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Brain Wash

What if the Twilight Series were clues to help Renesmee find her way back to the Cullens after a catastrophic seperation? What if a new character's entire life were threatened because thousands now knew all about vampires, and how they are real?


5. Reunited

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"Bella? Love, if you were still human I'd tell you to wake up," I murmured into Bella's ear, so soft not even Jasper sitting just in front of me could hear. Or Alice, beside Jasper and in front of Bella.

"I'm awake," She murmured back, stretching up to kiss me. The poor thing, too short to reach. She humphed and sat in a very sullen manner.

"I know you are," I said aloud, to Alice. "We all are quite bored."

"Can we please play a game? Or something? Oh! Esme, let's plan a party, when we get home," Alice replanned her plans when Bella gave her a death glare, then Bella zoned back out. Alice noticed this time, and so did Jasper.

"Bella?" Alice asked, "Earth to Bella?"

"You're so annoying, Alice."

I laughed at Bella's offhand comment. When she was human, Bella (if it were at all possible) was very ready to hit me atop the head with something blunt and heavy whenever I criticized Alice. Bella still did, when she was fully aware, but, like now, when she was zoned out she would say whatever she could to be left with her thoughts. Which I could only guess at.

"I know you are, but what am I?" Alice retorted.

"Annoying," I answered. Jasper smiled, not paying any attention to driving. As all vampires could do and still avoid getting in a wreck.

"You are hyper, Alice?" Jasper inquired, really just addressing the fact that he could tell from the tension in the climate. Mainly from Bella, but Alice usually got very nervous when she was hyper. Jittery, is a much better word though. She is always hyper, Jasper's thoughts addressed me. I nodded.

Yeah, well, you're always sullen. Sullen Cullen, Alice's thoughts rebuked.

"That's not nice Alice," I chided.

Bella snapped out of her zone. "What's not nice?"

"Sullen Cullen. It rhymes." Alice answered proudly.

"It fits you, too, Alice." Bella said.

"Yes, but I am not sullen. As Edward is."

"I can't blame him. Can YOU blame him?" Bella rattled. As she did a lot. Losing Renesmee had a lot of negative effects on us all. We fought, much more than usual. Bella avoided Jacob at all costs. Jacob was sure I had done it on purpose to hurt Bella, so he tried to pretend I didn't exist. And under no circumstances, did Bella even glance at the stack of Twilight Books we had in both the big house and our cottage.

Jasper and Alice, Carlisle and Esme. They seemed to be the only ones not completely rattled by this catastrophic seperation. But today, we can get back to as close to normal as we can manage. Friends of ours had helped us, and located Renesmee. I leaned forward in my seat, so my face was right between Alice and Jasper's.

"So, Alice, exactly where are we going?" I asked. Her thoughts wandered considerably, going over the Chinese alphabet.

"The Academy," She answered vaguely. Her thoughts drifted to a vision she had had. Red velvet chairs, three vampires. One much younger than the other, with jet black hair. She was dancing to a hip hop song, what looked like a tryout, or audition. The vision misted, and changed. We all were there, all of us who were going. Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett, Bella and I. Renesmee was there, with the girl vampire from the previous vision. Alice realized what was going through her head, entranced by it as I was, and her thoughts changed to Summer Nights, from Grease.