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Twenty Years

It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?


1. The Vision

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Edward and I just got back from hunting. I love these trips– when it’s just me and Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I love hunting with all my other family too– Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, Jacob and Renesmee– just the ones with just Edward and I were special. When ten people (well, none of us actually are human) live together it’s difficult to get alone time. Especially with our super hearing.

We laughed as we entered the house and ran upstairs to our shared room. We decorated the walls with memories. Next to the large music collection (we had at least 600 CDs, Cassette tapes and records) were photographs we had taken in the past 22 years. On the opposing wall were pictures of Renesmee from the time she was born until she was fully grown. There was a large bed in the back of the room, never used for sleep. There were various other mementoes of our lives scattered about the room. I kept framed pictures of Charlie and Renee on top of the TV. In the left corner of the room, there was a piano.

Edward was addicted to his piano. There was another one downstairs, but he liked having one so he could play to me, alone. He was mid-song when Alice burst through the door with Jasper. I glared at my siblings. They knew better than to not knock, but then I saw the look on Alice’s face– a vision. I watched as Edward watched the vision with her standing as he saw the events that played out in Alice’s head. He came over and wrapped his arms around me.

I, of course, was confused. “What’s going on?” It had to be something big; Alice didn’t barge in with no respect for privacy to tell us about next week’s weather.

“Another coven, a large one” Edward whispered

“Not vegetarian,” Alice added.

I nodded. It had happened years ago as well, another coven came and hunted in the immediate area. Unless they changed their path, we would have to leave.

“When?” I hadn’t realized Alice left the room, and Edward didn’t have an answer.

Edward and I flew down the stairs, finding Alice and Jasper in the study with Carlisle. I could hear her telling him in more detail what exactly she saw.

“There are around five of them, a large group for nomads. They seem to be moving eastward. Three of the five are female, the other two male.”

“When will they arrive?”

“Early July, I think. Maybe a bit earlier” I checked my mental calendar: it was June 7th.

“Alright. Lets get everyone around the dining room table.”

The five of us: me, Edward, Alice, Jasper and Carlisle split up to find the rest of the family. Carlisle went and got Esme, who was planning on adding an extra room to the house. Alice, Jasper and Edward went off to find Rosalie and Emmett, who had been hunting since Wednesday. I went upstairs to get Jake and Renesmee.

I could hear them inside the room, and I didn’t want to think about what they’re doing. I knocked on the door, quietly. I knew they could hear. I heard a bit of shuffling– putting clothes on no doubt, and they opened the door.

“What’s up mom?” Nessie said. She had gotten into the habit of speaking aloud rather than showing. I looked at Renesmee. Her curly bronze hair reached her rear and her brown eyes shone with joy. She had the body of a 20 year old, which felt odd. She had stopped aging about 8 years after she was born. I wondered how it was for her, to be 20 yet have 17 and 18 year old parents.

“Family meeting. Downstairs.”

I ran back to the dining room. The rest of my family was already sitting and I took the place between Edward and Emmett. After Nessie and Jake took their seats, Alice spoke. She told everyone that she had seen another large coven coming to our town. She said that they were not vegetarians.

“Is there any chance they’ll change paths?” Emmett asked.

“There is always a chance; you know nothing is ever set in stone. But it’s only a 2% chance they turn the other way. When they come we’ll invite them over and tell them they can’t hunt here.”

We nodded, a few other people asked other questions, but nothing important came out of them. After the meeting, we continued on with things we normally did. Edward sat at the piano and Esme watched him play. Carlisle got a book from his study. Jasper and Emmett wrestled while Rosalie and Alice watched in amusement.

I watched my daughter and Jake. It was now that I realized a gleaming diamond attached to her left finger. Everyone was immersed in packing and preparing and didn’t notice my stillness. Jacob caught my eye and followed my line of sight.

“I should’ve told you...” Edward glanced up as Jake said this. The music stopped playing and everyone turned to look.

“But you didn’t”

“No... I didn’t”

“When did you...”

“Last night”

The members of the family who couldn’t read minds had gathered around us, curious as to what we were saying. Edward stayed in the background. I saw that he was tense– his dislike for Jacob wasn’t a secret. Alice stood next to him. I heard Edward whisper to her, responding to a thought, no doubt. I think I’ll let them tell us. Renesmee stood next to Jacob, hands shoved into the pockets of her blue jeans.

“You could’ve asked my permission!”

“I wasn’t aware I needed permission”
Jacob didn’t notice the crowd until just now. There was eagerness on all the faces. They wanted to know what was happening. I backed away and stood next to Edward, grabbing his hand.

“I guess you’re all pretty confused right now,” Jake started, “Uh.... uhm....” he turned towards Renesmee, “Do you want to say it or should I?”

“Actually, I think I’ll show them.”

Jacob nodded and Nessie walked over to Carlisle, placing her hand on his arm. He whispered Congratulations to her. Renesmee turned to Esme, then Emmett, Rose and Jazz. She finally stopped at Alice. She knew she had to save her aunt for last at a time like this, or risk ruining the surprise for everyone. I could see the anticipation in Alice’s gold eyes. I watched as the anticipation changed to excitement. A bright grin spread across her pale face. Alice loves weddings, especially planning them.

“Yay! Finally!” She danced around, “And September 13th is the perfect date.”

I was amused. Who picked the date, Alice, Renesmee or Jake?

“Thanks. It was my idea.” Hm. Jake. A tribute to me, no doubt. I smiled.

Edward’s expression changed from calm to angered. “No Jacob, we can’t.” I assumed he was responding to a thought.

Jake spoke aloud this time, “Please? My wedding wouldn’t be the same without the packs.”

Edward and Jake argued over whether or not it was safe to invite the packs. We hadn’t been to Washington in years. I knew that having old friends here would make me homesick. Therefore, I didn’t want the packs to come either. But it wasn’t my wedding.