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Dreaming - The view of an optimistic, blonde hippy!

Dreams are funny things...
Some people dream of Money.
Some people dream of Family.
Some people dream of Love. Me? I dream of gettin to Forks to meet my friends in one piece.
I doubt it will happen. Catkin's view of Charmingal's Dreaming.


10. Chapter 10 - Smoke, Sprinklers and SUGAR

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As I saw it, I had two options.

One: Stop Delia from drinking the ‘Moonsugar Smoothie’, Drag Tasha out the shop and try to escape with my life and/or sanity.

Two: F**k everything and drink some of the stuff myself, go totally nuts and just hope for the best.

As much as option two was appealing, I knew Rob would marmalize me, and eat me on her toast for breakfast. And since she wasn’t here, I had to take responsibility.

Sighing deeply and pinching the bridge of my nose, I turned to face Specs.
“Now look ’ere Miss, the cost of-”

“DELIA! NO!” I cut across Specs sharply and darted over to where Delia was about to take a huge swig of the viscous substance. I swung out my arm and brought the bottle smashing to the floor.
Only a few seconds late. Delia wiped the residue from her lips and started to sway slightly…
If only Tasha was that easy.

“CATKIN!! WHY!?” She knelt on the floor and stuck her hands in the liquid, probably getting glass in her hands and all sorts.
“Aww Tash! You’re gonna hurt yourself!” I tried hauling her up from the tiled floor, but she lashed out, sobbing over her spilt creation. Honestly…

“Right… Specs!” The short man whipped his head round.
“What Ya’ll call me?”
“Specs. Can I have a broom?”
He nodded worriedly and ran into an office-y looking area. I clapped my hands together and decided to get things straight.

“FRIZZ BOMB!!” Tasha pounced, wrapping her arms round my windpipe and blocked my nose. I struggled, opening my mouth to try and breathe. Too late, I realised that was what she had wanted.
Yelling about revenge she shoved a burning hot ladle into my mouth.
She let go and ran off again.

“S**T! F**K! IT BLOODY BURNS!!” I let my tongue loll out of my mouth while scanning the shop for Tasha. It took a minute to click that I just had a load of sugar. I wasn’t as immune to it as Tasha. Or even Delia. I groaned, praying that the effects wouldn’t be too severe.


I stumbled through the shop, calling for Tasha and Delia. Colours were intensified and there was a strange kinda droning in the background. I giggled weakly, legs bordering on the line of wobbly. That Smoothie was evil stuff.
“Catkin?” Delia was by a rack of Moonsugar tubes. She looked… bubbly.
“Deelah! Can I have a bubble too?” I grinned and almost tripped up on my own feet.
Delia looked confused for a brief moment, but her look turned to amusement.
“Sugar is meant to make you hyper, not drunk!”
“Alcohol?” Tasha bounded out from behind one of the isles arms full of sweets.

“Con… Con… Con…” I smacked the side of my head. I happened to develop a stutter when I was under the influence of alcohol, sugar or caffeine. I tried again.
“Concentrated sugar not… good for Catkins…” My right eye twitched and I sniggered.
Delia was fiddling in her bag for something while Tasha was filling her gob with sugar trying to get a good hit.

Something small and cardboard tumbled out without Delia noticing. I slunk onto all fours and snuck over. It was a match box. I flicked it open and made a rough count of the matches inside. 17.
I wonder if Moonsugar is flammable..?
“Tasha? Tasha?” I tugged on the bottom of her jeans, but she was busy pulling rope off a display of Dale the Wonder Cowboy advertising chewing gum.
“Delia! Come with me, I might need your help.”
“Yeah… But… Catkin… And I think I’ve lost my matches.”
Grinning mischievously I bum-shuffle over to one of the huge barrels. Looking quickly over my shoulder, I see Tash dragging Delia off somewhere, rope in hand.
I lay a match in the sugar and light one in my hand. I light the match in the sugar watching the flame slowly travel down the wooden stick like a fuse.
“Yargh!” I mutter. “After we blow ‘em up we’ll be after their treasure!” The flame reached the sugar but instead of an explosion, which I was kinda looking forward to, the individual grains simply melted together, turning the flame blue and emitting a pretty aqua smoke. The shop front filled with a sweet sugary aroma.

“Wow! Sugar? Smells goooooooood! Where is it? Are we still in Texas? Does Dale want his rope back?” Oh dear. Tasha had entered the verbal diarrhoea stage. “Catkin! Are you making golden syrup? Smells like golden syrup. I like golden syrup. Good on crispy cakes! With chocolate. And Moonsugar.”

I watched the pretty smoke spiral to the ceiling, and trigger the fire alarms. Whoops. Laughing crazily I try to light another match, but it was too soggy. I pouted. Tolley had better get here soon. Before I commit major arson or something. That is kinda her thing anyway. Delia wondered over, drenched, but with a dreamy smile on her face.
“Look… Bubbles…” She lifted a lazy arm and pointed to the barrels, which had started to froth over as the Moonsugar reacted with the water. Tasha must have dosed her up some more… Either that or the pills she was taking earlier have kicked in.

“So that’s where you got them from! Naughty Deelah! You should have told me when I asked!” I stuck a finger in the froth and licked it off my finger. Then again. And again.
Tasha joined me in eating the froth which was now spilling on the floor. Delia stood behind us humming to herself and watching the different colours swirl on the floor.

“Mmph, mmph mmph mmph!” A tightly bound and gagged Specs wiggled out of the office, glasses askew and eyes bulging at the rainbow mess.
“Tasha! You gots me a piñata!” I rolled onto my knees, just about managing to keep myself upright. Slowly crawling over to Specs on the floor I slid on a discarded tea towel adorned with butterflies. I flew forward a few meters before crashing head first into the checkout.
“Ow… Deelah! Imma gonna need a plaster!” And with that my head swam and my eyes unfocused.


There was a cracking noise and Tasha fell silent. I sat up suddenly , causing my head to spin.
“What the hell..?” I was sitting in a puddle of melted colour. Tasha was in a fight with Specs, somehow out of his ropes, for her mobile and Delia was nowhere to be seen. In my left hand I clutched a now empty matchbox and in my right a soggy story book. Apparently for bad children. Not really sure where these items emerged from, (especially the latter), I tossed them carelessly into the sticky goo.

“I’m callin’ the law on all your lil’ friends! Just you wait until the Sherriff gets here!” Specs dialled a number and put the phone to his ear. Tasha fought against his restraint, but inspection of her face told me she was totally out of it.
My head suddenly throbbed agonisingly. Jesus! This was worse than the time me and Lex got drunk on those vodka jelly things and went looking for ‘The Ultimate Ale’…

“There!” Specs threw the mobile to the floor. “The jail aint far away! Sherriff should be here nice and quick!” The mobile skittered across the floor and into the wall.
“MOBY!! NO!” Tasha ran after her phone, but didn’t quite manage to stop before the wall did it for her. Delia appeared whimpering, the strap on her bag broken. What the hell had happened while I was unconscious!? I stood up, trembling violently. This was all Tasha’s fault dammit! When I can control my fist enough to get a decent aim…

Flashing lights from outside. That was quick. Right brain. Lets anaylse!

Tasha is over by the north wall, rubbing her head and clutching her sopping wet mobile.
Delia is in the south west corner, still whimpering, looking for her ‘Pirate Duck’.
Specs is in the middle of the shop floor, wringing his hands together and shooting dirty looks.
I am by the north east corner, using the counter for support, damn well p****d off!
And the two priests are standing in the doorway.


“Aww… JESUS CHRIST!” I clapped a hand over my mouth. The priests turned to stare in my direction simultaneously. Which really creeped me out…
“You dare speak the lord’s name in vain?” Said the priest on the left, marching over. His voice was very monotone.
“Umm… Well I suppose…” What!? Idiot! That was not the right answer! I thought about kicking myself, then remembered I wasn’t exactly stable…

“Father Tres! My shoes are getting sticky!” The other priest hopped from left to right, his shoes making sucky noises as they left the floor. Tasha’s head popped up at the mention of ‘Tres’ but I did an amazingly good job of ignoring her.

“So, Father… Tres?” He nodded curtly. “Umm… Where are the police? Just ’cause, last time I checked, priests didn’t ride around in cars with flashing lights…”
At the mention of police, Delia seemed to freeze, come round, straighten up and smartly waded over, all in the space of a few seconds.

“There they are sir!” I didn’t need to look round to recognise Specs’ nasally voice. “They’re over there with the fathers!”

So they’ve just come trough the doorway then?