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Twenty Years

It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?


2. The Party

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June 20th. I smiled in anticipation. It’s Edward’s 125th birthday. He, of course, knew we were planning a party for him. A small party, but a party nonetheless. It was just going to be our family, but Alice loved any excuse to throw a party. And Alice knew my secret about the party– I wanted to hide it from her, but that’s beyond my control. The party was for Alice as well. She’s never known the exact date of birth, just that it was in 1901 (which she inferred from her tombstone). Just as I had made the decision to make it a party for her as well....

“Bella! You have no idea how happy that makes me! I don’t think I’ve ever had a party, except at my wedding! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Heh. No problem Alice... just, don’t tell anyone. And ‘anyone’ includes Jasper.”

And now it was the day of the party. Alice managed to keep the secret from everyone, except Edward....

“So it’s a joint birthday party?”

“Shoot. I told her not to think about it.”

“And since when does Alice listen?”

Everyone was excited. The last party we had (other than Rose and Em’s weddings, but those weren’t much fun to anyone other than them) was Edward and my wedding party. At this particular moment, everyone was preparing. Esme and Carlisle were finishing off the decorations. I was choosing CDs out of Edward’s extensive collection. Edward watched as my eyes scanned the wall, every so often pulling a CD out and reading the back and either putting it back or placing it on the bed. Alice and Rosalie were choosing outfits for everyone to wear. Renesmee was baking a cake with Jacob. Of course, the two of them would be the only ones to eat it.

I watched as twilight hit the sky. I was already in my party clothes (chosen by Alice)– an electric blue knee length dress. I had to convince her to get the blue and not the, ugh, light pink. It didn’t take much convincing, just five words ‘Edward loves when I wear blue’. Alice herself was outfitted in a white dress, similar to mine, but different. Hers was much more showy. I glanced at Edward in the corner, obviously uncomfortable in the clothes Alice chose for him.

I waited until everyone was downstairs. I grabbed the first CD, and put it back. I had an idea. Edward had been teaching me piano for the last decade. I was by no means an expert at it, I didn’t come close to his ability, but I was better than most. I slid onto the bench, much to Edward’s surprise. I played him a song that I wrote for him. A new song, I had written many for him in the past. A huge grin stretched across his face as he realized he hadn’t heard this one before.

As I played the final note, I whispered to him, “Happy Birthday, Edward.”

He laughed aloud and said, “It’s official. I’m no longer the best musician in the family.”

I punched his arm– hard. He knew I didn’t even touch his talent. He’d been playing since he was a child. I learned the art barely a decade ago.

“I’m serious, Bells. That was beautiful.”

It wasn’t worth the argument. I’d let him think what he desired. I grimaced at him as I grabbed the CD, again, and placed it in the player.

“As I was saying, Edward, happy birthday.” I kissed him. I held my lips to his and recalled the first time he kissed me. I started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” The other Cullens looked eager to know as well.

“Nothing. I was just remembering the first time Edward and I kissed...”

“And it was funny?” Emmett was eager for me to tell the story.

“Uh... yeah.” He wasn’t going to hear it though. I preferred to keep that day between me and Edward.

He didn’t push for more information.

Edward whispered in my ear, low enough for Emmett not to hear him. “I’m glad to hear that you find you, well, human you attacking me funny.” He sounded amused. I smiled and kissed him again.

I heard Jasper whisper to Alice, “Ugh. They’d better get a room.”

I looked up and so did Edward.

“What? You guy’s emotions are just too...” Jasper searched for an appropriate word, “lovey-dovey.”

“We’re too... lovey-dovey?” Edward rolled his eyes. “Thank you?”

I looked at Alice. She was eager. She wanted her attention now.

“Alright. Present time,” I said.

As everyone sat on the couch, I ran and grabbed one present from my room.

“This,” I started, “is for Alice. She deserves a party since she turns 125 sometime this year as well.”

I came up with a clever way of keeping the present a secret from her. I got three gifts, put them in boxes the same size and wrapped them identically, mixed them up and grabbed a random one. As she opened the package, I wondered which one she received.

“Yay! Bella! I love it! Thank you so much!”

I looked at the gift in her hands. Concert tickets for her and Jasper. It was the same band that they were going to see all those years ago, if my bad luck didn’t intervene. They were having a reunion tour and I managed to snag backstage passes to the show.

“It’s from both Edward and me”

“Thanks Edward, thanks Bella” Jasper said. I could see everyone, including him, felt guilty for not getting Alice a present.

“Alright, Edward. You ready for you’re presents?”


And he got his gifts. I was surprised nobody had given them away in their thoughts. Renesmee’s was first.

“This is from Jake and me.”

Edward eagerly opened the packaging. A CD. It was a band that Nessie loved and Edward was constantly taking the CD from her to listen to.

“Thanks Ness, Jake.”

Carlisle and Esme gave their present next. I laughed as Carlisle carried the gigantic present into the room.

After Edward unwrapped it I asked, “Another piano? Where are you going to put this one?” Edward laughed and didn’t answer.

“Us next! Us next!” Alice shouted. She got up and ran to get the gift.

“Shoot.” Jasper mumbled. “Alice is going to be pissed.” Then he said, even lower, “Stupid mind-reading vampire

“Don’t worry, I’ll act surprised.”

Edward opened the envelope and pulled out the two plane tickets that rest inside of it. To Chicago.

“I thought you might want to show Bella where you grew up.”

“Thanks!” his surprise looked genuine.

Emmett tossed his gift onto Edward’s lap. It wasn’t wrapped.

“I noticed you other six iPods were completely full, so I got you another.”

“Thanks Em, Rose”

We all sat silently for a moment and Edward turned to me.

“What? No present from you?”

“I was actually going to give it to you later, but if you want it now, I guess I could...”

Edward raised an eyebrow at me and said, “No. No, later is good.”

Emmett guffawed and I shot him an evil look.

I got up to change the CD, taking the one Renesmee and Jacob had just given Edward. As I opened the casing, Alice spoke omnisciently.

“They’re here”