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Dreaming - The view of an optimistic, blonde hippy!

Dreams are funny things...
Some people dream of Money.
Some people dream of Family.
Some people dream of Love. Me? I dream of gettin to Forks to meet my friends in one piece.
I doubt it will happen. Catkin's view of Charmingal's Dreaming.


6. Chapter 6 - Isn't that... Illegal?

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Keeping a steady eye on Tasha as she stands at the counter ordering a bright blue smoothie, Me and Delia study the menu for something to eat.

“Hey… Where’s the vegetarian stuff?” Delia crossed her arms and pouted.

I sighed. “Delia… This is a DIY bagel shop. You have to make it your self…”

“Fair enough!” She grabbed a bagel and buttered it up. I smiled and shook my head. Strange girl. Grabbing my own bagel I walk to the checkout. Where a familiar guy is standing in front of me.

“Christopher!” He turns in surprise. “Hey! Caitlin right?”

I shudder. “Yuk. Catkin. Definably Catkin.” He laughs. “Where you sitting?”

I turn and point to where our luggage is. “Fair enough. Let me grab Josh and we‘ll sit together.”

Smiling I hand the lady my $2.50 and grab my tray. Tasha, being un-awkward for a change gives up her seat for Josh as he sits opposite Delia. She perches on MY suitcase (Which doesn’t go unnoticed…) But I concern my self with the conversation instead of zoning out as usual. Delia nibbles at her bagel while humming the theme tune to Thundercats and Tasha has a suspicious look on the face while sucking her smoothie straw. The atmosphere is generally relaxed apart from an annoying background buzz that I cant shake off.


“I believe I can fly! I believe… Argh!” I grab Tasha’s ankle and pull her off the table top. Delia is hugging her open suitcase while Joshua and Christopher grab her discarded clothes off the floor. I grab Delia’s sock off Tasha’s arm and lob it into the waiting suitcase. Tasha rocks backwards and forwards while laughing manically. I leave Tasha on the floor and save the boys the embarrassment of having to pick up Delia’s underwear. Chucking a bra and three pairs of knickers over my head I run into the kitchen only to slip on a stream of soup and fall to the floor. The kitchen staff and a couple of waiters are cowering in the corner. After mouthing them a sorry and pulling myself up on the counter, I grabbed a bottle of water and slid out the door. In my short absence Tasha had Joshua in a head lock and was screaming for ketchup. Christopher had joined Delia in hiding under the counter and was flicking packets of tomato sauce at Tasha.

“It must be Heinz! HEINZ!” Delia motioned for me to come over. She handed me her bag and, prepared as she was, inside was a bottle of Heinz tomato sauce. Tasha shrieked and released Josh. She sobbed and wrestled the bottle from me. Darting to the bagel stand she grabbed a couple and smothered them in sauce. Distracted while she ate them Me and Christopher rugby tackled her from behind. She crashed to the floor and I sat on her chest.

“Right Tasha!” I opened the bottle of water and held it over her head. “Calm down or the hair gets it!”

“NO!” She struggled. Her frizz was controllable, but with some water…

“HOW WILL CARLISLE KNOW WHO I AM IF…” She shuddered and passed out.

All was quiet.

“Tasha?” Delia stepped out of the cover of the shelter and tiptoed to the unconscious Tasha. “Well…I’m glad that’s over…”

Christopher was inspecting Joshua for injuries and the manager emerged from the confines of his office red faced and seething. I gulped.

I grabbed Delia’s arm. “Help!” I whispered. Delia stood up and grabbed one of Tasha’s legs. I followed suit and we dragged her out the shop as the manager slipped and tripped on debris left from Tasha’s rampage. What on earth were we gonna do? Christopher and Joshua scramble out the shop with our luggage in tow. Bless ’em.

Joshua ran over towards us. “Is she… OK?” He nodded at Tasha. “Yeah she’s just coming down from her rush.”

“Take your luggage and do a runner. Me and Chris will run in the other direction and they will never get us.” He smirked, proud of himself.

“Im sorry you guys got involved in this…” He shrugged.

“It happens. Now go!” He urged.

Delia cut in. “Isnt this like… Illegal?”

Christopher laughed. “This is Texas! No-one cares enough to make a commotion!”

“Fair enough!” She chirped. “Ready… GO!”

With Tasha secure in her kayak, we bolted for the exit.


“WHAT THE FECK DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?” I screamed, slipping into an Irish accent for no apparent reason. Possibly to much Father Ted.

Tasha groaned in her kayak.

“I think my brain would appreciate it if you didn't give the people playing drums in it a rhythm to play to.” She grinned at the sentence she just made. I move back and she sits up, swaying slightly. She groaned again and I deciding not to watch such a pitiful display grabbed one of the stolen trolleys and started towards the hotel in the distance. Delia and Tasha catch up while I stand under the broken hotel sign which reads



Vacancies. I’m not surprised. “What do you think we should do with the kayak?” I eye it as they catch up with me, Tasha hanging on for support.

She suddenly brightens and comes up with a plan. Lets just hope it works…


I jump over Tasha’s kayak laid across the doorway. Undoing my suit case I pull out a long rope. Leaping onto Tasha’s bed I begin to tie the ropes on the corners.

Tasha looks up with doughnut crumbs round her gob

“Catkin, I know that you're kinky but don't you think that's taking it just a little bit far. I mean next thing it'll be cannibalism and somehow I'll get sucked in to that and end up on the electric chair.” She sucked the powder off her fingers. I sighed and moved to the bottom of the bed to continue Operation Save Our Sanity.

“Tash, I love you dearly but I care more about my life and Kordy's at the moment. These ropes are to tie you down in night so you don't rape or murder us in our sleep. And I'm never going to be in to cannibalism.” I shrugged and finished with her bed.

Tasha bounced under her covers. “So is this just for tonight or are we going to do it every night for as long as we're in Texas?”

I sigh. (Is this becoming a habit?!?)

“Depends on if you've had moon sugar or not.” I grabbed the ropes.

She scowled. “So every night then.” She’s quiet as I tie her down.

“Bedtime story!” Delia nags me. “I don’t have a bedtime story to tell you Delia.”

There’s a mumble from Tasha’s bed. “Go to sleep Tash. And you D.”

“Fine.” She pouts, but scrambles into bed all the same. I switch off the light.

“Night Tash. Night Delia.”

“Night Catkin.”

“Tash?” Delia giggles. “Shhhhh. Tasha’s snoring!”

Suppressing a giggle I turn over.

“Goodnight Texas.”