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Dreaming - The view of an optimistic, blonde hippy!

Dreams are funny things...
Some people dream of Money.
Some people dream of Family.
Some people dream of Love. Me? I dream of gettin to Forks to meet my friends in one piece.
I doubt it will happen. Catkin's view of Charmingal's Dreaming.


4. Chapter 4 - The landing

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Forks Texas. How far was that from the Forks USA? Well not much we can do now. Not that Tasha or Delia had realised what the guy behind us had said. They were too busy seeing how many empty Moon Sugar tubes they could fit into their mouths. They guy stammered,

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be the bearer of bad news an’ all…” He looked toward the floor.

“That’s alright…” I mumbled, trying not to slip into a really bad Texan accent. “You weren’t to know…”

“Well, at least let us buy you an’ your little friends a drink.” This is when I noticed the guy had a companion. Another guy, similar in appearance, possibly a brother or close cousin. I nodded, then remembered that I hadn’t told him what we wanted…

“Um… Nothing to energetic… Just some water would be fine. Thank you for offering.” He jogged up the plane towards the hostess and steward cabin. I was left to chat to his brother/cousin. He held out his hand.

“My name is Joshua. That there’s my brother. His name’s Christopher. Were visitin’ our parents in Beaumont. Beautiful place.” He shook my hand. “Where you headed?”

Great. Here we go…

“Well… we were headed- I mean HEADING to Forks USA, But we ended up on the way to Forks Texas. I’m not sure what were going to do when we get there, but I’m sure we’ll get by.”

Suddenly I was jolted sideways as Tasha popped up spraying empty wrappers over poor Joshua.


She had hyper pouring out of her ears. That was it. I gathered two hundred or so packets of Moon Sugar that was scattered over the floor and eased a few from Tasha’s back pocket while she was otherwise distracted. Delia was looking out the window while chattering away.

“Delia, what are you doing?” She turned towards me and beamed.

“I’m talking to the cloud people!” She was deeply under the influence of the Moon Sugar. Shaking my head I deposited the sugary substance into my bag and turned to see Christopher standing there with three bottles of water. I took them from him and apologised for the state of Joshua. He just laughed.

Three hours and a bottle of water later, Tasha was beginning to come down from her high. She shuffles in her seat and looks out the window. As we come out of the cloud bank the plane begins to heat up. Texas is HOT!

Suddenly Tasha bursts out with,

“She wishes her boyfriend looked more like Noel Fielding, She wishes her boyfriend looked more like a girl, She wishes her boyfriend had cheek bones that cut ‘ya, It's a mixed up, modelled up, shook up world”

Noticing the angry look of passengers just been disturbed from their sleep, I decide to intervene. I whacked her round the head with a force of more than I meant. In fact, her earphones take off from her ears. I tried my best to look innocent, but to no avail.

“What was that for?” She asks, violently ripping the top off another pack of moon sugar. (I then realised I shouldn’t have left my bag unattended.)

"One, you were becoming the most unpopular person on the plane," I started when I was interrupted,

"Even more unpopular than that small child who cried and then run up the aisle at least 700 times?"

I had forgotten about him. What a little b****r he had been.

"It's about even at the moment. And second they (I motioned to the guys behind us) said that this isn't the right Forks! This is Forks Texas!!!!!"

Tasha then throws out a most colourful array of words that spread disgust and mild outrage throughout the plane cabin. Suddenly as she starts, she stops.

"Well there's nothing we can do now. So as soon as we land we act as if we meant to be here, and then go find a hotel to call Tolley from"

Christopher and Joshua stare at her in amazement. I turn to face them.

“Don’t worry… She’s just coming down from her Sugar Rush.”

And on the dot Delia begins to panic. Tasha kindly *cough* leaves me to deal with Delia as she tunes back into her I-pod. Delia starts to whisper something to Tasha about Cacti. I don’t bother to listen in and busy myself by stuffing my book, I-pod and any remnants of Moon Sugar into my rucksack.

After we land, everyone starts to file off the plane. Tasha stretches and her elbows crack and grind together. I cringe and shoot her a look. I HATE people cracking their joints. It makes me shudder. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t kayak…

Outside the plane the Texas sun is overwhelming. Tasha strips down to her grey vesty top that shows off her stupid arm muscles that I also HATE! (Probably out of pure jealousy that I’ve met someone who can give me a good arm wrestle…)

I storm off towards the baggage handouts before I have to witness anymore flexing and hear Delia giggling like someone whose criminally insane. I don’t like the sun. Shade wins any day.

Heat sucks.

Why does it have to be Texas?