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Back Against the Wall

Why do the spirits hate me? What have I done in my past life to deserve this? Why were they ALWAYS pushing me back against the wall? Somehow, I had managed to do the impossible again. Me being the first girl werewolf EVER wasn’t enough- they had to go and make me imprint on a vampire.ben and leah


4. Chapter 4

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“Bloody hell!”

Never would I have imagined a British adage slipping from my mouth as I gazed down into a toilet. It was literally a bloody hell, extra emphasis on bloody.

No normal young woman who have shrieked at the sight of their period, but seeing as I’ve never been normal, that is not the case with me. I have been menopausal since turning into a werewolf all those years ago. I can’t even remember the last time I had to dish out six dollars for pads at the local pharmacy. It’s been that long.

The questions that popped into my head were unremitting.

Are they even still six dollars? How can this happen? Does this mean I can have children now? How did this happen?

The only thing that has changed is my imprinting on Ben. It was the only plausible reason and it directly proved Sam’s theory. It’s all about continuing the line.

In shock, I leaned back against the cool marble of my toilet. The only thought running through my head was of having children.

I had long since accepted that I lost this ability when I became a werewolf. I had given up hope of ever having a cherubic, bouncing infant. Of ever having what so many women took for granted. I used to go and sit at parks and watch all of the little children scurrying around the play escapes. Watching the mothers console those who had skinned their knees, and admonishing those who ran from their parents when it was time to go.

I had watched feeling so detached, thinking that I was observing something I could never have. It was the main reason I had understood Bella’s risky decision all those years ago to keep Renesmee.

Sighing, I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, looking at myself in the mirror.

I was getting too ahead of myself, already planning for children. Ben and I haven’t even been on one date yet, and here I was already picking out names for our first born.

My reflection revealed nothing different about me, except for a subtle glow in my skin.

A happy glow.

I felt totally at loss of what to do next. My stomach answered that question for me- and since I can’t cook to save my life, I headed over to my mother and Charlie’s place- after dropping by the drug store only to find that pads were now 12 dollars. I was outraged to say the least.

Charlie’s small house is much different from the house when Bella first arrived. Back then, it was decent and masculine- not one hint of a woman’s touch anywhere. Now, there was traces of a small garden under the snow in the backyard, the porch had a sitting area, and the grass was much more verdant during the summer than it was before. A white picket fence surrounded the house, and there was even a welcome mat.

In other words, mom had totally feminized the house.

When I entered the house and was welcomed by the appetizing smell of my mother’s cooking, I knew I had come to the right place. Grinning, I headed into the kitchen and plumped down in the chair. Charlie was already gone, and mom was cleaning up.

“Don’t put that all away yet, I’m hungry.” I said hastily, successfully scaring the crap out of my mother.

“Don’t do that! I hate it when you and Seth do that!” she admonished. I giggled and gestured to the food. She shook her head and sighed.

“One day you’re going to take that cooking lesson from me. I’m not going to be around forever to cook for you, you know.”, she said as she handed me a loaded plate.

“I burn water, mother. So maybe, we’ll get Carlisle to bite you and Charlie so you can cook for me forever.” I grinned jokingly. I always pushed the- you could be immortal- option at her whenever I could.

“You won’t be immortal forever, Leah. One day, you’ll imprint or find some nice boy to grow old with.” she said gently. I stopped eating and looked at her.

“Seth didn’t tell you?” I asked. Usually, he can’t ever shut his mouth.

“Tell me what, dear?”

“I imprinted. On Ben.” I said, waiting for her reaction.

“Who’s is Ben…Ben, Ben, BEN! That vampire? How can you imprint on a vampire. Is that possible?” she ranted.

“Obviously. And my period is back, which confirms Sam’s theory. Imprinting is about reproduction.” I told her, awaiting her reaction.

“So you mean, I’m going to finally have grandchildren?” she grinned, completely forgetting about the ‘imprinting on a vampire part’.

“It’s a little early for that, mom.” I said, knowing I was being completely ignored.

I knew I was in trouble when she started firing questions about Ben and answering them herself.

“What’s he like? He seemed like such a sweet, well-behaved boy. Does he like you? Of course he likes you, why wouldn’t he? He’s from Egypt, right? He showed me how to write my name with hieroglyphics. He was so charming. Do you think you can invite him over, now that he’s part of the family?” she said all in one breath. I groaned.

Mom. You have got to slow down. I’ll ask him today.” I said as I finished the rest of the breakfast.

“You’re going to see him today!” she squealed. My mother had officially gone from a middle-aged woman to a 12 year old girl in five seconds flat.

“Yes. And actually, I have to go get ready.” I confirmed as I gathered my things. I swiftly kissed her on the cheek and headed out the door.

“Call me later! I need details!” she yelled after me. I rolled my eyes while grinning and got into my car.

An hour later, I found myself in front of the same exact mirror I always glance briefly into. And I looked like I was heading to a funeral. Probably my own.

I had nothing to wear and I’m just now noticing it. The logical part of me acknowledged that it was because I never felt a need to dress up but the girl in me said I had no excuse.

And all of the colors were so dreary, except for a yellow dress that my mother had bought that made me look like an orange.

Another issue: I didn’t know what was proper to wear. He had disclosed nothing about his plans. What if I showed up in a little black dress and we where heading to the movies or if I go casual and we end up at some French restaurant.

So for the next forty minutes, I had completely stripped my closet clean and was seriously considering throwing it all into the furnace down the hall.

All the while, I chanted to myself, ‘I will not ask Alice for help. I will not ask Alice for help.’ My chanting proved fruitless, seeing as Alice had a vision that I would need help an hour before he was supposed to pick me up. Bella must have decided to tag along, because there were two beautiful vampires in my living room. Enough to give any woman an inferiority-complex. No wonder my self-esteem was so shot.

They entered with tons of bags and bright cheery, perfect smiles.

“Leah! Why didn’t you just ask?” Alice said as she drifted into the room gracefully. Alice doesn’t walk, she drifts. And Bella wasn’t much better.

“Why are you here?” I asked Bella. There was no need to ask Alice. She lived, well existed for makeovers.

“Think of me as your life jacket while you’re battling Tsunami Alice. Remember I was once her personal doll too.” she whispered.

“Calling me a tidal wave won’t discourage me.”, Alice chimed from the other room.

We rolled our eyes in sync and headed towards my bedroom.

“Okay, we had Edward do a little digging in Ben’s thoughts. He wouldn’t tell us everything, but you definitely won’t be going something that requires a cocktail dress and heels.” Alice supplied.

“Thank god. I don’t do well in heels.” I said as I sat on the bed. It was best to just let them do whatever they wanted instead of fighting it.

“Your style is more boho-tom boy. These bangles would be nice. Oh and some lightly ripped jeans.” she said as she pulled out various expensive looking items out of her bag. I giggled, thinking it was sort of like a fashion-Barney bag on the children’s show I had avidly watched when I was younger. When I told Bella this she giggled too, Alice however, didn’t get the joke.

“Some of these things are from Barney’s. But the bag didn’t come from there. I bought it cheap at Macy’s.”, she said absentmindedly. That just made us laugh more.

Alice took her revenge in the form of eyebrow tweezing. Sure my eyebrows looked fabulous after, but the pain was excruciating.

“My work here is done. Check it out. You look so boho-chiq, it’s incredible.” Alice gushed and she nudged me towards the mirror.

I was all dolled up in a floral sundress, with a vintage jean vest, plenty of bangles, long necklaces, a 200- year old ring, and some brown, fringed bohemian boots.

“Who cares if you are a genius, Alice? I sure don’t. “, I said sarcastically as I turned from the mirror. She grinned, glowing in success. I glance at the clock, shocked to see I only had ten minutes before Ben would come and pick me up.

“You look gorgeous, Leah.” Bella complimented as she helped Alice gather the ‘supplies’. I smiled in thanks and helped them pack up.

There was a knock at the door. Ben was five minutes early.

I headed towards the door, only to have Alice beat me to it. She nudged me back into the room. At first I was confused and it must have shown on my face.

“You have to make an entrance.” Bella explained as she rolled her eyes. I snorted. I listened through the door for my queue.

“…ready in a minute. She looks gorgeous. You’re gonna flip when you see her.”, Alice rambled.

I knew I had to come out before she chalked me up anymore. I grabbed my bag off of the closet doorknob and headed out.

I didn’t know it was possible for vampires to get paler. I felt proud that Ben seemed at loss for words, not to say that he didn’t look absolutely incredible. He’s a vampire for god’s sake- beauty incarnated. He definitely looked beautiful in his khaki pants, and light blue fleece shirt.

“You look gorgeous, Leah”, he said.

“Thanks, you too”, I said nervously.

I donned a timid smile on my face. It dropped when Alice’s voice broke though my realm.

“Look at them, Bella. They look so cute together.” Alice gushed. She pulled a camera out of the Barney bag, and I decided right then and there that the bag was evil.

Bella shot me an apologetic grin as Alice snapped a picture.

“I took the camera out of the bag; she must have snuck it back in there.” Bella explained. I groaned- this was going to turn into a photo shoot.

“They grow up so fast!” Alice said cheekily as she snapped another picture. I could feel Ben was starting to get uncomfortable.

“Can we go now?” I asked desperately. He nodded earnestly and opened the door. We made our escape.

“Have fun, darlings!” Alice called after us.

Outside of my building was a brand-new, black Charger. I looked at him in question and he just shrugged.

“Is this a Cullen car?” I asked as we got in.

“No, I ran to Seattle yesterday and bought it. I also bought a house in Forks. “,he explained. I froze and looked at him questionably.

“So…you’re really not going back?” I asked timidly. That and Tia had always been on the back of my mind.

He shook his head and grabbed my hand.

“Won’t you miss it?” I asked. I knew if it came down to it, I would leave everything behind and go live in the sandy dessert with him if I had to. That scared me.

“I have everything I need here.” he said as he squeezed my hand gently.” Plus, Egypt gets tiring after a while. I’m ready for a change.” he said confidently.

“Where are we going?” I asked- we weren’t heading towards town.

“I’ve set up a picnic for us. Does that sound nice?” he asked.

“It’s winter.” I said while looking down at my attire.

“That would deter regular humans. Jacob said you werewolves aren’t really affected by the snow. If you don’t want…” he started, apologetically.

“No! It’s fine. A picnic in winter seems nice.”

A few minutes later, we had arrived at the spot. It was so romantic that I would’ve scoffed at it a week ago, but now I couldn’t help but to swoon a little, only a little.

He somehow found a spot without snow, in view of an iced over waterfall and near a cliff, where you could see the snow-covered trees and mountains. It was post-card beautiful.

He went to the trunk of the car and pulled out a hefty brown basket and a thick red and white blanket.

Five minutes later, all of the food was spread out and I had only just remembered that Ben doesn’t eat food. I told him this.

“Ben, you don’t eat food.” I stated as I looked at the spread. He snorted.

“Really? You’d think I’d have known that.” he said sarcastically.

“I’m serious! It’s going to be awkward eating while you just sit there.” I explained.

“Don’t worry I came prepared.” he said, pulling out what looked like a McDonald’s super-sized cup.

At first I was confused, but then the smell of blood permeated from the cup. Thankfully, it wasn’t human blood, but a mixture of bear and mountain lion.

I snorted.

“Nice. Took a page from Renesmee.” I said as I examined the food he had brought: Chicken, potato salad, spaghetti, and potato chips. A bottle of wine sat in the basket along with some bottled water and juice boxes.

“Planning to take advantage?” I grinned, as I gestured to the wine. He chuckled.

“Maybe.”, he shrugged as he sipped from his cup. We ate in silence for a few minutes; luckily it wasn’t awkward this time.

“I wish the waterfall was running.” I said absentmindedly. Ben threw out his hand towards the fall. Its ice suddenly broke, the water roaring though and saturating everything in sight.

I gasped in wonder, as Ben grinned smugly.

“That was so cool. Show me more!” I clapped excitedly, feeling very much like a little kid at magic show.

“Maybe later, I don’t want to disturb the elements anymore.” he said wearily. I understood, growing up in a Native American reservation- it is drilled into your head to respect nature.

“You’re right.” I said as I ate a piece of chicken. He seemed surprised.

“Usually everyone badgers me to do it. Tia used to stop speaking to me for days when I refused to show my powers.” he said as he scratched his head.

“I can feel that you don’t want to be used, Ben. Plus, I’m Native American, remember? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no tree-hugger, but I was taught to respect mother earth.” I said nonchalantly.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” he said as leaned closer to me.

“Of course I knew that.” I said cheekily. He grinned as he pulled me closer.

This was it, our first kiss. Well it was until the stupid rain came down, shocking us both apart.

Ben quickly put up a shield. Whether he was manipulating the water or the air, I was unsure. All I knew was how cute he looked half-soaked. Grinning, I leaned back into him. Rain was not about to stop me from getting our first kiss.

But apparently Tia was…..