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The Sweet Escape

Right after New Moon! Will Bella be transformed after graduation like promised?!?! Lots of teasing! Fluffy i guess....R&R


1. Leaving!

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While walking back from the forest with Edward by my side, I didn’t worry so much about the lecture I was going to hear from Charlie. I knew it wouldn’t be horrible as long as my angel was with me.

We approached the house a furious Charlie was standing in the front door frame. I looked up at Edward, he just nodded. Him knowing that Charlie wasn’t going to do anything but lecture me.

I went inside while Edward went up to my room to wait for me. As I approached Charlie he started screaming, “Bella how could you! After you promised me! This is the last straw…” Before he could finish I calmly said, “Char-Dad, I’m really sorry about the motorcycles, I just felt like I needed to be free for once in my life, that’s the only thing that allowed me to feel like no one was controlling me. I understand that your really upset with me right now, I hope you’ll forgive me because I know it was a stupid thing to do. I completely regret it now. I just wanted some time to be myself.”

I finished my speech and Charlie just stood there dumbfounded. He stared at his shoes, then looked up at me beginning to open his mouth to speak but then closed it.

Finally he looked up from his shoes and said, “Bella I know you need to be your own person but you need to find other ways besides riding around on that death trap. You’re grounded for a month. No Edward in this house, and you are to come straight home for school and work, do you understand me?” I couldn’t even reply I was so shocked.

I finally found the words to say, “If you don’t allow me to see Edward then consider me gone.” With that being said Charlie turned the brightest shade of plum I’ve ever seen.

He came over to me and screamed in my face, “You are not leaving! I’M CALLING YOUR MOTHER AND YOU CAN HATCH THINGS OUT WITH HER!”

I just calmly replied, “I’m 18 now you don’t have any say in this whatsoever, I’m moving in with the Cullen’s.” With that being said I turned around and ran up the stairs to my room, only to find my Greek god standing near my dresser with a suitcase in hand.

He looked over to me from under his thick lashes, all I could say was, “So, I’m guessing you heard our little spat, huh?” I chuckled slightly but then started helping him put my clothes in the suitcase. He turned to look at me and asked, “Do you really think it’s smart moving in with a house full of vampires?” I shuddered involuntary at the use of that word. I met his topaz eyes and shook my head; before he leaned down to leave a trail of kisses from my ear all the way down to my jaw line.

He never did kiss the place I longed the most. Instead he asked me if I was ready to go. I just nodded my head and looked at him pleadingly. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. Me finally being satisfied picked up my suitcase and started to head out of my room.

Edward left through my window. I took off down the stairs making sure not to fall on my face. But of course I tripped on the bottom stair, didn’t fall on my face. Charlie was waiting to ambush me.

He just telling me I wasn’t leaving. He Finally asked, “Isabella why are you doing this to me?” I was surprised by how pitiful he sounded. I whispered, “Dad I love you, but your not going to keep me from Edward. We’re meant to be together. I know he left me but I’ve forgiven him, why can’t you.” With that being said I pushed him away and ran out the door.

There was my Edward leaning again his shiny silver Volvo. He came over gave me a quick kiss and grabbed my bags and threw it in the back. Then opened the passenger door for me. I thanked him as I got in.

He was in the drivers seat within a second. He started the engine and pulled out of the drive quickly. While he was driving his normal 110 mph the hole way there I grabbed his hand and drew circles on the back of it. Every now and then I would look out the window, but quickly turned my gaze back to the inside of the car, not wanting to get sick.

I looked over at Edward with a smile only to notice that we were parked in front of his house.