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How Esme Got Her Island

A tale in six parts. How exactly did Esme wind up with her own private island? Mostly Carlisle & Esme, with a little Alice thrown in for good measure.


1. Chapter 1

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It had been raining for four days straight. My garden was turning into a small pond and my small pond looked more like a lake. Heaving a sigh, I trudged past them. If I could cry, the state of impatients would surely bring tears to my eyes. What I wouldn't give for a few days of sunshine and seasonable warmth.

As I made my way up the front steps, muddy footprints were left in my wake. I saw a set of boots by the front door. While they appeared to be Carlisle's, the layers of fresh muck made it difficult to tell and I couldn't be quite sure. I hoped, for the sake of my carpets, that the rest of my make-shift family had the good sense to remove their shoes before entering the house.

The screen door stuck as I pulled it open and I made a mental note to oil the hinges. As I pushed the front door open and leaned over to remove my muddy shoes, I heard Rosalie call, "Esme?" Without waiting for confirmation, she continued, "Carlisle was looking for you, he's in his study."

My shoes off, I moved inside, closing the door behind me. I walked into the lounge and found my daughter and her husband sprawled across the carpet, watching Kukla Fran and Ollie on the brand new Admiral color television Edward had brought home days earlier. "Where is everyone?"

Without looking away from the television, Emmett replied, "Edward went into town to get some new record that was just released and get more ledger paper," he looked up then and waggled his eyebrows, "and Alice and Jasper are out for a walk." He winked and then returned his attention to the television.

With a laugh and a shake of my head, I made my way up the stairs. I called a hello to my husband as I walked towards our bedroom and began peeling my clothes off, dropping them to the floor.

"My wife won't be very happy with this mess."

"Your wife is covered in thirty-years of dust and old wallpaper and has paint covering her from head to toe..." Even with our supernatural speed and agility, it was a tedious and messy undertaking to restore a house that had been abandoned for years. And no matter how careful I was, as usual, I wound up covered in grime and paint splatter.

I entered the bathroom and saw that the tub was full and steaming. "Alice said that you would be home soon and you'd want a bath."

I sunk into the water and sighed in delight. "Remind me to thank her later," I murmured, closing my eyes as the heat of the water surrounded me.

I heard him approach the tub and felt his cool hand brush the hair back from my forehead. "I've missed you..." he whispered before leaning in for a quick kiss. "I think we could do with a night out. I haven't seen much of you since they switched me to nights and you began renovating the old Collins place."

I had missed him as well and immediately was looking forward to whatever he had planned. "What do you have in mind?"

"From Here to Eternity is playing in town. I know how much you like Sinatra."

I smiled fondly, "He has nothing on you, my love."

"The movie is at seven. Does that give you enough time to clean up and get dressed?"

I nodded and sunk underneath the water to wet my hair. When I surfaced, I realized he had gone. " I was hoping you'd wash my back!"

I heard him laughing and it sounded like he was on the stairs. "I'll let Rosalie and Emmett know we're heading out... Oh, and Alice left something for you in the bag on the bed. She said you'd need it."

After washing, dressing, and drying my hair, I went to join Carlisle downstairs. As I left the room, I noticed the small paper bag on the bed and remembered what my husband had said earlier. Curious, I opened it to find a black swimsuit. I knew not to bet against Alice, but for the life of me could not fathom why I of all people would need a swimsuit.