underground, in order to control my thirst. It was just that I seemed to change before that. It's the reason for this room actually."

"Wait, how is that possible? I mean, aren't you guys supposed to be undead?"

"I suppose in a way. But then again, I suppose that there aren't any specific rules. I have no thirst, therefore no eyes, and no smell. I'm practically all the pros about being a vampire, without the cons."

"Wow." Adrianna said, gulping. "And I thought I was special. I mean, obviously, I have to have some relative who's at least part Native American, but it doesn't make up for the fact that I have platnium blonde hair." I grinned at her.

"Okay, we need to go back downstairs, and introduce you to the rest of the family." I helped her up, and towed her towards the doorway.

"They won't kill me will they?" she asked warily. I grinned at her and shook my head.

"Don't worry, I can handle my family."