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Brain Wash

What if the Twilight Series were clues to help Renesmee find her way back to the Cullens after a catastrophic seperation? What if a new character's entire life were threatened because thousands now knew all about vampires, and how they are real?


3. Going Home

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"Renesmee? What's going on?" My voice wavered. What looked like Edward, Bella, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme and Alice from the Twilight Saga were arranged in different poses all around the auditorium. Edward, Bella and Renesmee were on the edge of the stage, sitting side-by-side-by-side. Jasper and Alice were dancing to music, loud enough to be heard and low enough to be ignored. Rosalie and Emmett were sitting in the velvet chairs. Carlisle and Esme were standing close together, face-to-face talking in low, hushed voices that even my sensitve hearing couldn't pick up. And I could hear maybe five times better than any other human.

"Jezebel!" Renesmee jumped down from the stage. Edward and Bella slid down, inhumanly graceful, in unison off the stage. "Gosh, take you long enough?"

"Why are you avoiding my question?" I demanded. It wasn't rude, or too challenging, but still everyone froze. Jasper and Alice leapt from the stage.

"Jezebel? I, um...wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" Renesmee stammered. I never showed any attitude like that towards her. Never. I immediately felt horrible. But, I was in no mood to take it back.

"You know I never sleep." I spoke softly. I suppose if I had said, instead, I know where you sleep, one would run away. I had a way of speaking, enunciating every word, every syllable and making it seem like the most threatning phrase ever to ever exist one would run screaming from the room.

Renesmee looked at me in shock, "Okay, seriously though, what the heck?"

"Rachel's leaving. And since you apparently know these people, you'll be leaving too. I won't have any friends, and I have nowhere to bail out to. Stuck here, until the day I die." I stuck my chin out defiantly.

"You could come with me if you want. That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Renesmee mumbled. "And you won't ever die, in case you were wondering."

"What?" I asked. Not really showing as much interest as I probably should...Alice had on real sparkly shoes.

"Jez? Snap out of it!" Renesmee snapped her fingers right in front of my face, "Focus!"

I made a noise, and it kind of sounded like snigglewalf. But, that isn't a word. So, more of a huffy grunty snort-like sound.

"What was that?" Edward asked, referring to my snigglewalf.

"I dunno, I make weird noises. Especially when people snap their fingers in my face," I really wasn't in a good mood today.

"Oh, that's, nice, I guess..." Edward trailed off politely.

"Edward, she really isn't usually this irritable," Renesmee persisted. They had been arguing about me? I really needed to lose this attitude.

"She is baffled herself on her attitude, actually. It's most likely a response to us being in here. Renesmee, you should have given her a forewarning," Jasper stuck up for me. I had never figured him to be a stick-up-for-other-people kind of guy. Maybe he changed in Breaking Dawn? The Academy had some rule about those books,but if you knew the right people.

Edward looked at me for a moment. "Alice, toss me that copy of Breaking Dawn, will you?" Alice looked at me, then to Edward.

"She hasn't read it yet?" Alice asked Renesmee.

"I thought she did," Renesmee shrugged.

"Thanks for asking me," I grumbled. Alice picked up the book and threw it frisbee style to me. It hit me right in the stomach. Reflexibly, I curved my stomach around it and caught it with my hands. Forgetting to slow down my darned reflexes.

"You are a vampire magnet, Renesmee." Emmett joked.

"Pardon?" I blubbered. I knew he was talking about me. Well, that explains that sore throat. I looked around. They did look like vampires, and they didn't freak out when I reacted quickly.

"Renesmee? How much does she know?" Esme asked.

"None. The Academy takes in newborn vampires, trains them to team work and comply with orders. They are told absolutley nothing until they are in Volterra being taught the ways of the Volturi. They found it makes training them easier." Renesmee's eyes didn't stray once from mine. I forgot the book in my hands. I dropped it and grabbed Renesmee's hands.

"You didn't tell me this why?" I hissed, "Not my business?"

"Jezebel, they would find out. I was risking my existance, letting you read the Twilight Saga. You're aware of that, right?" Renesmee told me, her tone of voice much like that of a mother telling her child not to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Not that I'd know, because I don't. I've been with the Academy for all fifteen years of my life. That's just how I imagine a mother would sound.

"How would they do that? It's not like they can read minds!" I was exasperated, "Oh. They can. Oh, gosh."

"Yeah," Rosalie nodded sarcastically, "Now, if we all want to live to tell this tale on Twilight Archives, we had better get home. You coming or not?"

"I guess I'm coming," I faltered. I looked at Renesmee seriously, "If I'm still welcomed."

"Of COURSE you're still welcomed!" Renesmee cried, "You're my best friend! Like I'd leave you here to be shipped off to Italy!"

Alice flitted forwards and hugged me. Then, she bent over and picked up the slightly mangled copy of Breaking Dawn. It looked as if it had been read more than numerous times and I had gripped it very tightly before dropping it.

"I don't get you," Edward muttered, then turned to Carlisle, "Her senses are dulled, to about half ours. Hearing, sight, smell. Her strength and speed isn't as extroidanary as ours. It's so odd, even her thoughts are slower."

"We can figure out why when we get back to Forks." Carlisle replied, deep in thought.

"I hadn't thought of that. Isn't it interesting?" Edward's gaze returned to me.

"If in 'it' you mean me, how about we use names? Hi, I'm Jezebel and I appreciate it when people use my name!" I chirped the end, feigning joy. Renesmee smiled.

"There's the sarcasm I was beginning to miss," She sighed.

"Don't get used to it- it can disappear as fast as it appears,"

"Actually-" Edward started.

"If I don't know it already, I doubt I want to. Something about when vampires change, which isn't often, it is usually permanant or very hard to change." I droned. Having a perfect memory sucked when it came to random facts like that.

"Let's go home," Bella spoke up. Taking Edward's hand.

Alice nodded, looking me up and down, then she was shaking her head. "You are WAY too plain," she complained.

"Have a problem with simplicity?" I challenged jokingly.

"Yes," She answered heatedly.

"Well, sorry," I apologized sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes.

For once, I was going home. Home, home, home. Not to a house, not to a school, not to an orohanage. A home. Going home. What a wonderful phrase.