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Twenty Years

It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?


3. The Party- Edward's Point of View

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We don’t usually celebrate birthdays. When we do, it’s on the century mark. It felt odd, having a party only 25 years after my last, I don’t know how humans have them every year. It was Bella’s idea to give me a party though, and Alice immediately backed her up. It’s useless to go against Alice, so I’m getting a party.

“So you’re throwing me a party?”
“Oh. Okay. But don’t get mad when you turn 50 and we give you a party”

Alice immersed herself into my party planning. She was deciding on the decorations when she had a vision. Bella decided it wasn’t fair to throw a party for only me, when Alice had been born in the same year. I saw the light sparkle in Alice’s eyes. She never had a party for her 100th birthday, since we don’t know the exact date. Alice dropped what she was doing and ran to go thank Bella. Later that day, when me and Bella were alone together I decided to tell her I knew, since when Alice came back down a few moments later she was thinking about how she’s going to keep it secret.

“So it’s a joint birthday party?”

“Shoot. I told her not to think about it.”

“And since when does Alice listen?”

On the day of the party, I watched as Bella went through my CD collection. She knew exactly how I had it classified: by year and then preference within that frame. She put back far more CDs than she took.

“Need any help?”

“No, I’m good”

In the end, she had chosen 20 CDs, all different genres and years. While Bella brought the CDs downstairs, Alice pulled me aside.

Time to get dressed, she thought.

“Can’t I wear something that I want to wear. It is my party after all.”

And it’s mine too. And you don’t want to make me sad on my first ever birthday party, do you?

She grabbed a designer brand suit out of the closet. I didn’t particularly enjoy wearing suits. I was relieved when tucking in your shirt had fallen out of style. After I was dressed and Alice approved, I watched as Alice helped Bella into her dress. Alice was angry in her thoughts.

She would’ve looked so much nicer in the pink, but noooooo. Edward likes her in blue. Edward, Edward, Edward. It’s all she ever talks about. I mean, I love Bella to death, but I don’t go talking nonstop about Jazz. Do I? But with Bella it’s ‘Edward this’ and ‘Edward that’. Oh shoot. He’s listening to me now isn’t he? Heh...

“Yes I am, and no you don’t and yes, I do prefer her in blue than in pink.”

Once Bella was outfitted, Alice went to go bother Jasper and put him in his clothes.

Less than an hour later, we all gathered downstairs. Bella grabbed a CD, one of my favorites from the 1940s. She quickly put the CD back in it’s place and ran over to the piano. I had taught her to play a decade ago, and she was constantly coming up with songs dedicated to me. I was fully prepared to hear the song I heard her playing the morning before, yet when I realized it was a whole new song, a grin stretched across my face.

“Happy birthday, Edward,” she whispered to be.

“It’s official. I’m no longer the best musician in the family.”

She punched me in the arm.

“I’m serious, Bells. That was beautiful.”

She shot me an evil look and went and grabbed the CD and put it in the player.

“As I was saying, Edward, happy birthday.” Bella pecked me on the lips, and went into hysterical laughter.

“What’s so funny?” I was eager to know. It seemed the rest of my family was too.

...Are his kisses that bad that Bella laughs at him?...

...Why is she laughing?...

“Nothing. I was just remembering the first time Edward and I kissed...” Oh. That. I chucked under my breathe.

“And it was funny?” Emmett asked.

“Uh... yeah...” Bella responded.

She isn’t going to tell me about it, is she?

I moved my eyes to one side, then the other. One of my codes for ‘no’.

I leaned down and whispered in Bella’s ear, making sure that my voice was so low Em wouldn’t hear it, “I’m glad to hear that you find you, well, human you attacking me funny.” She kissed me once again, this time more passionately.

“Ugh. They’d better get a room.” They’re worse than Emmett and Rosalie. Geez.

Bella and I both looked up at Jasper at the same time.

““What? You guy’s emotions are just too.... lovey-dovey.”

“We’re too... lovey-dovey? Thank you?” I knew he hadn’t meant it as a compliment on how much Bella and I love eachother.

“Alright, present time.” Bella said.

Everyone took a seat, and Bella spoke again.

“This,” she said, “is for Alice. She deserves a party also, since she turns 125 sometime this year as well.”

Aw man. She’ll probably think I’m the worst husband in the world. Why wasn’t I told this was a party for Alice also? I’ll give something to her tomorrow...

Bella tossed Alice the gift. Alice had no clue what me and Bella got her. Alice carefully tore open the wrapping paper revealing concert tickets to the band that Bella had gotten her and Jasper tickets for all those years ago. The one they never got to go to.

“Yay! Bella! I love it! Thank you so much!”

“It’s from both Edward and me”

“Thanks Edward, thanks Bella,” Jasper said, thinking about what he should get her.

“Alright, Edward. You ready for you’re presents?” Bella asked me. Unlike her, I’ve never had an aversion to gifts.

“Always.” I had no clue what I was getting. Everyone seemed to be very careful as to what they thought when they were nearby.

Renesmee tossed a package onto my lap, ““This is from Jake and me.”

It was a CD. Nessie had inherited a good taste in music from me, and I happened to love this particular band. I was always taking the CD to listen to.

“Thanks Ness, Jake.”
Carlisle got up and came back with a huge package. He struggled a bit getting it through the door. I ripped off the wrapping paper.

Bella commented on the gift before I could thank Carlisle and Esme, “Another piano? Where are you going to put this one?”

It was a logical question. I already had one in my room and in the downstairs. Before I could answer the question, Alice interrupted.

“Us next! Us next!” She ran off to get the gift.

I hope Edward likes the plane tickets. I know he’d want to show Bella where he was born and stuff...

“Shoot!” Jasper knew I heard his thoughts, “Alice is going to be so pissed! Stupid mind-reading vampire

“Don’t worry. I’ll act surprised.” I was good at acting. It wasn’t the first time I had to pretend I didn’t know something.

Alice handed me an envelope and sat down. I took the two plane tickets out of it.

“I thought you might want to show Bella where you grew up.”


Emmett tossed an iPod at me.

““I noticed you other six iPods were completely full, so I got you another.”“

And this one will be full by the morning
, Rosalie thought.

“Thanks Em, Rose”

I waited patiently for Bella to get me my gift, but she just sat there.

“What? No present from you?”

According to the whole party was Bella’s idea it surprised me that she didn’t get a gift for me.

“I was actually going to give it to you later, but if you want it now, I guess I could...”

Hm. It must be something personal. “No. No, later is good.” I was quite curious as to what it would be.

Bella shot up to change the CD that just finished. As she did so, I watched the vision in Alice’s head. The group of nomads were in the forest to the west.

“They’re here.”