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Dreaming - The view of an optimistic, blonde hippy!

Dreams are funny things...
Some people dream of Money.
Some people dream of Family.
Some people dream of Love. Me? I dream of gettin to Forks to meet my friends in one piece.
I doubt it will happen. Catkin's view of Charmingal's Dreaming.


8. Chapter 8 - Delia the hairdresser

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“NO MORE!” I shouted and leapt up from the bed. “NO MORE DALE THE WONDER COWBOY!” I walked over to the TV and switched it off. Tasha groaned while Delia hummed the theme tune to the wretched show. They looked at each other and simultaneously burst out with:

“Dale the wonder Cowboy,

He has a wonder horse.

He lives in the outskirts of Texas,

Will he save the people? OF COURSE!”

Just as they were about to start on the second verse there was a knock on the door. Tasha leapt off the bed and ran to the door still in her pyjamas.

“Hello! Who are you? Why are you here? Where do you come from? Do you like sugar? I LOVE Moon sugar! Hello? Can you speak English?”

“Give the person room to breathe let alone speak Tash! Who is it anyway..?” I tried to peer round Tash who was now leaning out the doorway and probably making the poor person s**t themselves. Tasha stood to one side as Delia skipped over to have a look.

“Hallo maid! I like your apron!” Ah. A maid. I assumed this hotel was too crappy to have a maid service. Then again, they did have a pretty efficient room service… She shuffled into the room and giving me a wary glance began to dust. She had a red uniform on, and a apron donned with butterflies. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and she wore a necklace round her neck with a pendant in the shape of the state of Texas.

“Right Tash. Get dressed. You to D.” I was already dressed and showered. Tasha sighed.

“Whyyyyy?? I want to sleep some more…” I shook my head and nudged her towards the bathroom.

“Go on. Were going out and you’re not walking round Texas in your PJ’s!” Delia tapped me on the shoulder.

“Yes dear?” She was already dressed. ”When did… Never mind. What did you want?”

“What are we going to do?” She asked.

I shrugged. “Explore?”

She nodded and began to gather necessities. I walked out the door and onto the stairwell. I looked over the banisters and watched the street below.

“FRIZZ BOMB!” Tasha bounded out the door and leapt on me causing us to tumble down the stairs.

“BLOODY HELL TASHA! WE COULD HAVE BEEN SERIOUSLY HURT!” I stood up and brushed my clothes down. “Have you ever fallen down the stairs!?”

She grinned and nodded. “Twelve times infact.” I smacked my palm to my forehead and pulled her up from the ground. Delia shuttled down the stairs. She smiled and grabbed the top of my arm.

“Lets go!”


Tasha moodily stared at the pavement. I was on constant alert for any one in a dog collar muttering about God and Psalms. We had been walking for about fifteen minutes when Tasha stopped.

“so what we gunna do?” She asked.

“Explore.” I looked across the road.

“Well yes, I had gathered that darling but other than that?” She dug her feet into the dusty street. I shrugged and scanned the area. There was a old time saloon, complete with swinging doors, a restaurant, a barbers and a tattoo shop.

Delia suddenly grabbed the back of my shirt and began to drag me towards the barbers.

“Delia..? What the..?”

“Tasha is going to get a drink, and I want to watch the people getting their hair cut!”

“As long as it’s not alcoholic!” I shout over my shoulder.


“Since when have you been interested in hair care Delia?” We had been outside the barbers for ten minutes and she looked as bored as I felt. “And where is Tasha!?”

I suddenly grew suspicious.

“Delia… Where is she?” I looked her straight in the eyes. “Don’t make me go bad cop on you Miss Chatfield. Where is the suspect.” Shocked by my sudden change in personality, She stuttered.

“Miss Chatfield, If the statement you made turns out to be false, there will be consequences. I’ll ask you again. Where is Miss Issacs?” Delia paled slightly and pointed towards the tattoo shop.

“You’re kidding me!” I stated turning back to my more Tolley-ish side. “F**K!” I ran toward the shop and came to a halt outside just as Tasha walked through the doors.

“If you’ve got a tattoo, so help me Tash I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat.” I could feel myself getting hot. “I swear I will leave you outside for the wolves to eat.”

“Nope!” She hops over. “Piercings!”

I kept myself quiet. Tolley was going to kill her. And possibly me for ‘letting’ her get them. Probably not Delia. She’s too sweet. Damn. I had to admit, they did look awesome.

“Did you even get a drink?” I ask her, and she grinned at the fact I was Catkin, not Tolley-fied or Cop-perised.

“No, but they might do drinks in there…” She says.

I look where she’s heading to and see a shop I can’t believe I missed. MOON SUGAR. I catch up with Tash and Delia, who are walking arm in arm, and think up a plan if it all goes to pot.

Do they even sell drinks in these places? I spy huge barrels of Moon sugar in an array of different colours. I imagined Tash dunking her head in one and burst out laughing. The others gave me a strange look and we stopped just outside the door.

Oh s**t.