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Twenty Years

It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?


4. The Visitors

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“Here? Now? Already?” Carlisle stared at Alice. She had said they wouldn’t arrive until early July. They were at least 10 days earlier than schedule.

Alice was still watching the future. “Shit!”

“What?”Jasper urged.

“We... we need to meet them. I saw them hunting. Killing that girl in Emmett’s bio class last year, the one with the red hair.


“I think they’ll arrive through the forest to the west. We need to spread out and see if we can find them.”

So we did. After no more than 10 minutes waiting, Carlisle shouted “I see them!”. We all ran to where Carlisle was standing as saw the group approaching. There were three girls and two boys.

The leader of the girls had dark brown wavy hair. She stood at 5'3". She looked to be in her late teens. The other four walked not far behind. One girl was fairly short, maybe 5 foot. She was small, but not like Alice. She had brown hair, not quite the same color as the other girl, lighter. Next to her were two boys, identical. They were tall, maybe 6'3". They had sand colored hair, one’s was cut short, but not too short. It was a little shaggy. The other’s was longer with side bangs. The final person was another girl. She was taller than the other two females, probably 5'8". Her skin had a color that showed it was very tan when she was human. Her hair was long, reaching past her behind. It was golden at the bottom phasing into a near black at the top. Her bright red eyes screamed ‘newborn’.

The leader approached.

“Hello. I’m Rachel.”

Carlisle nodded. “Welcome, Rachel. I’m Carlisle. This is my coven, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Jacob and Renesmee.”

She eyed Renesmee and Jacob. I was instantly reminded of the day at the baseball game, a memory that was almost faded.

“Nice to meet you all. This is Tina, Brandon, Derek and Kathy.”

“We ask that you refrain from hunting in the area, we have a permanent residence nearby and don’t wish to be discovered”

“A permanent residence?”

“We don’t live the same way you do. Please, come to our home and we’ll tell you about our lifestyle.”

“I’ll accept your invitation”


When we arrived at the home, the girl called Rachel seemed amused. It was still completely decorated.

“Very inconspicuous.”

Edward spoke up, “It’s my 125th birthday. We were having a party and Alice and Esme tend to get carried away with decorations.”

“I see. Happy birthday”

“Thank you”

When we got inside, Esme was quick to clear the wrapping paper off the couch.

“Please, sit down,” she said. The group of nomads took a seat, their crimson eyes looking out of place.

One of the boys spoke up, the one with the shorter hair, “So how do you keep a permanent residence without being discovered.”

Emmett answered, “We consider ourselves ‘vegetarians’.We don’t feed off of humans, we hunt animals in the forest.”

“How peculiar,” said Rachel.

She must of thought a question because Edward answered one, “Yes. There are more like us in Alaska.”

Rachel was taken aback for a moment. “Interesting ability, the ability to hear thoughts. I believe Aro in the Volturi can do that, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Yes, he can. He needs physical contact though. I don’t”

“Ah. I’m sorry if I sound rude but what can the rest of you do, and I’d like to match a name to a face as well.”

Alice spoke first, “Well, I’m Alice. I can see the future. That’s how I knew you were coming.”

“I’m Jasper, Alice’s husband. I can control the emotions of the people around me.” He gave an example by making everyone excited for two seconds.

“I’m Rosalie. I don’t have a special ability, but I brought my superior beauty as a trait.”

“I’m Emmett, I’m extremely strong, even for a vampire. Uhh... oh yeah. And I’m Rose’s husband”

“I’m Esme. No special ability here either, but I’m extraordinarily loving.” She put her arm around Carlisle.

“I’m Carlisle. I’ve brought my compassion into this life.”

“I’m Bella. I’m a shield from mental abilities. I’m married to Edward.” I nodded towards my husband.

“I’m Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie. I can show people my thoughts.”

“I’m Jacob... uh... well... I can turn into a wolf.... uh... yeah. I’m not a vampire.”

“Neither am I,” stated Nessie.

“What are you? I can tell you have flowing blood, but you also seem immortal.” One of the boy’s spoke, this time it was the boy with the side bangs.

“I’m half human, half vampire.”

“How is that?”

“Bella and Edward are my biological parents. I was born while my mom, Bella, was still human.”

“How intriguing” the newborn with the long hair said.

Carlisle spoke again, “Please, introduce your group.”

Rachel spoke, “I’m Rachel, as I’ve said before. I have the ability to cause embarrassment.” You could tell by the glint in her crimson eyes that she enjoyed her ability. Rachel demonstrated it by making Jacob’s shorts fall to the ground, revealing polka dotted boxers. The group cracked up laughing.

“I’m Tina,” said the smallest of the girls, “I have the ability of mind control.” She demonstrated as well. She went into Jacob’s mind and had him dance foolishly.

“I’m Kathy,” said the taller girl, “I can control the weather.” She showed us by making the clear night turn into a downpour.

“I’m Derek, Kathy’s boyfriend,” said the boy with the shorter hair, “I’m incredibly confident.”

“I’m Brandon, Rachel’s boyfriend,” said his twin, “I’m extraordinarily trustworthy.”

Derek spoke up, “I’d like to try your, what did you call it, vegetarian hunting.”