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Bella's story

I actually wrote this in June on another fan site, but they ended up shutting down, and I wanted to continue it. This is my idea of how Bella should be turned into a vampire. She and Edward are engaged, but then another problem shows up in teh form of a stalker.


8. Chapter 8

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We walked downstairs and back into the kitchen. Edward had finally ducked inside and taken a seat. The rest of them were there as well, except for Esme and Carlilse of course, because they still lived in Forks.

"Okay, everyone, this is Adrianna." I said, hopping up onto the counter.

"Did another person try to kill you?" Emmett asked mockingly.

"No. This time, she was trying to save me and kill Edward." I said grinning. Edward rolled his eyes at my enthusiasm and sent a glare at Emmett.

"Okay, so, are you here to negotiate a treaty for your pack then?" Rosealie asked quickly. Adrianna looked up at her in surprise.

"I don't have a pack." She answered quietly. Emmett seemed to relax, as everyone else jumped in surprise.

"You mean, like you ditched or something?" Jasper asked quietly. But Adrianna just shook her head.

"No. I mean, there is no pack. It's just me." She sent a look at me, and I responded with a reasurring glance, and then she plunged into her story again.

"So, are you staying somewhere nearby?" Rosealie asked. Alice immediately began nodding, with a huge grin plastered onto her face.

"Um..here and there. Pretty much whatever I find." Adrianna finally admitted.

"Would you like to stay here?" Alice asked suddenly. But then she shot a look of forced remorse over to me, "I mean, as long as Bella's okay with it. I mean it is her house after all." I grinned and began nodding.

"You are always welcome here." I looked over at Edward and he gave a slight nod. "it's settled then. I'm sure Alice already knows which room will be yours. She's got a knack for that sort of thing."

Before Adrianna could say or do anything, Alice had popped up from her seat, and was already towing her out of the kitchen. The moment the were out of ear shot, Emmett began pointing out flaws.

"Bella, this could be dangerous to us all! For instance, how do you know she's not part of a pack? She could be lying, and they might all attack."

"Emmett, are you afraid of her?" I asked mockingly. "Be serious, how logical is that statement you just made. Obviously, she's scared, alone and besides, what's the harm?" I asked. He didn't give a straight answer. He just kinda grumbled a bit afterwards.

Eventually the rest of them filed out of the kitchen and Edward turned towards me.

"So, Mrs. Cullen, what else do you have up your sleeve?" he asked, kissing me softly on the lips. I grinned at him, after drawing back for a moment.

"I thought we'd agreed on Mr. Swan" I said cheekily, before kissing him again. Edward chuckled as he pulled me against him, roughly kissing me. My arms entertwined into his hair, and his arms had ensnared my waist. I felt a rush of energy, as the kiss went even deeper. We broke apart though, when we heard giggles.

Alice was standing in the doorway, pointing above our heads.

"Apparently the twins seemed to enjoy that their parents are still very much in love." I was about to ask what she meant, when I saw her gaze. Looking up, I saw a bouquet of mistle tow above our heads. Without responding, I turned back to Edward and kissed him again.

"Hey Alice." Edward said.

"Yea?" she asked, smirking.

"Get out." he said, kisssing me again. I started laughing at her expression of feigned hurt, as she retreated out of the room.

"Do you want to go upstairs?" I asked, against his lips. He nodded and within seconds we were there, the door shutting behind us.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to find Adrianna eating a bowl of cereal. She looked a bit remorseful when I walked in.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I got really hungry." she said immediately. I waved her off, and grabbed a clean bowl and a box of Cherios.

"Don't be. I'm the only one in the entire house that eats. You live here now, so you are welcome to any food in the house." I said grinnning. "Besides, I'd never be able to eat all of this myself." We both started laughing as we finished our meal.

"I have to say this, I love this house." I smiled at her and nodded.

"Thanks. So do I. Edward's family picked it out and bought it for us. It's perfect, I wouldn't want one any different. Oh, where did Alice put you?" I asked.

"Um...second floor, I have a balcony. But it's an awesome room, it's ivory with gold trim." she said.

"Ooh, it sounds pretty. You won't believe this, but I actually haven't seen all of the house since we moved in at the begining of the semester." Adrianna erupted into giggles as we headed out to the living room.

"Good morning!" I said cheerfully, as I grabbed my messenger bag, up from the floor. "Are you guys ready? Feel free to do whatever while were gone. I'm sure you can enroll in classes if you want or need to." she nodded slowly. I waved goodbye as Edward led me out the door, behind Alice and Jasper.

Edward dropped me off at my first class, kissing me just before allowing me to slip inside. Surprisingly neither Jaqueline or Vince showed up for this one. It was so unusuual, that I felt a twinge of worry. I decided to skip out on the rest of my classes, on impulse, and ran home, leaving the keys in my car for Edward, Jasper, and Alice. I unlocked the door, using my mind, since my house key was on the same key ring as my car keys, and slowly opened the door. After sliding inside, I moved silently through the house. I went straight to the family room and saw that it appeared normal, a little too normal. I ran to the kitchen and saw that the fridge door was standing open. I knew that something was wrong, so I ran to her room, desperately hoping that she was still there.

I slowed, to hide my footsteps, and peered quietly into the door. The room was torn apart, I heard voices, low and beautiful in tone, speaking quietly and then I heard a terrified squeak, which was obviously Adrianna.

"What do you want?" she asked, terrified. I saw her shrink back against the wall, as one stepped forward, at that I burst into the room.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?" I hissed. There were four whom jumped out of shock. The one nearest to Adrianna, recoiled, growling.

"Why would we tell you? What do you want to know of us anyways. You're just an insignificant human." One stepped forward, and began purring,

"You don't want to be here, this is just a dream, a story that you've created in your mind. Go home and eat. You'll feel better, just forget all of this happened." I saw Adrianna smirk, at the thought of them mistaking me for an ordinary human. She opened her mouth to say something, but I gave a slight jerk of my head.

"Alex, come on, we don't have much time." another hissed. At the mention of the name, Adrianna jumped, with a small yelp escaping her. Everyone turned to look at her, and I took the oppurtunity to blast this Alex into a wall. Adrianna dove across the room, taking shelter behind me.

"What?! What was that?" One of the three men shrieked. They all began looking around, trying to grasp an idea as to what had happened. Oddly none of them had considered that the explosion had come from me. Eventually Alex was able to retrieve himself from the demolished wall, and he was none too pleased.

"Apparently our little friend Adrianna has a few powers, that she neglected to mention." he said acidly spitting at my feet. I grinned at him, as they all looked past me. I decided that I would have a little fun with this group.


Immediately one of them began to float, upside down. The individual began shrieking, as another tried to help him down. Alex glared at Adrianna, shoving past me, to get to her. As I fell to the ground, so did the one that had been floating, since my concentration had been broken. I flipped over to land on my back a shoved Alex through another wall face first. I then sent a table flying at the other two, in order to keep them busy.

"Come one!" I yelled, dragging myself to my feet and grabbing Adrianna's arm. "We need to get out of here!" We ran out into the room, nearly colliding with a wall, in the corridor. We sprinted down the steps, only to have another trio confront us.

"Nice try ladies, but it's time to go. Without pausing to think I shoved two of them together, causing them to curse one another and take the time to detangle themselves. We dove over them, and began sprinting for the garage. The only vehicle in the garage was Jasper's bike. Luckily he kept the keys and the helmet hanging on the wall.

I threw the helmet at Adrianna, and jumped on the bike.

"You're going to have to hold on!" I yelled, over the engine as it rolled to life. I felt her clutch my waist, and I hit the accelorator as the wall erupted with the explosion of the six vampires, or what ever they were. I hit one hundred and eighty in no time, no doubt terrifying Adrianna. Eventually I lost them, and I slowed the bike, as I neared the state line. I pulled off into a truck stop, and we headed into a diner. After sliding into a booth, I looked up at Adrianna.

"Explanation. Now." I said staring into her, wide terrified eyes, my own were no doubt a deep shade of midnight blue.

She sighed, and looked at her hands.

"Hello, how can I help you?" I looked up at the waitress and smiled.

"Two cokes please." She hurried away, and within minutes was back with our drinks. Once, she left, Adrianna began her story.

"Okay, remember how I told you that Asher had started acting all weird, after I'd changed?" she asked. I nodded slowly. "Well, he once mentioned someone he knew by the name of Alex. He told me that if he should ever show up, that I should disapear."

"Did he ever say why?" I asked.

"No. Asher disappeared soon after that, it tore me to pieces, he never said goodbye, he just left. I eventually had to get out of the house, so I went to the market. I stayed out for several hours, before finally coming home. It had been ransacked. I didn't bother grabbing anything except for this locket." She pulled it from out of her shirt; it was a gold heart, with double A's intertwined.

"Asher gave it to me for my birthday that summer. I haven't taken it off, except for that day. It had been beneath my floorboard, I hadn't wanted to look at it ever again, that day. But I knew that I couldn't leave it, so I made sure to grab it, before running off.

"I never stayed anywhere, for more than a few days at a time. I moved from city to city, until I reached the border. From there, I would go from country to country. Eventually I ended up here. I thought I'd lost them, I have no idea how in the world they managed to trace me here. I've been to nearly every country in Europe and a few in Asia."

"Well, they obviously want something. I know you're not going to like this idea, but we're going to need to talk to Asher."

"I don't think I can." she whispered. "I haven't talked to him since that last time in Greece."

"You can, and you have to." I answered. "He'll be estatic to see you. He was in the kitchen, when you had me freeze him. It took me several minutes to convince him that you were never there."

"Are you sure?" she asked quietly.

"Positive." I answered, pulling out my cell phone. "Edward, we have a problem."


"What do you mean, demolished the house?" Edward asked narrowly.

"I mean, that there are several walls with rather large holes in them." I replied. I ran my fingers through my thick hair, holding the bangs out of my face. "Luckily, they think I'm still human. This Alex, tried to tell me that I was dreaming, and to go home. They think that Adrianna has the ability to throw people, and dangle them upside down." I grinned at the memory.

"Great, just great." he muttered. "Bella, you have a knack for finding trouble. Do you know that?" he whispered, kissing me on the head.

"Hey, this wasn't me this time!" I answered stubbornly. "They're after Adianna."

"Who brought her home?" he asked, cheekily.

"Fine. You win." I muttered. He grinned, and kissed me.

"Love birds, we do have a problem you know." Alice interjected. She was standing in the middle of the clearing next to Adrianna and Jasper. "What do you propose we do. I mean, other than making out."

"Haha, hilarious." I retorted. I ran my hands through my hair again, and then continued, "We need to talk to Asher." Jasper began nodding, and pulled out his cell phone. Seconds later, he hung up.

"Ten minutes." he said, putting it back into his pocket. As a safety measure, we had all decided to stay away from the house, for a few days. We figured that tehy would be watching it, in hopes of being able to snatch Adrianna. Edward and I were sitting on the hood of his volvo, while Jasper was leaning against his bike. Alice kept pacing, while Adrianna had leaned against Alice's mustang.

Sure enough, Asher arrived in the time frame that Jasper had allotted. He pulled up in a beat up Honda.

"What's going on?" he asked, jumping out of the car. Adrianna was hidden from his view, as was planned, as a precaution to keep him from running.

"Well, Asher, I recieved a few unexpected house guests this morning." I said acidly, sitting up and looking at him. He gave me a quzzical stare, oblvious to what was going on. "We were hoping you would help us with this little problem."

"Sure, who was it?" he asked confused.

"We're not quite sure, other than that one of them was named Alex." The second that I mentioned his name, Asher's face drained of color. "Ring any bells?" I asked sweetly.

"How do you know Alex?" he asked hoarsly.

"We were wondering the same thing about you." Alice chimed in.

"It's a long story," he began.

"Trust me, we have time." I interjected. Asher, stared at me in surprise.

"I woke, up alone, after my transformation, after wandering for five years, I met this vampire. He invited me to lie wtih his coven, I accepted, because I had no idea what to do. Alex, is a rather special vampire. He draws people in, and I'm not talking like the normal vampire trade mark. I mean, vampires included.

"There's something about him that makes everyone around him, want to be near him constantly, and please him as well. He of course uses it to his advantage. After six decades of living wtih his coven, I finally was able to break free, although, not before he learned waht was so special about me.

"You see, Alex has never met a werewolf, much less a half breed. So I intrigued him to no end. So, when I decided to split, Alex was not happy about it. Somehow he was able to trace me to Greece, but he kept his distance, not letting me know it, until it was too late.

"During the time I spent in Greece, I fell in love with this girl, a human. She was gorgeous, sweet, funny. My other half." I grinned in spite of myself.

"It was the summer of her seventeenth birthday, that everything went to pieces. She was a lot moodier that summer, I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Everything had been the same, as it always had been, until that night."

"We'd gone to a nice restaurant, as a birthday celebration, and then when I dropped her off, I knew somehting was wrong in her house, immediately. He had gotten to them. None of them had been spared, That's when she disapeared, one minute she had been in the room, the next she was just gone.

"I was terrified that he had taken her, as some kind of punishment to me. I trailed him, but he didn't have her, I ended up stuck with him for several months, and I found out that he had been tracking her. Not to kill her, but to toy with her. He had seen the transformation and it scared and delighted him.

"That's when I found out why she disappeared. Eventually, when I got away again, I started to search for her, but I was unable to locater her. I kept running from Alex, and eventually I got away for good, by coming here and then joined this coven. I search for her every couple of years, but I could never find her.

"If Alex, has attacked you, he must think that you have some connection with me, or wolves. I doubt he knows much about you, or that other pack that you claimed to have known....but that owuld mean.." his voice broke off, obvlious not daring to voice his hope.

"Asher, you didn't seem to be looking hard enough." He jumped in surprise, as Adrianna walked past me and Edward. "I thought you hated me." she whispered. I could hear the pain in her voice. I knew exactly how she felt when he left her, because I had gone through it to. The seperation, the anxiety.

"Adri, I could never hate you. Don't you remember what I said, your seventeenth birthday?"

"You told me that nothing could seperate us, that unlike the sun and the moon, we didn't have to wait for an eclipse to be together. That we had an eternity to spend with one another." she had a small smile on her lips as she recalled the words, her hand twisting the necklace that he had given her.

Very slowly, Asher, took a small step towards her, and without thinking about it, she did the same. We all watched as the two drew nearer to one another, and before long they were practically nose to nose.

He cupped her neck, and hesitated, whispering, "I will always love you." before leanign in and kissing her. We all adverted our eyes, attempting to give tehm some privacy, before Alice finally interjected.

"As much as I hate to interrupt this precious moment, but we have a problem. Alex and a bunch of his friends attempted to kidnap her today, and they think that Bella is still human." Asher's face whitened at the mention of today's events.

"He didn't." he hissed. She nodded slowly. "I'm kill him."

"As great as that sounds, we kinda need to know what he wants with her." Edward interjected. "Which also means, that we cannot go back to the house, and we need to assume that he's watching us. Bella, is possible the only one he thinks is in contact with Adrianna. He obviously thinks that she's a harmless human."

"So what do we do?" Jasper asked.

"I don't know." Edward admitted.

"Well, shouldn't we go on as we have. At least me. I mean, he obviously thinks I'm harmless, so shouldn't I just go back home?" I asked.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!!" Edward hissed. "We aren't using you as bait. Especially not when your pregnant!"

"Edward, nothing will happen. I doubt that they'll even--"

"Yes, they will. They will come after you." Asher interjected. "Alex will stop at nothing, and we can't go stay with my coven, cause Jaqueline and Vince will turn on you without a moment's hesitation."

"Well, then what do you propose we do?" I asked.

"We need to go underground. All of us. Until we can figure out what Alex wants, and how to defeat him, we need to disappear." Asher answered. "I don't recommend going back to where you gusy moved from, because of they will follow you and go after that pack.

"So what do you want propose we do?" Alice asked. "I mean, where are we supposed to go exactly? Should we split up or stay in one large group?"

"If we split up, they'll just pick us off one by one." Asher answered.

"But if we stay together, it'll be easier to find us." Jasper said.

"Not necesarily." I said, causing everyone to look at me. "Think about it. They've only seen Asher, me, and Adrianna. As long as we keep hidden, the rest will be fine."

"She's got a point." Adrianna said, grinning. "The only real problem is finding a place and securing it."

"There's an abandoned mansion in the northern woods." Alice offered. "It'll hold all of us. I'll call Rose and tell her to stay in England for the time being.

The house itself was gorgeous. And huge. It was surrounded by a huge stone wall, that was overgrown with plant life. Adrianna's, Asher's, and Edward's and my room were all in the center of the house, because they were deemed the safest.

We tried to make the best of it, but we were all rather worried, about the whole situation. . Edward kept me well distracted, and Asher did the same for Adrianna. Jasper and Alice were the only ones to ever leave the house during hte day. Alice made sure that we were well clothed, and to bring me and Adrianna food. Jasper took care of teh hunting for Edward and Asher.

"They've filed a missing person's report on Adrianna and Bella." Our jaws dropped at the news.

"What does this mean?" I asked slowly, attempting to remember to breathe.

"It means, that the police are now looking for you and that if you are found, they will possible try to arrest us and then hand you over to Alex and his cronies." Alice answered.

"But Edward and I are married, how can they lock him up for us being together?" I asked.

"That will take a few days to check out. By then, it'll be too late. Alex will have gotten his hands on you two." Alice looked up at Jasper, and gave a slight nod. I immediately began to feel much calmer. I felt Edward's arms wrap around me tighter, and I buried my face into his chest.

"We'll just have to be extra careful." he said. "I won't let them take you away." he whispered into my ear.

"But how much more careful can we be?" Adrianna askeed. "Only Jasper and Alice leave the house, and it's not like any of them know where we are."

"I think maybe that we need to use some bait." I said, knowing that no one would agree.

"Bella it's too dangerous!" Alice yelped.

"I know, but it's about the only option we have. We can't just stay here for teh next six decades. We've got to do something."

"She has a point you know." Adrianna said, quietly. "They'll find us eventually and when they do they'll slaughter you for harboring us."

"There's another solution, there has to be. No one is going to be used for bait. Least of all you." Edward said, pointedly to me. "We just need a little more time, that's all. "I don't think we should call the others just yet. We need to formulate some sort of plan first." He said, answering Jasper's unvoiced question.

I shook my head in agreement. Although Emmett would agree with me, I didn't want the others to get hurt. The entire situation was ridiculous, and the fact that I couldn't do anything was driving me crazy.

Nearly two weeks later, even Edward was starting to get fed up with the lack of progression of our situation. He finally decided to just take me out for a nice long walk.

We had been out for hours, deep in the jungle, and I was having an amazing time. I adored being Edward, and the twins were quite content, we ended up finding a waterfall and decided to go swimming; or rather, Edward tackled me into the water. After awhile, I climbed out and shook out my drenched curls. I sat down on a rock, and Edward joined me when he finally got out as well.

On the way back, we were walking hand in hand through the woods, when we heard a twig snap. Edward put his arm around me protectively, neither of us knowing what was stalking us.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" a seductive voice said. We both turned to see a man of about twenty-five, watching us intensly. It was Alex.

"Who are you?" Edward snarled. Alex smiled warmly, in what appeared to be an attempt to soothe him.

"I'm Alex, I'm merely a friend, I'm no threat to either of you." his voice was warm, and soothing. Edward, slowly straightened up and held out his hand as my jaw dropped.

"Edward?" I whispered.

"You needn't worry." Alex murmured. "She'll be perfectly fine, why don't you just run along?" To my extreme horror, Edward did just that. Within seconds he was sprinting away, leaving me alone with Alex.

"What do you want?" I hissed, and in return, he annoyingly smiled.

"Information my dear. Where by chance is your friend, Adrianna, I believe her name is?" I stared at him in disbelief. Did he honestly think that I would tell him, just because he asked nicely?

"I don't know any Adrianna." I told him shortly. "You obviously are mistaken. Now if you don't mind, I'll be going." I turned, prepared to run, when I was immediately surrounded by about twenty others.

"Now now, dear, you don't want to do anything that you would regret." Alex purred. "I mean after all, we just need information. You see, my daughter was kidnapped by a group of people. Well, she got away, but hasn't been able to keep contact with me, we believe that this girl you were with, is my daughter."

"Oh. Well, that changes everything." I said bubbly. "I mean, you poor thing, lost your daughter and you're just trying to find her..." he smiled at me, obviously enthused that I was convinced by his little tale. But, within the next instant, my voice revealed my true meaning.

"If only you learned how to lie." I said acidly. "I mean, of course I would help you find your daughter. Oh, wait, you don't have one besides, like she'd be kidnapped, she would just run away, in hopes of getting as far away from you as possible.

"Listen, next time you try and lie, actually come up with a story that makes sense. Instead of trying to feed me this crap. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to be going."

Unfortunately, Alex and his goons had other plans. Two of them blocked my path, making me turn back towards Alex. He had a tight confused smile on his face.

"Make them let go of me." I hissed. But he didn't even move. So I threw the both of them, into Alex. The three slid backwards into a tree, and the rest of them advanced on me.

I threw a few more, while several were slammed to the ground when a large tree toppled over. I was about to sprint, when the world went black.

I groaned, my head aching like crazy. I slowly raised my head, and noted that I was sitting in a chair. What was worse, I was cuffed to it.

"Ah, you're awake, how do you feel?" Alex was leaning against a stainless steel table across the room.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"that information is rather irrelevant." Alex answered grinning. "But you know what information is valuable. Your powers for instance. You know, I never did imagine that witches existed."

"Wait, you think that I'm a witch?" I sputtered, choking down a laugh. "Are you insane?"

"Yes, that's what they all ask. But no, no I'm simply curious. Now, what exactly is your name, my dear?"

"Bella." I spit. "What do you want anyways?" He began chuckling, and simply chucked my chin.

"Well, originally I wanted information, now I want that, along with an explanation as to what you are. I mean, witches? I never even thought of the possiblities."

"You are an idiot. I don't even know what you're talking about!" I hissed.

"Bella, you are far more intelligent than you're giving yourself credit for. I mean, you threw me and two of my friends about three hundred feet simultaneously. Not to mention the fact that you somehow toppled trees and dangled a few others in mid air, with vines.

"So? What's your point?" I asked acidly.

"You are an extreme oddity. I mean, I've never seen, or heard, or even thought that you could exist. I have an appointment in a few minutes, so I'll leave you to your thoughts, but we'll talk soon."

I waited a few minutes before mentally unlocking the handcuffs that held me. After rubbing my wrists, I stood up and walked towards the door.


THankfuly after a few moments the door swung open and I stepped out into the hall.

After it was obvious that the hallway was empty, I began wandering down the corridor to the left. I had absolutely no idea as to where the exit was, but I knew that I had to try and find it. I couldn’t overuse my powers, for fear of exhausting myself. I still didn’t know what my limit was exactly, and I didn’t really want today to be when I found out. I began quickening my pace after a bit, worried that someone might hear me somehow. I came to a crossroads, not sure which was the better of the two to take. Before I could come to any decision of my own, I heard voices coming from the left hallway. A small flicker of light was slowly growing, indicating that it was coming towards me. I started sprinting down the other hallway as quickly as I could, in an attempt to get away. I had gotten a good deal away, from the danger when I heard a small whimper. I halted my speed, and realized that there were doors surrounding me on all sides, doors that were identical to the one that had encased me. I paused, waiting another sound.

Within a few seconds, I heard another. It was coming from a door on my right. I stared at it, attempting to play with the locks inside. It took me a few moments, before it clicked, and I slowly pulled it open. I was shocked to find a small girl, curled up into a ball, in the corner of the room.

“Who are you?” she whimpered, as she tried to retreat further into the corner.

“My name’s Bella. What’s yours?” I asked, calmly, trying not to frighten her.

“Cassidy.” She whispered back. I sat down in the middle of the room, and looked at her, hoping she’d approach, sure enough, she did. I nearly passed out when I got a clear look at her face, it was nearly identical to Adrianna’s, only a much younger version of it.

“Cassidy, do you have any older sisters?” I asked hesitantly. She nodded, and I held my breath. “Is her name Adrianna?” instantly Cassidy, jumped in surprise.

“Do you know Adri? Where is she?” Cassidy was yelping, clutching at my arm, in sheer desperation.

“She’s a friend of mine.” I answered. “I can take you to her if you want. But we’ll have to find a way out of here first.” She nodded, jumping to her feet. I picked her up, noting that she was as light as a feather, although I was unsure as to whether it was my new found strength, or her own weight. I decided to continue in the direction that I was going, in hopes that not only we would find a way out, but that we also wouldn’t be seen.

After what had seemed like hours, we spotted a small dot of light at the end of the corridor. I sprinted as quickly as I could, reaching it in seconds. It was a small hole, created out of dirt.

“Cassidy, can you help me. We’re going to dig, and make this hole bigger.” She nodded enthusiastically, and we quickly began digging. But even with my vampire speed, I knew it would take awhile, time that we didn’t have. Minutes after we had started widening and deepening the hole, an alarm sounded. Cassidy jumped in fright, and began digging all the more faster. I sent her a reassuring smile and then shoveled my energy into escaping. Eventually, we were able to get the escape hatch to a size that Cassidy could easily slide out of. I shoveled more dirt, before sending her through, seconds, after her feet disappeared; I heard a yelp sound from behind me. I swiveled around, seeing three thugs, gaping at me. Without giving them time to react, I launched myself through the hole, I was nearly through, when one of them grabbed my ankle, and began jerking me backwards.

Clawing the ground, I aimed a kick with my free leg, while attempting to throw him with my mind. Thankfully, it worked, and I pulled myself up, collapsing the tunnel simultaneously. Cassidy was staring at me, without bothering to think, I scooped her up and began sprinting through the forest.

I was running blindly, not caring about which direction I was running towards. Occasionally I would glance back over my shoulder, to see if we were being followed, to my relief all I ever saw was the thick, over grown forest.

Eventually, I slowed to a stop, I wanted to give Cassidy a break from all the running. But when I looked at her, she had fallen asleep. I waited a moment, before continuing, ignoring my growling stomach.

It'd seemed like hours, before I finally came across the house. I snuck around the outer wall, until I reached the back entrance. I punched in the securtiy code and slid into the gate, shutting it behind me.

I made my way inside, making sure not to disturb Cassidy. I went straight to my own room, and layed her on the bed, before backing out and closing the door. The place was a tomb, no one was there. I went to the kitchen and began coooking, it would not only keep my hands busy, but also feed me and Cassidy.

Time passed slowly, and she didn't wake up, no doubt from the shock of today. I was too tired to freak out over why no one was here. I collapsed in one of the kitchen chairs, with the intent on dosing, but instead, I passed out.

"Bella!!" I heard a distant voice, yelling my name. "Bella, wake up!" I groggily raised an eyelid. Alice was standing over me, shaking me awake.

"Alice?" I croaked.

"Bella, where have you been? What happened?" she hissed.

"Alex...." I whispered, as my eyes slid closed, against my will.

"Bella?" she asked, as I slid further and further out of conciousness.

I awoke what seemed like a few minutes later, and groggily sat up. Rubbing my eyes, I stumbled from the room and headed towards the kitchen.

"Alice?" I murmured.

"Bella!" she shrieked.

"DOn't yell." I groaned. "How long was I out?"

"Three days." she answered. "What happened?" I sighed, not really wanting to spill, but did so anyways. When I got finished, I was finally able to ask my own questions.

"Where is everyone?"

"Adrianna and Asher are underground. They thought it'd be safer. Edward and Jasper have been searching for you. I can't believe that he just walked away."

"I need to speak to Adrianna immediately. No this is not negotiable." I added as a precaution.

"Sure, they're in teh basement. Let me go get them." I blinked in surprise. I thought she'd just meant in hiding or something.

"Bella! You're back!" Adrianna cried, when she saw me, sprinting over to give me a hug.

"We need to talk. Now." I said firmly. Her eyes went wide, as she nodded, and moved me to a chair.

"Adrianna, do you know anyone named Cassidy?" Adrianna's mouth plummetted.

"That was my baby sister's name." she whispered. I nodded.

"Yes, I thought so." I murmured.

"Why?" she asked. "Did Alex mention her or something?" I shook my head.

"Oh, Alice, he still hasn't realized I'm a vamp. He seems to think I'm a witch." I looked back at Adrianna. "I've got something to show you." I stood up and motioned for her to follow me. I took her to my room, and paused, just outside the door.

"This is going to come as a shock. I need you not to overreact." she nodded slowly, and then I pushed the door open. Adrianna, staggered, into me, disbelief pouring from her eyes.


"Cassidy" I murmured.

"But how?"

"I don't know. I found her in Alex's facility." I helped her back to the kitchen, after closing the door. "We'll let her sleep for as long as she needs."

"Bella, did anyone follow you?" Alice asked, after pouring me a glass of orange juice. I shook my head slowly. "That's one good thing. Okay, you said something about Alex thinking that you're a witch?"

"Yeah, he was convinced that I was one, because I tried to use my powers to escape. Plus apparently the babies decided to help out. But, there were too many for me to actually escape." I sighed, and ran a hand through my tangled curls.

"I'm going to go pick up some toys for Cassidy, I think she could use some." Alice said, after a bit. I nodded, exhaustedly.

"Yeah, just to keep her calm. Adrianna, did she have a favorite one at all? Her room at Alex's was covered with toys, but I don't think she ever touched them." I felt so much anger, despite how tired I was, towards Alex. Why would he try to hurt an innocent child. Did he think that she would carry the same trait as Adrianna? I wouldn't be surprised if she did, but still, she was three years old.

Alice left quickly, after giving me and Adrianna a hug goodbye, to go get the toys as well as more food. Jasper and Edward were still unreachable, and I was begining to get worried. I sat numbly in the kitchen, across from Asher and Adrianna. They eventually slid out of the room, to give me privacy, I suppose. But it took me quite some time to realize that they had left.

I barely noticed as the sun slid beyond the horizon, flooding the house in darkness. I didn't move, I didn't have the energy. It was nearly dawn, when I heard something at the back gate. It was a creaking, as if the gate was being opened, and I knew that it was. I dragged myself, to the corner of the kitchen, where, I would be well hidden, as quickly as I could.

I didn't have to wait long for the strangers to show up.