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Back Against the Wall

Why do the spirits hate me? What have I done in my past life to deserve this? Why were they ALWAYS pushing me back against the wall? Somehow, I had managed to do the impossible again. Me being the first girl werewolf EVER wasn’t enough- they had to go and make me imprint on a vampire.ben and leah


2. Chapter 2

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I had never been the type for those chick flicks. You know the ones’- they require you to curl up in front of the couch in day old sweats with a tub of ice-cream in hand for full enjoyment.

You cry your heart out while watching clichéd story lines about geeky teen girls who fall for strapping, young jocks and somehow get the man in the end. And right before the kiss with the cheesy 80’s music backtrack, they both stare at each other like they are just seeing each other for the first time. Okay, so maybe I HAVE seen a few chick flicks.

Well, I’ve personally never understood those moments. Even with Sam nothing that stupidly romantic had ever happened- and up until now I was quite happy it hadn’t.

So as I’m staring into Ben’s eyes, sitting on the porch outside in the cold, my family enjoying the festivities inside of the Cullen Manor (or whatever they call it), I am mentally kicking myself to snap out of it. But all my brain could process was blue eyes, and I had to say something to break the silence so I said…

“Blue”, I murmured softly. So softly that any human wouldn’t of heard it.

Wow, Leah…’blue’, that’s just beautiful- really, Shakespeare would be green with envy.

As I mentally admonished myself, I missed Ben saying something.

“Wh...What?” I stuttered, snapping out of my trance. I’ve been having a cruise-load of trances lately, seriously- I have GOT to be ADD.

“What do you mean blue?” he said looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Oh um…” Think Leah, Think! Come on, use that paramecium brain for something!

“You have blue eyes…how is that? Most of the vampires I know have either red or light brown eyes.”

Brilliant! You formed legible sentences AND came up with a good excuse all in one go!

“Oh, yeah. It’s one of my gifts. I can manipulate my eye color like I can manipulate the elements. I can only do four colors, though- blue for water, red for fire, green for earth, and yellow for air. I usually keep them red especially during gatherings, helps me fit in you know? But with the humans being here…” Ben drifted off, knowing the rest was self explanatory.

“Cool”, I said nervously. And just like that I’m in hyper -idiot mode once again.

We sat in silence for a few minutes…again.

“Why aren’t you with Tia?” I blurted out. I was always the brazen type.

He wrinkled his forehead.

“I…I…,” he started but eventually settled for “she didn’t feel up to coming.” He hung his head slightly, a feeling of sympathy shot through me…and I never sympathize, at all.

“But you’ve never came before, so why the change now?” I didn’t actually know this; I was just taking a shot in the dark.

“Why not the change?” he said tersely. This kid was staring to piss me off with these roundabout answers.

“Will you stop avoiding the question?”

“You are one nosy werewolf lady, you know that?”

“You are still avoiding the question.”

He sighed loudly.

“Fine, I feel like Tina and I have grown apart, okay?”

“So you come to America to share Christmas with the Cullens?” I rhetorically asked.

I was actually starting to get angry at him. If he had never came here in the first place I would have never imprinted on him; I wouldn’t have the need in the back of my head to fulfill his every wish and desire…dirty thoughts.

“Why do you sound so upset?” he asked, staring me down with those damn artificial blue eyes.

“I’m not upset”, I lied while trying to avoid his eyes. And then another silence hit us. Really, one girl should not have these many awkward silences in one lifetime- It’s just unnatural. This time neither of us had to break it because Seth did it for us.

“What are you doing out here, Leah?” he asked slyly. It marked the 487th time I asked God what I had done to lose my happy status as an only child.

“Breathing”, I said while glaring at him. I was giving him my best ‘you-better-not-tell-Ben-I-imprinted-on-him’ glare. It had the desired effect. He began to slowly back away.

“Well I see you two are cozy out here, don’t want to interlope on the mood.” he said as he winked at me.

I made a big show of rolling my eyes at him as he walked away.

“Well, your brother certainly has…character”, Ben said, flashing a heart stopping smile. It really was a heart-stopping smile; I was scared I was in need of a defibrillator.

I let out a small nervous laugh and looked down at my hands.

“Are you cold?” Ben asked despite himself. I could hear the double question in his tone- probably asking himself why he cared.

“No. So when are you going back?” I asked. A small part of me cheered when I remembered that this was just a vacation for him, this could all be put behind me. But a bigger part (the werewolf part) felt like taking a ball and chain and fettering him to my bedpost…..more dirty thoughts.

“Don’t know. A few months, years…maybe never”, he said while kicking lazily at the snow on the ground. That small part inside of me instantly stopped its cheering and hung its head sadly.

“Oh.”, I said awkwardly, absentmindedly playing with a strand of my short hair.

“But what about you? I got the impression you aren’t normally a bright ball of sunshine.” he grinned.

“I certainly wouldn’t win a Girl Scouts badge for being the most affable person.” I said sarcastically.

“So what gives?” he asked, shifting near me. Shifting is always a good sign when it’s towards you.

“Wow, Ben. ‘What gives?’ Been picking up American slang, Ben?” I snorted.

“You do realize you just said ‘Ben’ three times in one sentence.” he said chuckling. I actually hadn’t- that had spewed out because I desperately needed to change the subject. I giggled when I thought back on it. Then I realized I had giggled…for the first time in, forever.

“I got you to laugh! If Seth could hear you now.” he said while smiling. His smile was perfect and dazzling and…did I just say dazzling? I have definitely been hanging around Jacob entirely too much.

I put a mock scowl on my face, as he laughed.

“You’re a jerk”, I said folding my arms. I can’t believe I am flirting like this.

“I am a handsome jerk” I can’t believe he is flirting like this…I can’t believe he’s that corny!“You do realize that there is a room full of vampires who all look like Acrombie models right in the other room. Believe me, I’m used to it”, I said grinning. Since when do I grin?

“Yeah, but I’m an Egyptian vampire…which means I’m naturally tanner and more handsome”, he said cheekily.

I snorted. “Denial is an ugly thing.” I said grinning at him.

“So what do you do? Job-wise?” he asked, completely changing the subject.

“I paint. I’m an artist.” I stated.

“Figures. Most artists are moody.”

“Stereotype, much?”

“Hey, it’s not a stereotype if the person fits the mold!” he said defensively. “So what do you paint?”

“Usually dark stuff, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit brighter from now on.” I said grinning at him. He grinned back.

He has no clue, how much brighter.