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Back Against the Wall

Why do the spirits hate me? What have I done in my past life to deserve this? Why were they ALWAYS pushing me back against the wall? Somehow, I had managed to do the impossible again. Me being the first girl werewolf EVER wasn’t enough- they had to go and make me imprint on a vampire.ben and leah


5. Chapter 5

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“Well, well, well. We’ve been apart for only a few weeks and already you run to the comforts of the locals.” Tia drawled, her olive complexion practically shown. She was dreadfully beautiful, even while drenched from the rain and my stomach churned.

‘How can I compete with that?’ I thought grimly, as I glanced at Ben’s shell-shocked face.

“T…Tia? What are you doing here?”, he asked, seeming to snap out of his stupor. There was an immediate coldness about him that was directed towards Tia. His eyes had gone from a dark blue to a frosty grey. The rain around them began to turn to snow.

Uh-oh, Tia is in trouble…proof that there is a God.

“We could have been great you, know. We could have taken down the Volturi, been more powerful than the Volturi. And what do you do? You waste your powers on some Indian mutt during a picnic! Cause you’re weak, you’ve always been weak and you’ll always will be weak.”

Oh no she didn’t! She did not just call me ‘some Indian mutt’! And Ben is NOT weak. I am going to end her!

Angrily, I leaped up, feeling close to morphing.

“Leah, no. She’s not worth it.”, Ben said, noticing the hostile change in my demeanor.

“I’ll rip her head off.” I said angrily as I glared at Tia’s beautiful, smirking face.

“Leah, please.” he said as he grazed my arm. I immediately calmed down. If it was he wished, I had no choice but to surrender to him.

“Isn’t that sweet?”, Tia in a mocking voice.

This girl was obviously not wise; she was jump-roping on thin ice.

“Why did you come here?” Ben asked bluntly. I was relieved that there seemed to no love lost between them. It was amazing that they had ever dated at all. In fact, by looking at their behavior now, one would confidently guess that they had been rivals, instead of lovers.

Lovers. She had been his lover…

“Amun needs you. Plus, I have been thinking about taking a vacation for a while now anyway. I’m sure the Cullens will welcome me after I stayed to help fight for Renesmee.” Tia said confidently.

“You only stayed because I threatened never to use my powers again. I had to agree to do that horrible mission for you.” he reminded her. I was confused at that statement but sure that he would elaborate later.

“That won’t matter. But this isn’t personal, Ben. Amun needs you this time. He’s gotten himself into real trouble.”

“Then he should get himself out of it. I made it clear when I left that I wanted nothing to do with you all anymore.” Ben said as he stood. “I have a new life now. And it doesn’t include you, Amen or Egypt all together.” He bent down and captured my hand, pulling me up gently. I shot him a small smile

“I see. How easily you give up one hundred and fifty years of being together.” Tia said as she gazed at Ben and my intertwined hands. He snorted.

“You never wanted me, Tia. You wanted my power.” He said as he wrapped his arms around Leah.

Tia chortled at the sight.

“You and the werewolf. Classic. You never could go with the flow, could you? I never wanted your dull power.” Tia said dismissively.

I snorted.

“De Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt, honey. You should know that.” I said smugly. Ben laughed.

Tia rolled her eyes. “I’ll be back. You’re going to fix this, Ben. I’m warning you, come to your senses. You don’t want to bring trouble here, do you? They want the entire clan, not just Amun. They’ll find you and the Cullens.” Tia warned.

“Well then there is no problem. I’m no longer a part of your clan. Keep your self-inflicted problems in Egypt, Tia. I don’t care if they rip you all to shreds.”, Ben said coldly. I began packing up, sensing that the picnic was over before it even really started.

“They won’t care about that, Ben. But I’ve warned you.” Tia said while smirking. In a few seconds she was gone. The awkwardness in the air was so palpable I felt like I could take a butter knife and slice through it.

I sighed as she folded the blanket and replaced it in the basket.

“That was...eventful.” Ben said while scratching his head. I snorted.

“That’s one way to describe It.”, I said as I picked up the basket. Ben opened the trunk for me and my door. A few minutes later, they were already gone from the beautiful picnic site.

“I’m sorry she ruined our first date, Leah. I’ll make it up to you.” he said as he drove.

“It’s not your fault, Benjamin.” I said as I gazed out the windows sadly. The verdant trees rushed by so fast, they blended together.

“Actually it is. I was sure I made it clear that I was cutting all ties to them when I left, but I guess they didn’t quite get the message.”

“Or, they aren’t willing to let you go yet. Especially Tia. I’m sorry, but other than the beauty- what did you see in her?” I asked while averting my gaze to the side of his olive-toned face. He set his jaw, his eyes flashing.

“It’s not what I saw in her, it’s what I didn’t see. When we were human, we were betrothed. She was nice and sweet back then. Then one night, when we were taking a stroll, Amun had cornered us. They were going to dispose of her, but I begged him to keep her alive. He bit the both of us. But he always regarded Tia as useless, a commodity. Every year, she turned bitterer about my powers. We spent the next 150 years together, and I kept blinding myself to the envious looks she’d shoot me. There were times when I used my powers and she’d have this complete look of avarice on her face. Sadly, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I finally realized how corrupted she had become. She’s not the same girl from all those years ago, far from it.” He said.

His eyes looked distant, as if he was gazing at something I could not see. I knew he was replaying the memories of Tia in his head: all of the good, bad, and unbelievably ugly. All of the red flags he had chosen to ignore.

“I’m sorry.” I said as I grabbed his spare hand and squeezed it gently.

“Don’t be. If things were all peachy, I wouldn’t be here with you, now would I?” he grinned.

“’All peachy’? You have definitely been picking up on too may American phrases.” I giggled.

He mockingly rolled his eyes and pulled over abruptly in the middle of nowhere.

“What are you doing?” I asked, as he got out of the car. It had stopped raining and the ground was covered with slushy snow.

“I decided I’m not going to let Tia ruin our first date.” he yelled from the back of the car, as he removed the picnic basket. I watched jovially from the passenger seat as he dried the ground of snow and shifted the ground so that there was a small hill in the shape of their picnic blanket.

He then helped me out the car and sat me down on his makeshift picnic spot.

“A roadside picnic? That’s different.” I remarked as I watched him reheat my food.

Ten minutes later we were eating and laughing. Well, in Ben’s case sipping and laughing.

But something had been plaguing me all day.

“Ben, what did you mean when you said you had to do that ‘horrible mission’ for her?” I asked as reclined in a recumbent position, using my elbow to support my head.

His smile faded as he gazed down into the straw of his cup.

“I wasn’t going to abandon the Cullens and I knew they needed all of the help they could get. So I asked Tia to stay. It had taken a lot of silent arguing and threats, but she agreed. Afterwards, however, I had to pay the price when Tia manipulated me into sending Ethiopia into a drought for a year. A clan of vampires there had cheated her out of some money, so her solution was to make their entire country pay. Hundreds of humans had died that year because of me.”, he said, his head hanging in ignominy.

“That’s not your fault, Ben. It’s Tia’s.”, I said as I scooted closer to him. I could smell his scent and registered that he smelt nothing like vampires usually do. We were so close, and from the way Ben’s frame froze, he noticed it too. Next thing I knew, I was caught up in his blue eyes, our heads moved together in their own accord.

Just as cold, soft lifts captured mine, a voice broke through the blissful silence.

Charlie’s voice.

I groaned. The world seemed hell bent against Ben and I kissing. First the ex girlfriend, now the step-dad.

“Leah? You’re the cause of the disturbance?’ Charlie asked.

“Disturbance?” I asked, my irritation was blazoned across my face. It was official; Charlie was receiving socks for his birthday. That sports DVR I had bought was about to be thrown from a 20 story building.

“You’re only supposed to park on the side of a highway if it’s an emergency. Picnics are definitely out. If you weren’t my daughter, you’d be receiving a hefty fine.” Charlie explained.

“Sorry dad”, I said sarcastically. Charlie grinned at my light banter. His eyes flicked to Ben.

“Oh yeah, Sue said something about the imprinting thing. I thought that you guys were allergic to their venom.” Charlie said looking confused.

My insides went cold. It was ironic that it took a human to bring up a fact that both werewolves and vampires had completely forgotten about.

I gasped, while hyperventilating. My response to Charlie was to faint. My last thought before darkness took me was that Emmet was never going to let me live this down.