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Twenty Years

It's been twenty years since Bella was changed into a vampire. What will happen to her?


5. The Hunt

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The thirteen vampires went out into the forest. Nessie and Jake stayed behind, they were too human and we didn’t want to risk it. They, of course, understood perfectly.

Edward explained the art of vegetarian hunting. “The taste of the animals isn’t as rich as the taste of humans. It’s an acquired taste. The carnivorous animals, like lions and bears, taste better than the herbivores.

A grizzly bear chose this moment to make it’s self known. Wandering nearby our group, stopping out of curiosity. Derek jumped at the chance to try it’s blood and sunk his teeth through the bear’s skin. When he finished feeding, he stood up.

“Not bad. Definitely an acquired taste, as you said, but overall it tastes pretty good.”

The other boy, Brandon, wanted to try since his brother did. It took a few minutes to find another bear. We watched as Brandon bit into the grizzly.

“Derek’s right. It doesn’t taste that bad.”

The three girls believed Brandon, he was trustworthy, and went off to find grizzlies of their own. Esme, Carlisle, Edward and I went back to the house. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Emmett decided to stay and hunt a bit.

When we got into the house, I checked the clock. 11:52.

“Edward, there are only eight minutes left in your birthday. I need to give you your present.”

We rushed up into our room. I could tell that Edward had no clue what I’d gotten him. Alice was the only one who really knew and I forced her to stay quiet in her thoughts. When we got in, I grabbed the packaging from under the bed and handed it to him. I pecked him on the cheek and whispered “Happy birthday.”. He carefully opened up the wrapping paper and I watched the shock when he saw himself staring up at him.

“How did you get this?” he whispered.

“Carlisle gave it to me.”

He stared at the picture for several minutes. It was a picture that was taken in 1915, on Edward’s 14th birthday. He was dressed formally, a button down shirt and jacket. You could see a small cake with one candle in it in front of Edward. On his face, Edward sported a huge crooked smile.

He flipped the CD case over and smiled brightly at our wedding picture. He opened the case and took out the CD (which said “Happy Birthday Edward” on it). He put it in the CD player and listened as the sound of me playing piano filled the room. He lay back and listened to the music.

“Thank you,” he whispered to me. The clock struck midnight.

It was morning. As I got downstairs Emmett turned to me.

“Could you have been any louder last night?”

I looked down. Twenty years ago, my face would have been bright red. As Emmett continued to tease me I saw Alice running down the stairs with her new best friend: Tina. I went and sat down with Carlisle. He had finished telling Rachel our history and she began to tell hers.

“I was born in the year 1919 in some small town in New Jersey. My family and I moved to Florida when I was young. In the fall of 1938, my friends and I were at a movie on a Saturday night. As we exited the movie, a group of young, attractive men pulled us aside. It was too dark to see the strange color of their eyes. A few of my friends ran, but the men were quicker and caught them. I watched in fear as the men sucked the blood from my closest friends’ necks. It hurt to watch and I knew it was coming to me. The vampire that was standing with me, Samuel, his name was looked at me and said “I like you. I think I’ll keep you” and bit me.

Samuel had taught me the basics and then left me. I traveled alone for 30 years. I hadn’t seen a vampire since Sam and his friends. I was searching for dinner one night when I found Tina. I was truly shocked to find another vampire in the area. We have traveled together ever since. We found Brandon and Derek in 2011. We were hunting in New York and came across them. They were the perfect meal– young, alone. But I felt a connection to the one boy, and changed him. I looked at Derek after I bit Brandon. I couldn’t let twins be separated like that. I could tell they were very close to each other, so I changed Derek as well. It took a lot to resist the blood. I don’t know how you changed so many, Carlisle. Seven?”

“Four. Alice found us with Jasper, who had come from a different family. Edward changed Bella.”

“Ah. Still, twice what I have done. Anyway, Tina never took to Derek like I to Brandon. We were heading south when Derek found Kathy. It was recently, no more than a year ago. He fell in love with her, like I had with his brother, and changed her.”

“Must be awfully lonely for Tina,” Carlisle remarked.

“Sometimes it seems that way. She’s left many times in the past, but she always finds her way back to us. I think she likes having company.”


I watched as the five vampire blended in with my family. While Carlisle and Rachel conversed, Derek and Emmett wrestled. Alice was giving Tina a tour of her closet. Kathy was talking to Edward, although I couldn’t pick up what about. Edward was doing most of the talking. He was answering mental questions of hers. I was about to stand up and go over to Edward when Brandon sat next to me.

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all”

Brandon looked at me, “You look like you have an interesting story.”

“That’s an understatement.”

He was eager to hear my story.

“Well... I was born on September 13th 1987....”

“You’re closer to my age than I’d expected.”

“And you were born....?”

“March 21st, 1993"

“Ah. Anyway, I was born in Washington, then moved to California when my parents divorced and then to Arizona. I moved back in with my dad in Washington when I was 17. That’s where I met Edward. He was in a couple of my classes. We got married when I was 18. He refused to change me into a vampire until we were married.”

“Woah. Wait. You chose to be a vamp?”

“Ehr... yeah.”


“Uh.... so during our honeymoon Edward... impregnated me. That’s how Renesmee came to be. Um.... after she was born, Edward changed me into a vampire.”

“C’mon, you’re leaving out the good stuff.” I hadn’t noticed that Edward had been standing next to me until he spoke.

“The good stuff?”

“You know, James, Victoria...”

“Right. Yeah, while I was human I nearly got killed like 50 million times by evil vampires.”

Brandon laughed.

Rachel walked up to us.

“I hope you don’t mind if I borrow Brandon for a sec.”

“Sure, no prob.”

Edward and I sat there, hands intertwined. He was concentrating on Rachel and Brandon’s thoughts.

“Interesting,” he mumbled.

“What is?”

“Uh... Rachel and Brandon decided they’re going to try out our way of life for a little while. They aren’t sure if Derek, Kathy and Tina will stay though. They’re going to ask them.”

A few moments later Edward said, “Derek and Kathy are staying. Tina’s undecided. Being around so many couples ticks her off, but she hates being alone. She’s asking Rachel if they could possibly invite a group of friends to join them try the experience. Apparently they are three people, a couple and a single. Rachel said she’ll ask Carlisle and that it’s not her authority to decide.”

I saw Rachel approach Carlisle and ask. Edward gave me a play-by-play of the thoughts again.

“Carlisle is counting the vampires. Him, Esme, you, me, Rose, Em, Alice, Jasper, Rachel, Tina, Brandon, Derek, Kathy, plus three more, and then Nessie and Jake... that’s 16 vampires and two non-vampires. He doesn’t want to get the Volturi’s attention. He’s going to ask Alice if there is danger coming if we allow them to invite their friends.”

I watched as Carlisle ran upstairs.

“Alice is looking through visions to see if there’s anything with the Volturi. She doesn’t see any danger. She told Carlisle it’s safe to allow the invite.