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How Esme Got Her Island

A tale in six parts. How exactly did Esme wind up with her own private island? Mostly Carlisle & Esme, with a little Alice thrown in for good measure.


3. Chapter 3

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It was beyond words. It was paradise, our own little Garden of Eden. The music of the island surrounded us: birds sang, palm trees rustled and waves crashed rhythmically upon the shore. There was nothing but sand and trees and the clearest, bluest water as far as the eye could see. The scent of the island was more beautiful than the most expensive perfume. The breeze carried the bouquet of lilies and orchids and other sweet smells I could not identify. The sun shone brightly down onto my face, warming me to the core.

My toes curled in the sand as I drank it all in. I couldn't resist the urge to throw my arms open and spin and spin and spin.

My spinning was abruptly ceased as my husband's arms encircled me from behind, cradling me against his chest. "I haven't heard you laugh like that in a long time," he said tenderly, lips brushing against my ear.

"I can't remember the last time I've been this happy- gloriously, deliriously, completely and utterly happy," I laughed gleefully as he spun me around to face him. His fingers braided themselves into my hair as he pulled my face closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him long and thoroughly.

When we finally broke apart, he whispered against my lips, "If you asked, I would give you the world," he paused and brushed his nose against mine, smiling softly. "I would give anything, do anything to see you smile... to make you this happy every day for the rest of our lives."

I tightened my hold on him, moved by his words, by his love for me. I felt suddenly guilty, undeserving of this man. I couldn't help but feel that I had hurt him some how. "Oh Carlisle," I murmured and trembled slightly. I could see that he was confused by my sudden change in mood and my next words came out in a rush. "I'm happy when I'm with you. It may not always seem that way...and I know I've been awfully temperamental lately, but please know that you make me happy. You make me so very, very happy everyday, just by being there."

I pressed my lips against his, willing him to believe just how much I loved him. I realized then that I had been horribly wrong. I wasn't upset by the lack of sun but by the lack of Carlisle. It was him that I had missed, it was his lack of presence in my life that had thrown me for a loop. I suddenly pulled back and gasped at my epiphany. I didn't need beaches or islands. I just needed him. I smiled and ran my fingers up the back of his neck and into his hair, finally bringing them to rest lightly against his cheeks.

I told him then. I told him everything that I had just realized. I told him how much I needed him and how I missed him when he was gone.

He kissed me with uninhibited enthusiasm then, lifting me completely off my feet. When he finally broke away, his eyes twinkled and he grinned.

"What are you thinking?"

He raised an eyebrow and his grin got even broader. "I was just wondering how one returns an island?"

"You wouldn't! Don't you dare!" I shouted, slapping lightly at his arm. "I may not need an island, but you can't!"

He laughed then and lowered me back to the sand but continued to hold me in his arms. "Oh, Esme..."

I knew he was kidding, that he didn't really plan to return the island, but I wasn't going to take any chances. "You have to admit, having our own private get away does have certain benefits." I nuzzled my face against his neck and wiggled against him for emphasis.

"Why Mrs. Cullen, whatever could you mean?"

With a wicked grin, I pulled on his hair, bringing his lips to mine once more. "I guess I'll just have to demonstrate then..."