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Fire and Ice

We all know and love the Twilight book, But what do you think would happen if Alice was the Human who fell in love with Jasper, the vampire? Bella's Jasper's sister, How would Alice think of the Cullens?


1. Forks

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Alice P.O.V I sighed looking out the window from my seat. only two more hours before I see my dad and hopefully a mall, I can not live in a place where there is no mall. I told myself over and over again. I lived in sunny New York city with my mom and my little sister, Anna. My dad lived in the small and (Very) Rainy town of Forks, Washington. I've only been there a few times, and all I could remember was that Forks was very...green. The two hours dragged on and on... I kept my time looking out the window and sometimes staring at my new credit card that my mom gave me for 'Impoartant' things only. Finally, the plane landed and all I saw was the city lights of Seattle. I smiled and grabbed my backpack. I walked out of the plane and followed the crowd out of the hallway, and into the airport. I jumped up and down looking for my dad, I could see him leaning over the counter. Brown hair, blue eyes, yep, that's my dad. I walked over to him and he smiled. "Hey Ali how was your flight?" He asked looking down at me. I was the shortest in my family. Even my little sister was taller then me. "Fine." I replied. "Its good to see you dad." I smiled as I followed him out of the airport and into the parking lot. I sighed as I noticed his car, the police car with the red and blue lights and everything. Why doesn't my dad have another car? He took my bags and put them into the trunk. "Have enough clothes Alice?" My dad asked me raising his eyebrows. I laughed and smiled. "Nope, I left most of them in New York." I climbed into the passenger seat as my dad closed the trunk and shifted over to he drivers side and sat down. The drive was long and quiet. My dad coughed and I looked over at him. "Alice, I know how you don't want me to drive you to school everyday. so I kind of bought you a car." He said with a sheepish smile. "You did?" I asked him with both of my eyebrows raised. "Yep, it belonged to Billy, you know, Jake's father. He kind of gave it to me as a welcome present for you." "What kind of a car?" I asked suddenly interested. "A Porsche." (I kno, I kno, Its not the truck that Bella had, but, its Alice and I coudn't see her in Bella's truck) "Really? You know that I could have bought a car with my own money." I said. "I know Ali, I just thought." He said as we pulled up on the street. I could see the house, small two bedrooms, two bath, the color, a pale blue that looked really old, and the windowstills were white. And, right in the driveway, was my car. It was a turbo, shinny black in color. I gasped. "You like it?" My dad asked as he pulled up next to it. I couldn't speak, all I could do was nodd. He laughed and got my bags out and walked into the house. I followed behind. The house was small, with a little dining room, and an even smaller living room. I walked up the stairs where a bunch of pictures were hung. One was when I was six, I had stayed the summer with my dad. In the picture, My black hair was up to the middle of my back. I was on an old swing that used to be in the back yard. I smiled the the picture. I then walked up the stairs and into an old room that belonged to me when I was born. My bags were sitting on the double bed. The walls were a calming pink. I smiled as I walked into my bathroom with my bathroom junk, and looked into the mirror. I never liked how I looked. My hair was short, cropped and in spikes in all different ways. My eyes, a grayish blueish. and my skin was way to pale for a girl who has lived in NY her whole life. Sighing, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I knew I needed a shower to help calm me down. I let the warm water fall on my back, shoothing all of my musules. I washed my hair with my favoirte shampoo, vanilla rose. I walked back into my room after my shower, and over to my bag. I took out a pair of Pajama bottoms, and a white tanktop. I started to unpack. Starting with my clothes, and ending with my makeup. I smiled. I yawned and layed on my bed. I'll just lay here for a minute. I thought. Before I knew it, I fell asleep.