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Brain Wash

What if the Twilight Series were clues to help Renesmee find her way back to the Cullens after a catastrophic seperation? What if a new character's entire life were threatened because thousands now knew all about vampires, and how they are real?


1. Parting Ways

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I rolled over and groaned. I so wanted to get some sleep, but that was impossible. It was a strange sensation- I just wasn't tired, or worn out or sore. You'd think that after eighteen straight hours of dance, I'd be unconcious by now. Though, I was different. Unknowing of what, though, I sighed. My room mate, Rachel sat up in the matching twin bed beside mine.

"You still can't sleep?" She was irritated. She often lost sleep herself worrying over my insomnia. She was, of course, completely normal. She slept, became sore, and cried. Very much unlike me. Ugh.

"I wonder what gave you that idea." She was two years older than me, and I was only fifteen. I danced two years above my level, and was in the highest class on that level. In the morning, I will be moving onto Elites. Dancers of all ages were in that class. I could have friends and be with my favorite person in the world: Renesmee.

"I don't know. Twelve sighs, fifteen groans, and ten pounds worth of sarcasm...I just had a feeling." and that's why I love Rachel. I could be sarcastic with her, and she would be sarcastic right back. I would be willing to bet that even if someone were to die, her spirits would be high. How someone could be so happy, was beyond me.

"Rache, get some sleep. I'll wake you up before I leave." Rachel sighed at my remark and rolled over and was out like a light. I stood up and went through the most extensive stretch known to man kind. I hardly felt a thing. Around four in the morning, my phone started buzzing. Silently, I grabbed it and hurriedly left the room and answered it in the hallway.

Purple colored lockers under dim safety lights blended into the shadows. I off-taskedly wondered about the security of the Academy. "Hello?".

"Good, you're up. Meet me in the East Auditorium. Renesmee sounded upset on her side of the line.

"Okay...see you in a few." I sighed. Would I ever see Rachel again? She was leaving the Academy because she was sick of dancing everyday and feeling like an idiot when we took Standarized Tests. I hung up the phone and went back into my room.

Rachel was touching her toes, the first stretch in her warm-up."You're leaving early?" She asked quietly, straightening up. She was dressed in faded blue jeans and a blue long sleeved shirt. She looked like she was never going to dance again, with her hair down and side-bangs covering one eye. A mysterious air was about her.

"Yes. I am. I'm so sorry it's so short notice. Renesmee just called me...I only just found out." I answered as softly as possible. She looked at my brushed back jet-black curls, and pale skin. My eyes were black and arched eyebrows made me almost exotic. I had a white tank top and black dance shorts.

"That's fine. You should hurry, though. You know how finicky they are about punctuality in this whack-house." Rachel stood up and picked up a bag. "Besides, I'm on my way out. I have to get to the airport early to wait in a bunch of lines. I'm headed for New York. I'll call you- maybe you can save up merits and come visit me?"

"Definitely. Good-bye, Rachel." We hugged and said good-bye about five more times. A tear streaked down her face, and I choked on my breath of air. And we parted ways. Her, to a happy and forgiving life in a High School in New York City with her third cousin. Me, a sad and unforgiving life...only i didn't know it.