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Three May Be A Party, But To Me Its Just A Crowd

Charlie's girlfriend, Sharon, has moved in with Bella and him. Bella's a little more then put out with her.


3. Laying Down The Law

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“Bella, can we have a word with you please?” asked Sharon. I was pleased she was so nice; if I had to live with her, it was good I liked her. I slid off Edward’s lap and went into the kitchen.

“Now Bella. As long I’m going to be living with you, there are some things I would like you to do?”

“What kind of things?” I asked, uncertainly.

“Just a few simple rules I’d appreciate it if you could follow”


“Firstly, I want a respectful tone of voice when talking to me or your father”

“Umm…but I always talk like this. Don’t I, Charlie?” she carried on as if I hadn’t spoken

“Second and this relates nicely to the first, he’s not your friend, he’s your dad and should be treated like one. You can call him father or dad, or even papa. But not Charlie”


“Now…I understand that you will try to be respectful to us but respectful also includes language. No swearing. In addition, that includes Damnit. Okay?”


“Fourth rule. You are never to be alone with that boy and you are not to touch him” I shot up.

“Edward is my damn fiancée! Does no one get that? We’re going to be married! And you’re saying I can’t be alone with him and I can’t touch him?! You’re unbelievable!”

“Language Isabella”

“But…but…Dad!” I shrieked.

“I’m sorry Bella, but you are only eighteen. Now, you know everyone assumes you’re pregnant? Well, we don’t want you becoming pregnant until after you’ve been married for a while”

“Edward wouldn’t do that to me” I muttered.

“Well, whether or not you are engaged, you are not married yet and therefore, shall not touch each other yet. Not under this roof” said Sharon.

“Bella, come on. Their acceptable rules, it’s not like we’re making you do anything extreme” said Charlie.

“Fine! I’ll do them” I smiled secretly to myself. At least they couldn’t stop Edward from climbing in through my window at night. I marched out of the kitchen and sat on the sofa. Edward moved to sit next to me.

“What’s up Bella?”

“You didn’t hear that?”

“Yes but…we have eternity remember” he whispered in my ear.

“Can we go to your house?” I asked, putting my hand in his. Sharon came into the room.

“Now, Bella. You know holding hands is against the rules” I sighed and took my hand from his.“I’m glad to see at least one of you has a sense of responsibility” said Sharon.

“Well, Bella’s always been the wild child. Ever since, I’ve known her. Haven’t you heard about the motorbike? And the cliff diving?” Edward asked.

“No. what do you mean?”

“A while ago Bella was into extreme sports. She got a motorbike, went cliff diving. But that’s all over now. I’m not allowing her to do anything reckless”

“Good on you”

“I was wondering? Could Bella possibly come over to my house for an hour? My parents will be home the entire time and my siblings will be there. Promise”

“Okay” said Charlie.

“Charles. It’s a school night. I really think Bella should go to bed”

“It’s not even nine o’clock” said Charlie.

“Yes, but she appears to be exhausted. Look at those dark circles under her eyes. I think she needs an early night. Maybe tomorrow Edward”

“Okay. Night Bella”

“Wait, you’re not going yet are you?”

“Well, you need an early night” he smiled and left.

“Bella, off you go” said Sharon.

I smiled sweetly and headed upstairs (scowling as soon as she couldn’t see me). I was ready soon and in my room. It was ages before Charlie and Sharon went to sleep. Then Edward finally turned up. I curled up with him and thought about Sharon. Charlie liked her but she was so annoying!