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Three May Be A Party, But To Me Its Just A Crowd

Charlie's girlfriend, Sharon, has moved in with Bella and him. Bella's a little more then put out with her.


4. I'm In A Forest Of Crazy

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I was awakened by a loud, obnoxious banging on my bedroom door. I glanced at the clock, only to find that it was too early to be alive! It was four in the morning! I didn't have to be at school until seven!! I usually woke up around six or on a bad day, six thirty. Edward usually made sure I was up and in the shower before he left to chnage, get Alice and his car. I stumbled over to the door, muttering under my breath. Standing there, in all her polyester glory, was Sharon. She was all dressed and ready to go at four in the morning. I find something incredibly wrong with that.

"Can I help you?" I asked, angrily.

"I let you sleep in today, but its time to get up. You have school today." She said, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

"School doesn't even open until seven." I groaned.

"Thats three hours you've been wasting, young lady. Now, go, get in the shower and I'll lay out your clothes." She said, snippily.

Oh, its too early to fight her. I went and got into the shower, letting the warm water pelt my back. The comforting smell of my strawberry shampoo filled my nose, calming me down. I didn't really like my strawberry shampoo. But Edward loved it, I always caught him sniffing my hair. That sounds a lot creepier than it actually is. But when Edward told me how much he loved it, I didn't bother changing brands. I just stuck with a good thing. After about ten minutes, my hair was washed and my body was clean. I didn't like to take long showers, if I did, I'd be in there until the hot water ran out. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked back to my room to get my clothes.

As I walked through my bedroom door, Sharon was nowhere to be seen. However, there was a very....interesting outfit laid out on my bed. A long black skirt that went about down to my knees with a dark purple turtle neck sweater. Next to those lovely choices, was a pair of black tights and black leather shoes that I wore once in my eighth grade production of Fiddler On The Roof. The skirt I wore to my great uncle's funeral in ninth grade and the sweater was okay, if I wore it with jeans. I have absolutely no idea where she found those tights, considering I haven't worn tights since the third grade. I sighed and picked up the skirt, carefully. I didn't even think I brought this skirt with me to Forks. And even if I did, Alice would have tossed it by now.

"Is there a problem, Isabella?" Sharon asked from behind me. I jumped, spinning around.

"Um, yeah, kinda. I can't wear this." I said, holding up the skirt.

"And why not?" She demanded, placing her hands on her hips.

"Well, its May for one. Two, I haven't worn half this stuff since, like, eighth grade. Three, my best friend will kill me." I listed off.

"If your friends would resort to violence, than you should not be hanging out with them. I'll have to talk with Charles about that, Isabella." She said, clucking her tongue.

"Can you please call me Bella?" I asked, a little annoyed.

"Isabella, I find nicknames wildly inapropriate. I will call you Isabella and you will call me Mother." She instructed.

"Um, I already have a Mom." I pointed out. And I had to tell her about this.

"Then you will call me Step Mother." She said, simply.

"Can't I call you Sharon?" I asked, almost desperately.

"Thats out of the question." She said, crossly.

"Whatever, okay, sure." I muttered.

She was silent for a moment before she stepped foward a little bit. "Let me smell your hair."

"What? No!" I sputtered, stepping back.

"I don't beleive you washed your hair correctly." She told me, seriously. There was a correct way to wash hair?

"Well, thats for me to know and for you to, well, not ever bring it up again." I said, irritated.

"Don't take that tone with me, Isabella. I am going to be your Step Mother in just a few weeks. " She reminded me.

I can do this. For Charlie. But wait....my wedding was in just a few weeks too...

"When exactly are you and Dad getting married?" I asked, suspiciously.

"August." She answered, happy with my tone of voice.

"My wedding is in August." I pointed out.

"Oh, well, your far too young to be getting married. We'll just move yours." She answered, with a flick of your hand. Say. What?

"No, actually, we won't. Alice has already planned everything, the invites have been sent out." I said, angrily. Wait a second, I was still in a towel!

"Get out, I need to get dressed." I ordered.

"Isabella, I want a more respectful tone!" She demanded, taken back. I smiled.

"Could you kindly get the fuck out of my room, Step Mother?" I asked, sweetly as I could. Her eyes widened and then narrowed.

"You can bet were going to be talking about this when your Father is ready for work." She threatened.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure we won't." I muttered as she shut the door with a click.

I really didn't want any more stress added to this already delightful morning, so I put the friggin outfit on. I figured Alice would see this and have a change of clothes for me anyway. I brushed my hair when it was dry and smoothed it out the best I could. Usually Alice told me what I was wearing every night before I left their house. I walked down the stairs, to find Sharon and Charlie eating Cornflakes at the kitchen table. Cornflakes? Charlie eats Cocoa Puffs every morning, and I eat Frosted Flaked. Where did we get Cornflakes? I haven't eaten Cornflakes since Renee was on her healthy eating craze when I was eight.

"Ah, Isabella. Care to tell your Father what you said to me this morning?" She asked, kindly.

"Sure. I told her to ge the fuck out of my room, after she demanded to smell my hair and told me to move my wedding." I said, casually. Charlie would totally be on my side. I heard a snort and a small chuckled behind me and turned to see Charlie grinning into his cereal bowl.

Ha. Take that Sharon, my Daddy is siding with me!

"Charles!" Sharon snapped. "Don't you have something to say to Isabella?"

Charlie cleared his throat. "Yes, well, Bella, that behavior is completely unacceptable. I expect better from you, young lady."

As I stood there with my mouth hanging open, Sharon smiled smugly. What, was Charlie a dog? Was she trying to train him?

"But Dad, you taught me that word!" I argued.

"I did not!" He said, actually confused now.

"Yes, you did. Remember when I was nine and you got that fishing hook caught in your finger and you were trying to pull it out..." I trailed off. His face lit up in recognition.

"That was a very off day, Bella. I expect better language in the future. Are we clear?" He asked, seriously.

"Crystal." I muttered, defeated.

It was six forty by the time I ate my Cornflakes (My cereal was mysteriously thrown out...). Edward shpuld be here any minute now. Sharon was babbling about the importance of cleanliness and how we were cleaning the house when I got home. I was saved when the doorbell rang. I jumped up and raced towards the door, only tripping once. I flung it open to find Edward standing there, with a shocked look in his eyes as he took me in. My pleading eyes and homeless looking attire.

"Ah, hello, Edward. Here to pick Isabella up for school?" She asked, behind me. I made a strangling gesture to Edward. He smiled at me, taking my hand.

"Yes, Miss Johnson, I am. I drive Bella and I, along with my sister, to school everyday." He answered, smoothly.

"Alright, you go ahead. Isabella, I expect you home at three thirty sharp." She said, sternly. I rolled my eyes and rushed out the door with Edward in tow. Alice was sitting in the backseat with a look of horror on her face.

"Oh, God, you look like the Swamp Monster!" She cried, as I slid into the front seat.

"Thanks, Alice. Real Sweet." I said, annoyed.

"Luckily, I brought you a change of clothes. Here." She said, shoving a tote back in my face. Inside was a pair of jeans with a label in French and a blue blouse with another foreign label. There was also a pair of black flats.

"Alice, I think I'm ditching Edward for you." I said, turning around and hugging her.

"Where's my love?" Edward asked, faking hurt.

"You and Jasper will make a cute couple." Alice said, giggling.

Edward's nose wrinkled in disghust as he thought about that. I laughed with Alice at the thought of Jasper and Edward holding hands. The kissing part was a little nasty though. I didn't really want my fiance kissing my best friends husband.