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Brain Wash

What if the Twilight Series were clues to help Renesmee find her way back to the Cullens after a catastrophic seperation? What if a new character's entire life were threatened because thousands now knew all about vampires, and how they are real?


2. Everywhere, Looking for a Blind Spot

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NO! No! NO! No!

I was screaming in my head, and out loud. Oops...I hadn't realized that.

"Bella, love, we'll get her back. Soon, I swear. Soon." Edward was holding me. We were halfway out of the state, somewhere near Oregon. Chasing after Renesmee's captors, we came across a group of hikers. It took all of Edward's inhuman strength to restrain me. I had a lot to be guilty for...and Edward was taking it all on himself as always.

"No! It won't be alright!" I screamed.

"Calm down, please? We'll get home and talk it over with Carlisle. We'll find a way through this." Edward's velvet voice was strained, even he was having trouble with not freaking out as I was.

"But how could we ever even hope to find her? It's a lost cause! Alice can't see her...she's too far away. And you were'nt paying enough attention to her!" Now I agreed- it was mostly his fault. "Who were they, anyways. You seemed to know them."

"Bella, love, you remeber Irina?" Edward was referring to a vampire that tried to get us destroyed by the Volturi some three years ago.

"I try not to," I muttered.

"Well, her sisters decided it was entirely our fault. So, they took Renesmee." Edward said softly.

"But...no." I breathed. Thinking straight was hard- and red fog clouded my vision, the elastic of my sheild ballooned, the deflated. There was no danger present. We'd been sitting here for an hour, the danger was easily to Phoenix by now.

"We will get her back." Edward stood up, taking me with him. I didn't want to get up, though. But, I wasn't a newborn vampire anymore. He was back to being stronger, faster, smarter...better at everything. But only by a little bit- I was right there with him.

"How do you know?" I pouted. How could he be so optimistic at such a time as this?

"If we don't hurry, those hikers are going to come back. And I won't be able to stop you this time without hurting you. Come on, we need to talk to Alice. She found Nahuel, she can find Renesmee." Edward threatened.

"I just don't have it in me," I looked in the direction Renesmee had been taken.

"Then I'll carry you." Edward lifted me up and ran as fast as he could, and that was pretty dang fast, back to the house in Forks.

Jacob was pacing in front of the steps. Alice had a pained expression on her face. She called for Carlisle, but everyone came out onto the lawn. Jasper looked alarmed at our devasted emotions.

Edward sighed, "The Denali Coven decided to hold Renesmee responsible for Irina's death, regardless of what they said earlier." Jacob got right up in Edward's face.

"WHERE IS RENESMEE?" He roared. Edward closed his eyes.

"I tried I really tried." Edward turned around and ran. Jacob turned to me confused. I shook my head, and Alice came forward and hugged me.

"I'll go everywhere looking for a blind spot." She murmured in my ear. I knew everyone could hear, except maybe Jacob.

"Where is she?" Jacob demanded again. I had no answer for him.

"Would you shut up?" Rosalie yelled at Jacob, "Can't you get it? Or are you just too stupid?"

"Bells?" Jacob pleaded in a small voice. "Tell me she's safe."

"I'm sorry Jacob. This is hard for all of us." I turned and followed Edward's scent.