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Full Moon

Bella's trip to La Push didn't go quite as planned? What are the consequences for what happened?

This story is on Fanfiction.net under the penname of "Masochisim". I did not steal it. I am Masochisim, I'm just under a different penname. Disclaimer: I do not own the Twilight Saga. And nor will I ever.

1. Chapter 1

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I heard a car pull up and someone's frantic thoughts. Why did you do that Bella? Now Edward is going to kill me. Literally. Alice. What had happened? Why would I be killing Alice?

"What happened, Alice?" I asked, "And where is Bella?" Bella wasn't with her. That must be the reason for Alice's panic.

She opened her mouth to respond, then her eyes were in a daze. I recognized that look; it could be only one thing. She was having a vision.

I looked into her mind to see what it was that she was witnessing, only afterward would I wish that I had never seen it.

Bella, her body mangled, bleeding. Large cuts on her stomach, and a cut on her neck, right where the main artery was. She was dying. Then everything went black. A blackness that could only be achieved when the future of the person had disappeared in a more final sense.

That was my worst nightmare, even though I couldn't sleep. I had only seen Bella like this once before, when we saved her from James in Phoenix. What had happened to her?

"NO!" I roared.

I ran out of the house, hoping to pick up her scent. I ran all the way to the road when I smelled it. It wasn't very strong. It was mingled with a werewolf's stench. I could distinguish it; it was Jacob Black.

I followed it for about ten miles, towards La Push. Oh no, she had gone to see Jacob. That must be what was wrong with Alice. Was he the one who had done this to Bella?

I was downwind from a disgusting scent of a werewolf. This one was Sam Uley, and he was carrying something. It looked like a body, a small, female body.


He looked mournful, like someone had died. He stopped in front of me. "Cullen, we are very sorry. Something made Jake very angry and he couldn't or didn't control himself. He attacked Bella, and I got there in time to stop him from killing her. I had to drag him off her. Bella's injuries are pretty bad; she may not live much longer. As a human, that is. Because of the circumstances, I will allow you or Carlisle to change her, considering what was done, was done by one of the La Push Pack." He handed Bella to me and transformed into his wolf form, and disappeared.

Bella had a deep cut on her stomach and on her neck. I could hear her heartbeats getting slower, and slower, her breathing becoming shallow. I ran her to the house. She wouldn't hold on much longer. I couldn't exist if she didn't, that would tear me apart from the inside out.

Amazingly, her blood wasn't bothering me at all, even though she was-as Bella once put it- my brand of heroin.

Hopefully Alice had seen this and had sent Jasper somewhere else. He wouldn't be able to handle the blood or emotions. Also, I hoped that she had alerted Carlisle. I wasn't sure if I could do the unimaginable to Bella. I only wished that she didn't need to be turned under such horrendous conditions. Because of her injuries, the transformation would be all the more painful for her.

I ran into the house. Alice was there with Carlisle.

Are you or I going to do it, Edward? Carlisle thought to me.

"I will. But I'll need you to make sure that I stop." Carlisle nodded.

I set her on the rarely used dining table. I am so sorry, my love. I

And with that, I bit my angel.

* * *


I felt like I was floating in the water that had reared high before. It was as if I was on the bridge of quietus, on the verge of death. I didn't feel anything physically; I was unaware of anything beyond my predicament here. Was I going to be like this forever?

No, Edward would save me. I hoped that I was correct. But, I reasoned, the last time I hoped for something so trivial, everything came crashing down around me.

I spent what felt like centuries debating like that, until, I felt like I was waking up. I felt a dull, throbbing pain in the back of my throat. Odd, I had never felt anything like that before, it's almost like I'm thirsty or something...Then it came to me, I was a vampire. I was renascent. Edward had saved me. I sat up, startling the person next to me. Edward. His eyes grew round at the sight of me.

"Bella?" He sounded relieved. He'd obviously been worrying about me, as usual.

"Yes?" I was utterly gleeful at the prospect of being here with him.

"I am so sorry, it was the only thing that we could do. You were going to die otherwise. Well, really die. Again, I am so sorr-"I cut him off with a kiss.

He didn't freeze like I expected him to, because he didn't need to anymore. I was a vampire, much more durable. It wasn't a normal kiss; it was longer, more passionate. Our lips moved together unlike anything that I had experienced before.

"Ahem." Alice's voice rang out, interrupting us. She always did that. I bet she enjoyed doing that to people. We broke apart.

"Yes?" Edward and I said in unison. We both sounded annoyed. Alice just grinned when she heard that, but her face quickly became like a scolding mother.

"Don't you think that Bella might be a tad bit thirsty? I think that you should go hunting, but before you do, Bella, come look at yourself!" It was amazing how Alice could go from sounding like scolding mother to a bubbly teenager.

She dragged me to Edward's bathroom. I froze when I saw myself. I was...beautiful, maybe enough to rival Rosalie's perfection. My hair was shinier, my lips didn't look too full for my face anymore, and my curves were more pronounced. When I saw my eyes, it startled me. They were red, a brilliant blood red.